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they are going to die everyone that you know and love is going to die I'm going to bury them on a mound of ash alright it's time to go get a hostage you guys ready yeah I'm actually prepared yeah believe me look at this thing's pretty quick you guys thinking got lots of dudes on the left up here the kind of motorcycle are your bonds that just drove away I mean that's looks like he's going to that parking lot yeah he's going to the courthouse garage uh-huh oh that's him yeah that howdy fine matter I'm gonna have to kind of gun it to keep up that Audi Viners aside it's still behind us this is one of those I know gangbangers in Leicestershire you just treat a white oh it's right there right there she's running back oh I did they're selling twice I'm gonna drop me off her back right here put your hands up rather put your hands up right now stop riding or a sweet thing yeah we're gonna guide you right now I need you to get in the car like now okay your bike's gonna be fine what are you doing out here all by yourself all lady can I help you oh you aren't gonna be able to help us after all do not you put your fucking hands on you better put your fucking hands up right now you gonna leash yeah I would listen to them there's plenty of other hostages I'd say a little worried you know what the fuck is going on keep your culture Oh what the fuck is going on right now turn your journey man with your knee now all right all right papi no Prager wait what that's your name sound like what's your that Walter meet what's your last name I can do dish sounds like that woman bitch sorry Jenny hall yeah we'll find out we'll find out brother we'll find out bring into it I mean you could force her to take her mask off just something new you know we'll find I will search your yourseives yeah they do known her keep your game Joe fuck did I try to put them into you know we can't have you but your hands your papi I'm trying it the bad news is your hostage the good news is we have arrived at the location of hospitality I want you to get our mask wand yeah don't do any moving that's funny looking Oh God get over here and handcuff her away also we if you have anything illegal on you now is the time to tell us I actually do I have a stolen good on me would you like us all right get off yes you what do you mean a stolen good you have a valuable good book Jenny halt dirty cream in it detective uh-huh what wait what us tea time out oh okay fuckers go what a day brothers now are you telling me this is a cop this is mother oh and she got valuable goods what what what is the detective doing with valuable Goods Jenny speak up right now how you have things on me from when I arrest people what what do you mean are you fucking corrupt that's interesting what no is there any possible way is there any possible way dad if we hit this jewelry store you can call it in that you are coming for it what do the cops Nordo where you are right now hey that again the cops know where you are right now no my one thing is this like some weird second life you're living I'm confused are you a criminal by night detective by day what the fuck is to move here Carlito wish to move well the move is she's our fucking hostage whether she likes one pearl now we don't want to I mean is actually valuable why do you have a fucking pearl take – come on now give me back when you could fish yeah it's all good so thanks fine hopefully all right nothing against you did he take that good off you take the good news bad news the story isn't stocked up yet but good news is I say we take a little Jenny Hawk here for a little rock I think so too I think that's what we got to do though undercover police officer got a few questions for you detective all righty she could go for a lot of money I think we call the right people yeah you get in the back word you got that whooshing he's all in cuffs you did but I bet they're okay okay nice arrived there we go run into cars writers do it on a wall trap I can't get anymore all right should we all try to hop out no if you hop out it's gonna scuff up oh no did you just hop out yeah up now all right get in there try again I bet you the front seats fucked up yeah oh there we go give me a marker boys wait is that is that personal back there yeah I didn't take it I don't know if it's worthy go grab no clap ever seen the pearl yeah we really risking this again this whole get out of there is nothing it means nothing actual volume you go okay give me a location where where are we going yeah you marked on the map for my got me me the phone yoke leavis go over there we've got a few questions for her so detective actually you know what you could just save it for the question yeah we're so sorry to take a lot of time out of your day here but this is intriguing buddy I got my hands on a nice little detective doing undercover work she's match the round up what the fuck's going on you know anybody that wants to you know pay a little money for this Reno la detective alright I'm gonna call around a few people and I'll see what I can you know fine oh well well well detective Paul the roles have changed huh you're gonna get questions I just worry about that detective Oh to be very terrified I think are you blasting right now just a joke you not it I II know I think that was her lip gloss really her lips I got something I think you would like brother what's up a nice little detective a little detective Jenny hall she's in my car right now I feel stupid now oh you're she detective you got to change your game plan from here on them well she was gonna loan to cover work I've stolen goods on her and everything isn't this you know help your cause of what the fuck is going on you're