*SUPER EASY* GTA 5 MONEY GLITCH – Easiest Way! *ONLY A FEW EASY STEPS* To Make $1.5 Million+ (GTA V)

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GTA 5 Money Glitch 1.46 / Car Duplication Glitch in this “GTA 5 Glitches” video: *SUPER EASY* GTA 5 MONEY GLITCH – Easiest Way! *ONLY A FEW EASY STEPS* To Make $1.5 Million+ (GTA V) – Working on PS4 and Xbox One

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This “GTA 5 Money Glitch” video shows you a GTA 5 car duplication glitch that is working now! This GTA 5 duplication glitch will let you duplicate any car you want but I let you know the best cars to use. This is not a GTA 5 Solo Money Glitch as you do need a friend to help you. This GTA 5 Money Glitch will make you a lot of money! Have fun with this GTA 5 Money Glitch 1.46!


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what is up guys welcome to my channel and today I am back with another GTA 5 online that you and I hope you guys are all having a good day and in this video I will be showing you a super easy money glitch this is so easy to do and you guys can make a lot of money with this glitch so if you don't want to enjoy this thing please drop a like down below and also subscribe for more GTA 5 videos like this and there lotsa bubble GTA 5 glitch videos including other money glitch videos over on my channel so make sure to turn on my post notifications by clicking the bell beside the subscribe button so you don't miss any of my future GTA 5 videos but anyway guys let's just get straight into this glitch so I hope you've all had a great weekend but anyway that's collects right here like I said it's super easy to do this is very very easy and it is a pretty short glitch as well you can do this one very quickly it doesn't really take long at all to do this glitch and you can make a ton of money with it now there are only a few steps for thats glitch and I have shown this one before and I apologize for showing this one again but the reason why I'm showing this again is because this is by far the easiest way to actually do the glitch so this is pretty much the same glitch that I've shown in my last couple of videos but this is definitely the easiest way to do it so I thought I'd show you guys this way I hope this does help you out but for this glitch we need to have a night club and make sure you've got at least basement level 2 and basement level 3 make sure you've got those garages and inside your night club you want to make sure you have the car you want to duplicate stored and sight here as always make sure you're using a fully match though upgradeable arena vehicle the SA is the best one to use and you can also use Benny's vehicles if you don't have an arena vehicle as well now you also need to have a name you'll see with the personal vehicle storage and have a faggio stored and say that and what you want to do is just make sure you're registered as a motorcycle club and you want to request your faggio now once the flag you is outside just double check to make sure is the one from the MOC and to do that all you have to do is just go enter the MOC if you requested the one from your MOC then of course there should be no faggio and there when you go and say it because of course the faggio is now outside so if you've got that you can then just return the faggio to storage and when you go back to your motorcycle club it should be ready to request the fag you as you can see right there it was already good to go to request that Baguio now you will need a friend to help you with this glitch as well so if you don't have any friends online to help you there will be some solo money glitch videos linked in the description those videos are 100% so but what you want your friend to do is start up a solo session just like her ID that have them be in story mode then have them go to play GTA online and start up a solo session once they get into the solo session just have them start up a job and once they're ending the job just have them wait there so now we've got everything set up we can go on to step number one so for step number one you want to be in your be three garage and your nightclub and you want to go over to this elevator know what you want to do is go to your home screen or your dashboard go to your party or your friends profile and join their game when you see getting online session details in the bottom right corner of your screen wait for about a second and then select your basement level to garage then from there once you get the alert just accept and you should get the second alert right here now behind the alert you should still hear the elevator going and when you hear the elevator door closed you will just want to wait here for about 20 seconds now once you feel like you've waited long enough just go ahead and accept this alert you should be on a black screen for a few seconds and when you get off the black screen you should be glitched in your basement level to guarded with no mini-map so as you can see right here I've got no mini-map in the bottom left corner of the screen so if you got that you've no done step number one so now for step number two you just want to get into any car that you've got in here and driving outside once you get outside you want to invite your friends into your session once your friend gets in here you want them to make sure they are not registered as a CEO or a motorcycle club and have them get in the car with you so now for step number three what you want to do is just drive back to your nightclub and just wait on this screen right here now while you're waiting on this screen you want your friend to open up their interaction menu and then select kill yourself and then have them immediately open the pause menu and quickly go to the store now just have them wait on the store the whole time and know what you want to do is select your basement label – again now once you select basement level – it should take you to this glitched screen what you want to do from here is open the pause menu go to online and then go to options and select kill yourself now once you respawn you just want to go back to your motorcycle club and of course it should already have the fag you they're ready for you since you set it up earlier so you just want to go ahead and request the faggio when you do that the faggio shouldn't actually show up it should still show your car on the map just like this so if you've got that you know you want to just go enter your nightclub don't go into any of your basement levels just go enter your nightclub where you've got the car you want to duplicate stored know from here for step number four what you want to do is driver the car you want to duplicate as always make sure you're using a fully maxed out upgradeable arena vehicle yes is the best one to use you can also use a fully maxed obey nice vehicle if you don't have an arena vehicle and you don't need any custom plates but once you get outside go ahead and request your aim we'll see I know you just want to drive over to the M or C and press right on the d-pad to go and say that should say the personal vehicle storage as fill when you do that now at this stage your friend should still be on the store and now you just want them to go off the store when you're waiting on this message when they do go off the store it should automatically just take you into the MOC you don't need to press any buttons it should just take you straight off that message and take you straight into the M or C by itself but once you do get in here with the car you've successfully duplicated that the original has gone back to whatever you got it from and no this one is the duplicated copy so I'm just going to drive back to my nightclub just to show you that this one right here is the duplicated copy I'll leave this one outside and then I go into the nightclub to show you the other one is there so that's how you do this glitch guys this is very fast and very easy to do if you want to do it again then I'd actually recommend going to a new session to do it again and of course you need to have everything set up so you need to have your faggio setup and all that stuff that we did at the beginning but that's dead only take a few minutes for me to do right here this is super easy to do so I really hope you guys could follow this video and I just want to quickly finish off this video by thanking you guys for the support I really do appreciate all the support I get from every single one of you guys so thank you all so much but anyway that pretty much does it for this video I really hope you guys enjoyed if you did then please drop a like and subscribe thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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  1. I have one question… I did the glitch and it works so first of all thank you <3 my question is.. I duplicated my deluxo and the original is 3.0 millions and its OK, but if I sell the car that I duplicated the game says 263$… So I can only duplicated 1 car for types.. Am I right?

  2. I lost my arena issi somehow when doing another glitch :/. I did the glitch all right and duped the car, however I’ve now realised that the original issi somehow turned into an elegy rh8 and is now worth nothing. It still has the same custom name but it’s just a different car. Pretty annoying

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