Survive The IMPOSSIBLE DEATHRUN! *NEW* Gamemode in GTA 5

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Ok ok! I get it! You guys want to see the return of some GTA 5 action! Well.. your wish is my command! I’m joined by the O.G. (Jelly and Kwebbelkop) as we take on a deathrun in Grand Theft Auto! Let me know if you want more by dropping a like and leaving a comment!


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okay okay okay I've heard it all more GTA where's the GTA who is GTA who's TT and I finally answered your questions today we're doing a GTA death run all I'm gonna say is to all of you people out there that we're looking for this video prove to me that you want to see some more GTA by absolutely destroying that like button I want you to nail it into the ground we can hit 30,000 likes on this video I will upload a brand new GTA deaf run but without further ado I hope you enjoy it it's good [Applause] where's Judy is he alive okay okay all right look at their skills now down here apparently so this is an open popcorn when you in your hometown jelly be careful we do when you made it I made it somehow we've got tight right let's go you just gotta walk really slowly boys no no fuss I'm gonna make it now you run away the old bamboozle okay oh honey fell and I made it nice nice Stan Oh Josh did this in his first for you there's a tactic it's called run for your life the run for your life tactic you got any time okay okay my turn my turn no dying I didn't see that guys no it's the same one this is the best I mentioned so we got to climb down guys right now hang on you guys on the ledge yes that's Josh oh that was embarrassing wait guys wait for me hey that is pushing my gosh I want to punch them so bad but I'm not gonna do it this time I'm ready right over here yes right over here yes boy gosh let's go come on come on out of the way Josh to kill you got your gun around boy nice come on right over here nope you flew but then he distorts oh we're ahead of jelly so leave him I keep I keep yeah exactly I keep missing the things that we need to get down there's a little ledge yeah they keep jumping off they okay it's probably another ledge right no you just jump oh my head you guys we're gonna need a winner at some point right Josh come on I waited for you we do it together but you know whoever is in front is the best that's cuz I'm letting you catch up we gonna do this okay slow guys you're just rushing what do you mean by me you peasant there we go relax it's to cross the road without dying now this is easy I tried oh my goodness the boss is on fire Oh careful okay we're gonna go up again yeah oh yes we are I mean first I wonder who's had the most deaths so far is it run let me help you like it's all my head's in your bike today alright guys smell this today I can win this No Jordy together utilize another staircase you go to go up here oh that's loving in my life yes you can learn of another man's mistake guys careful ok water is it gonna break no it's not gonna break first place all right I'm getting out waiting boys oh oh oh joshie went past me see you later buddy guys I'm on my way gonna push you up oh come on they didn't work he's gonna blow you have to get all those dopes are you kidding me you guys I thought we were having a banter okay it's already with these jumpers I'll just jump off the roof guys wait your pitiful powers here in time Josh are you sure you're fine yeah josh is struggling Geordi should we go help him out no I just need to catch up whoa that tightrope looks like it's gonna be chilly I'm defying chilly what are you doing Josh catch up I feel sorry for these there another miner oh hello let me put my head in your paw again I just wanted to go down and then maybe you should try the same thing go down right now not don't do it don't I'd only do that by climb on that building there and get easier totally did you really buy that yeah yes exactly what I did what are you talking about don't worry it's not something someone at that place has to worry about really why are you climbing on the stairs not climbing I was jumping where do I have to go now just jump all right it's addressed about this Oh win how did you take Paris you sure your first place because oh no no Josh nice the pipe the real position positions you know these are not the correct positions what do you mean the front oh oh wait a minute brother motorbikes Oh real quick building let's go whoa watch out for the cause third place right there whoa oh my goodness guys who's gonna hurry up we gotta hurry yeah this is the finale of the desolates dream Jordi axis lips oh look at that Oh have any momentum I'm over oh it should have finished wait is this it we got to do this no right or wrong wait what Julie come on get up I think I messed this one up guys wait I ran over a billboard but I'm stuck that sounds like a great idea and I want to do that guys two hours later look at this old man struggling over there Jordy whoa he's so 10 steady wins the race [Applause] guys what million GTAV bucks

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