a god she doesn't hands around you know the big man that the chain breaker yeah hey you boys copper ID I think that she can go a long way I'm sure we will don't worry plenty of time all right I'm location what's your number detective Hall you have a right to remain silent anything you say or do can be used against I'll send it in a little let's talk to her right here in these containers over here anybody working around here oh yeah we could take her to the shop boys I'm stuck in the car I think this will work good I'll see nobody working around Carlito get out of the car let me try to switch sheets real quick yeah yeah do your thing try to get in there there you go we're just gonna have to help ya Jake the jank no all right detective can you get out or not I'll get him in there you go oh this is weird what hey let's bring her over here in these containers over here oh you guys grab a rock lead us I'll get her actually never mind I got it all right listen normally we're very very organized apartment I'm sure free valuable dude dad is really really nice are you playing for you I did you take that you took that off someone else off just says yes Rolexes I think you're right we're done all year detective all what the fuck are you doing right that I was moving my bite don't fuck allow to be fucking desperate there's nothing to lie about nothing like all kinds of traffic laws what the fuck is that about answer the question detective what are you doing see that again I'm literally moving my bike you were moving your bike you know to an alleyway and running around mm-hmm what's going on you know what matter of fact let me check her little phone check her phone huh last last answer detective fall you want to be honest or you want to be you wanna know that see on this question I was moving my bike I mean we saw you where were you don't you drive around you're waiting for me actually especially pulling over actually I was gonna be pulling over to write something up that was it reeling in the down running towards the strip club well why the fuck I mother a ridiculous amount of text messages to a mr. young dab on your phone Oh boys we found a little shock on attacks are we talking about talking about his deep Oh his genes Jenny do you know who you're fucking with yeah this is clean come here boy we'll be right back don't go anywhere we were watching I'll come over here come over here so I can fucking see her all right what oh fuck he's got the whole shit going on hey what's going on I was gonna sell her to die because that has this whole fucking revolution shit going on he's coming down here but I just worked at a phone these motherfuckers have been talking to each other like crazy alright so here's the thing when dab comes we take him hostage as well we question both of them alright so when you comes play it all cool play it all cool then we mean you bring out our big guns and then we take him hostage does he know that it's coming right now Chang the call should wait should we keep them separated yes yes cuz talk to him he's gonna come in disguise that's fine that's fine so uh detective another question I got a I got another question for you so well if you were just driving your car and you know parking did why the fuck did we see you zoom by the hospital drive past the courthouse and come back around on the southbound or that other Street and we call you all the way down to strip club running a red light you seemed like you weren't a Russian Jenny what's going on yeah honey I would need you to write something up before I put my bike away what's with the mask okay I feel like the helmet does a good enough job keeping stuff off your face you know it's matching with crosses if you get crossed again his bike it's the exact same Oh you don't think like well weird it out what we're just weirded out I hear I hear somebody accusation buddy make sure you got your gun now I hear somebody nobody just got a scar keep it on the backside bro I got this make sure you got your gun out Carlito I hear somebody to get out of the car alright hold on hey looky Jude you flirt with all types of people huh I mean I don't know if two counts whoa who's the other one out of curiosity force even make boyfriend cross oh shit well what the fuck your boyfriend who's that again shade again now you tells people who wants to marry me and I arrest him when he rubs banks what the foot but that's it what is he actually here like propose to you or something is this whole thing right now no he just likes it simply just tells people now let me get let me let me ask you what another question Jenny yes if you're just doing some work like a normal officer why the fuck are you dressed like this huh where's your badge at maybe she's just so happy to be off-duty with a valuable good on you dressed like that driving a motorcycle Oh another and forgotten to put something in the trash Locker before you know before I got off duty it's not uncommon oh how coincidental what if Jackie Snow hears about this detective Jenny halt by taking valuable goods off of criminals selling them on the black market huh what'd you think about that kid what listen you know what what did you just say you know what Jenny I'm doing the questioning here you aren't doing the questioning all right your questions so far being kind of yeah well he's not an experienced police officer obviously lady okay he's not gonna no questions I mean I'm terrified you want to show these questions are but they're telling me more than I'm telling you here that's true Katya yeah boner hey take her ID offer take her ah do you offer Eilish I believe super Rolexes oh no I hear somebody yo yo yo hey come here come your brother come here what is this oh shit okay he's pulled