GTA 5 Update Double Money Double RP ***MC SUPPLY ON SALE***

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Today we go over this weeks new update. What is new, what is on sale in gta 5 online. Whats double money/ double rp. All the good stuff in one video. We go over the new car in GTA 5 online. The Declasse Tulip is a muscle cat that we have been asking for. We also have new mods, tons of cars on sale, and double money this week.

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Mk 2 Oppressor Speed Glitch:

Rat Rod Speed Glitch:

Bike Speed Glitch:

MOC Dead Spot Fix

Free Money

Working Glitch’s


SOLO Care Dupe:

Juggernaut outfit glitch

No Bra Glitch

Color Joggers

Solo Car Dupe

Car Dupe

Ghost Organization Glitch:

Free Orbital Cannon With No Cool Down:

Best AFK Solo RP Glitch:

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okay guys welcome back because I can gaming and today is Thursday which means its turnable Thursdays and I'm not that thrilled with it I'll get that out right now guys so double money double RP what is on sale what is new this week are we gonna have some fun is it gonna be a money grinding week as you see I made a hundred and fifty seven million dollars I'm pretty sure I made like twenty million in the last two weeks if not more so last couple weeks have been great so maybe that's gonna make up for this week's failure right off the bat guys that's gonna shut it to the notification gang if you want to shut it in the next video just hashtag notification gang and I'll see about getting you up I'm not putting you up today guys I do apologize I want this video out there and probably be one of the first to get it out now first things first time trial is route 68 just in case you don't know where that is you see right here middle of the map that is a time trial for your money if you want to try doing that maybe I'll do a how-to on it this week now let's check out this week sales and I'm gonna say it is not anything too exciting so let's jump over and let's go online and let's check out our sales so we'll check out the stuff first if you want planes it looks like you got the blimp on sale you scroll down you got a couple callow copters couple planes that you'll never use on sale and you keep going through now let's jump on over to the docks and as you see on the docks you have everything on the docks on sale again pretty useless in my opinion let's go over to southern San Andreas jump on over here and we'll scroll down you got the festival bus if for some reason you want to buy that it is on sale you also scroll down and I believe that's everything on sale this week know you've got to dune if you want to go that route and then we're gonna have I think that's actually it for San Andreas so that's kind of sad now if we go to legendary I'm gonna hate to burst your bubble now but nothing's going to be on sale in legend at all so it is kind of a sad week that way guys that you see there's really not many sales on and let's face it so you know it is what it is now if we keep scrolling down you see there's nothing on sale as soon as you guys sign in today you will get a free t-shirt guys so keep that in mind maybe you know you want to save yourself $50,000 remind one so let's go to what everyone's waiting for war stock what is on sale war stock we're going to scroll down let's check this out we're gonna have the lasers on sale four and a half million you're gonna go down a little further and you're gonna leave in surge and pick up for almost a million the Toyota 4runner with the gun on the back which I don't think I've ever ever used and cargobob so you got a couple stuff that you know I've never used maybe you guys have leave a comment down below I know the Hydra people's use have you ever bottled them although like it's not something people do or the mule or the prison bus the post op vans I don't think I'd yeah I don't think you could pay me to do that oh you get the original rhino tank on sale so you get a couple of things on sale but in my eyes a lot of useless things now the biggest reason people are here is what is double money what is double RP hold on alright LJ keys come on oh my god my doctor shop I don't even stock that okay so let's talk about what is double money double RP so we go online we're gonna go to jobs we're gonna go to play jobs and we're gonna go down to Rockstar created and unfortunately guys you're not gonna like this the only thing that is going to be double money is if you scroll up let's see yeah where are you so you have some trading places is double money so you know that's I guess it is what it is there will screw up a little further and let's see here so this week is not gonna be your week so we had Bunker last week we had to emcee the week before maybe if you guys want to guess down below what else is gonna be double money and maybe all you know tell you if you got it right no cheat and don't fast forward guys cuz I'll know I'll definitely know if you fast forward so as you see you got a couple modes I just double money nothing overly exciting and entourage is double money as well so that's it for double money for your missions so the biggest thing that you guys have come in here for is any import export sales will gain you 25% more in value so that is actually it so I do apologize it is one of those slow weeks guys don't know what rockstars thinking no idea and the updates going on what happened here it looks like someone just got murdered there I don't recall that so import export is 25% more and you got double money on some advisory roles guys so check that out let me know what you think as in for sales there's really nothing that's gonna make me want to spend my money so my goal is to hit a hundred and seventy millivolt for the week let's see if you guys can hit the same goal I have make sure if you guys are doing card duplication glitches follow the sell rules I will post up later it's a card duplication glitch is still working I've not checked it yet to see if it's patched so your guess as good as mine if it's still working and you know before I do leave a comment down below and I'll pin you up is the solo card duplication glitch with the faggio and the nightclub still working or not and until next time guys I will catch you guys later thanks

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  1. Yo thanks for the update and info for this week and throughout this week and I like the way you YouTube straight to the point and let everyone know what's going on thank you

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