out a shotgun that's all yo yo yo well we're between jump yeah let's all let's get the hands-on you want me to put my hands up I think you should take it off his mask so that you don't know or you don't need to have do that you know look I put some cuffs on him oh yeah that's how it's gonna be okay listen these are like we're a little worried about what's going on in some text messages and we need some information make sure you're not a narc early you know hold on shut the fuck up no stop stop right now stop moving okay yeah we fucking trusted you bitch you should know this Ronnie guy is that's cleavers no I know exactly who all of you come are because like you crime literally on a fucking alright tell me what my name is if you're wrong I shoot you I don't know who you are some no-name country I'm talking to change all right that's right I didn't know either phone yet I went gentle harsh fucking phone down yes what she's saying about you bro she says you want to meet her well I know I don't look I'm already married first of all I don't think I can legally be married twice what the fuck you listen side hoe or what no I'm getting a divorce listen it doesn't matter I've never even held hands with that lady all right yes I can't believe I've got a fucking Inquisition right now I was fucking crying why do you think can you come up with any fucking reason that chick over there is a cop with a valuable good honor rolling around on a motorcycle in all black just your mass bro so weird-looking okay cops carry contraband on them all the time she probably just hadn't put it away oh she's off these go she was very suspicious how she was speeding around the body if you're asking me if I gave her one no hey listen she doesn't know she doesn't know that you're here so do not let her know that well I'm gonna fucking listen dude another question I know this might be a little weird a little triangle thing between you her and your wife whatever and Chang maybe why do you want to help my wife's a bit confused shooter I brought this gun to scare her calm down calm down listen listen Kareem came up to me and he wants to know about the nose okay he came back so if you let her live and you're wearing that mask she's gonna go back and run and tell them you gotta make a wise decision let me listen here fuckin the the word terror means fear we want her to leave to live so the run use her later I haven't quite possibly use listen my plan tonight is that we're going to organize a blessed tour we're going to an explosives plant on the bus real question roll files that's some terror you I'm fucking baking your right now yes I am the know yeah but that's not like we're all like we already know who you are I'm getting it a character grab some I don't some later go we need to let her go so that we can scare her I need to tell her that something's gonna happen tonight so that there aren't guard what the fucking well we took the idea is that we are going to kidnap at least ten plus people put them on a bus put in a C for today to tankers Essex hostages home idea the idea is that we're going to use them to clear the debt of every criminal there's a debt of at least fifty thousand or below so we're going to leverage their lives against the judges willingness to relinquish their greed are you like trying to run from there or something bro I want them I want them to suffer in to die for thinking that they're better people than us okay so here's the serious question yeah one how did the fuck does that pertain to this how long do you want us to uh because I'm cuz I'm gonna fuck with her and I'm gonna I'm gonna look me it's it's this is like Sanders in a rental shit got you you're getting in her head I heard a car I heard a car Hilda I think okay I think Robbie's just stupid looks clear to me great so we do the talk just a yeah so here's what's gonna happen we're gonna pass you lead but don't forget who's really leading okay all right I just want to punch her once fine you can hit her go get her right now just a jab not oh not a lot just a job I don't see myself or join her in the face well I in like five years all right just one time later on disgusting look at those shorts are perfectly like that so hide his boner at all times there's a strategy sometimes if we want to go all my boys debts will be quick I'm gonna try for that yep I mean her B or her being released doesn't really pertain to that though just seeing that today yeah tonight I've got someone working on love well because it's gonna be a little bit it's gonna be too late you know I don't want to fuck all right are you gonna hit her or not it'll be a moment Hey hello Who am I I don't know he's a good gnome I'm lino uh-huh okay are y'all shoes does it strike terror into your heart those shoes steel toe completely I don't want I don't want any complete each of them tell me why we shouldn't execute you on these docks right now I have no trouble with any of you I don't know wasn't you're spying on us you're spying on us why the middle of nowhere moving my bike why did you have that good on you by the way because you realize least your people and stuff every day and I forget to put stuff away all the time I was moving my bike from one place to another I actually believe that some lobster cops are fucking stupid I mean she she drove her back to a little alleyway was creeping around you know some of his needs sometimes you know go find a bathroom you know use the ship clever for the facilities come on in exchange for your life I need your advice on something and it better be good news oh I tried my best listen to me I need to know how willing the judges of this city are willing to wipe the debt of petty criminals in exchange for the life of say oh I don't know a police officer they don't need selfish things like that they don't think oh she wouldn't risk really they don't they just don't do that no why the fuck not is white how're we gonna use money more worth more than your life tell me that because if one person does it then it becomes a trending you might go well it doesn't it does it really does if you know it there's gonna be a trend of a bunch of you motherfuckers dying so what trend do you want listen to me I can't I can't you're gonna give you I can't give you what you want to hear I'm sorry I just kind I want I want you to consider that question very closely and when it comes up again I want you to do all that you can to counsel your higher-ups and your superiors that the wisest course of action would be to negotiate with terrorists otherwise you're going to die they are going to die everyone that you know and love is going to die I'm going to bury them on a mound of ash and their screams will be heard all throughout the night do you understand me probably cause you're cause that's read it's like Subway's little Jenny how many cops have been shot in the pace a week or two too many they're only two months I mean not to me we can increase that number quite easily so you better make the right decision laid around a lot we're gonna drop you off somewhere now don't forget that this conversation happened and also don't forget that even though you are quite possibly trying to compromise our entire operation we'd like you live why why do you think we're going to do that because someone's gonna see what you just said to me someone's gonna remember that I'm rested I know I'm not scared they're not scared I know you're scaring them and it's a mini you know if you if you put me down now who's gonna hear all the old everything you just said to me I've got five cops with this shotgun and so I'm not really well I mean there's always beating you with an industry your life and then bringing you in the hospital and I'll don't forget that we're in your car we're done here they've Jenny let me ask you a question go ahead yes you a little question Jenny how would you feel if all your little friends your little cop officers got blasted right friend mm-hmm but of questionings of that I don't need it this bitch in the coop Oh God how did that feel huh more that came from [Laughter] yeah so uh we're gonna need a ride all right we might have to call taxi is their car fucked up yeah it is see if there's any taxis in the yellow pages I wouldn't do that brother you're gonna you're gonna call him from your phone hope only trusted ones that I trust brother but looks like is it in I'm working alright sorry for the inconvenience will well we'll try to find a vehicle shortly I see a car right there ah yeah that's our first time seeing like the evil side of young dad what the fuck do I got you out of this bitch I climb up that Helen mo I can't climb up that that's all that shit is young tab don't fuck around and shit I don't think he's gonna be able get everyone's debt pre-cleared though yeah you want me to grab your car right here that one's fine just let me shoot me the keys in let me tuner alright cool cool yeah let you drive – alright man yo nice little come up on a valuable good hey yeah hey wait worth told another 12 K yeah dude too bad she didn't have like fucking for honor so I've been nuts I know and some good juicy information we just found out though that is super fucking interesting you know what's funny is all crazy that we stumbled upon it hey I know the assistant Chief of Police actually you started asking me questions about the gnome you wanted me dead League us thanks to the 52 months I appreciate that no shit that's a lot of fucking months my man you know think about that eggy everybody three seven I appreciate it guys Brandon's welcome with one G squad say go next with Ari fucking me no way maybe a Dean might be me here you try getting in I can and I think it's super scuff don't even let me tune okay gosh yeah yeah this whole place just got scuffed yeah I can't get out okay yeah bit I'm thinking it might be me at this point um I think it's me I think it's about the whole host I might I think I'm okay too hard sleeps I don't think it's a huge deal so I'll probably just hard to sleep it and then okay you guys so that the apartments or something yeah yeah something like that I'll call you what alright yeah that's fine okay cool hi bro I guess you enchant you guys enjoying yourselves yeah getting ourselves into some shit now we just need to top it off with some races maybe a little bit of jewelry dude we made possibly 24 grand I'm hoping that Vinnie I'm gonna call Vinnie when I get back in see if that guy's on two by four twelve each and if he is that's a 24k which would be huge right about now

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  1. Time Stamps;

    0:12 – Summit, Chang and Ramee look for a hostage.

    0:33 – Ramee spots a lone bike rider.

    1:18 – Summit and crew follow the biker.

    1:56 – Summit and crew tell the biker to get in the car.

    4:08 – The woman is handcuffed and searched.

    4:30 – Chang discovers the identity of the biker!

    7:56 – Summit and crew drive to the docks.

    10:21 – They arrive at the docks.

    11:36 – The officer is interrogated.

    13:36 – Summit and crew discuss the situation.

    14:39 – Ramee continues to interrogate the officer.

    19:10 – Yung Dab arrives on scene.

    19:35 – Yung Dab is cuffed.

    20:23 – Yung Dab is interrogated about the text messages.

    24:30 – Yung Dab explains the plan.

    26:59 – Yung Dab interrogates and threatens the officer!

    33:02 – Summit looks for a car.

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