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GTA 5 Mods – The NEW Shazam Move but this time we have Billy and a way better story line! Billy even has his foster brother with him… until he leaves him at home alone bored!!! But billy returns with the ultimate surprise of SUPER POWERS!!!

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welcome back to another gta5 button since you guys enjoyed the Shazam mod so much I'm gonna do it again but I'm not screen here I have two kids and I think one of their names is Billy in the movie at least now if you're looking at one of these kids you're gonna be like oh that's Dante from blah blah it's Dante from something I don't know what it is another guy's just not a random kid but in the trailer my man's here thinkest name's Billy yeah I could be wrong but he has a friend when he goes to the orphanage and stuff and right now it's a rainy day it's a sad day and also in the Shazam mod I obviously use the flash my so for anybody coming commenting that yes I know there's only so many powers and scripts that I can use with some of these I am trying to make it as cool as possible but anyways guys if you enjoy these Cape on watch and drop those likes we're gonna go ahead and get into this what that think Billy which I could be wrong but I'm just gonna go with Billy my man here is Billy and I'm with my guy your Fred for my Marfan itch but he's actually kind of cool and in the movie I think he's disabled or handicapped for something he I think he said that I do not Kabira but he seems normal to me but it's kinda rainy I forgot my jacket and I do need take her if we get home both of us where well he's got like little suit he's way wetter than I am he looks miserable all right buddy we need to get you home ASAP now we do need to run across the street because our whole side aside so I'm gonna kind of get across the street is kind of ready come on what is this wait I'm sorry I'm sorry my little brother's over here get hit by cars buddy what are you doing come on come on come on me come on baby there's this guys chasing us come on come on come on run faster he's walking he's walking why are you okay my my little bro is walking I don't know what to do I'm getting beat like usual okay I'm just gonna have to fight back I'm gonna be there so we gotta go we gotta go we got a class stand up I'm sorry god I'm getting home because they're not bothering him them there but third meal Oh finally made it home a lot warmer inside here than out there in brother look next time I'm getting beat like that come on man you got a run you can't just be hanging out man that was crazy too big bugs yeah I'm always getting beat by somebody it's a sad life mom I'm home this is my foster parent pretty sure that's how wasn't the movie trailer dad ain't nobody even home wow you dried up quick that was pretty cool okay so we got some alcohol here on the thing you ain't getting you no one to me but I'm actually gonna run out because I do have like one friend one friend in school and we were gonna hang out today and I can't be happen you follow me rap cause you're doing help what was that maybe I shouldn't go yeah I'm go I'm going okay I will talk to you later all right brother yes I do have a very nice life as you can see my foster parents are kind of rich brother looks kind of sad just standing there but it's I I'll be back later great I forgot about the cold rain everything's gonna be good I'm gonna I'm gonna go to my friend we're gonna hang out man this stupid gate doesn't even one open I'm gonna have to pop the fit wait I can use this can I I can't even you okay I gotta have to hop the fence I do this all the time my parents don't even know about it baby hey guys I do need to call up a tax my pull out my phone get one of these taxis out here so if I can do that I don't know if I can do that as a custom character that might be a problem there's my taxicab fine bro can you turn ur breath alright I'm have to run across watch out little get in the road there we go here we go ah let's see I don't even know overcome just take it just take me to my friend's house a little rainy outside I'm not – down with that this looks like it's starting to clear up what the heck what the what da heck okay what died okay this is the where's the text of course text cabs gonna text cabs gone I'm out here in this weird spot Ola hello hello who uh-huh sir was that gonna have to I'm gonna roll up on him I've been bullied my whole life ain't afraid of nothin hey what are you you got some kind of superhero you I've got it go that's a nice little lightning bolt you have on your chest there but I don't think it's gonna wear that out look kid I don't need you joking on my outfit I'm gonna give you the power the power with it this nice little electric bolt you see on my chest just hold on just wait I'm gonna turn on all the lights in this place all I gotta do just stand to the side don't make a move okay oh just sign don't make a move I promise you if you move it could be ugly all I gotta do is use one of my powers here and you might go fly in another direction but everything's gonna be okay I'll protect you just wait just the way I'm gonna turn on the lights you see this yeah don't freak out buddy lights you be back on Charlie uh look at I'll I'll wake him up don't worry guys everybody watch this video he's not actually dead the lights should be coming on shortly man what's going on there we go there we go all right get the light sir they're almost there we go they're back on like I said kid the lights are back on and look at this glowing chest I look great Dona no you got to do is say one single word and you are the new one the new one and that word is just hey are you gonna go say it once just say it once and you will be very powerful what you see me do is one of many that's all you got to do is just do that little thing and there you go you're gonna have this cool awesome suit whenever you say the word you're going to turn into this just beat up whoever you want they're not really beat up but take care of the day and save the day okay you said to say this word you're saying you're saying are you ready she say nothing happened all right so uh well this is awkward nothing happened and we're just chillin in this very creepy weird spot sir are you there oh this is weird all right well I'm just gonna leave you here that's kind of that's kind of weird and this man back then so sorry hello it's over to say some stupid word Shazam like it's supposed to change me or something yeah I'm still the regular Oh Mike oh oh I look awesome oh I gotta go home is so my friend brother you won't believe this I'm a superhero looking awesome thing that is just okay there he is he's right in this room bro check me out what are you stop dancing chick man I got this huge thing on my chest it's pretty awesome now he told me hey hey seriously stop dance tonight okay okay look I'm gonna try to do this he told me I pouch imma show you what I what I seen em dude alright you better watch out bro this could get ugly for you see lucky yeah okay the spray got a good thing you do in the house it's bright not good preying on it oh it's ok brother where you I can't see nothing yeah look now I'm sure you ain't gon do anything I can't see oh well I can't see nothing I can blind I was just flying in the room let's go outside we're gonna take this outside see your lights back up see he did this to me – it was pretty sick maybe I got some more stuff bro we're gonna take this outside and see what I can do come on we're gonna go right downstairs it is dark maybe we should come out brother you take a tool oh man all right maybe we should I'm gonna actually can't carry you but maybe should go take care of some bad guys alright I'll meet you there I'll meet you there I'm just gonna go up this way and I'm gonna fly towards where the bad guys probably are cuz I'll just naturally find them with my super sues a damn abilities right I'm pretty awesome now oh prayer that looks like you uh seem to have found your way here now I do have a entire arsenal of cool awesome powers that there was a few I found out on the way okay not it I just was trying to seem cooler let's maybe we should get out of the road no no no no we run this I got the power and you stand up I'm sorry I have us a little rough all right let's go to the gas station my cool nice is it alright seriously I've bumped you and you're not you almost hit my brother she's gonna go in here you're gonna drink and everything's gonna be great nah I'm gonna drink you see I'm like an adult now so we can probably get him excuse you sir look Fred get out long sir we're just gonna go in here and I get a drink come on in the little brother we're gonna get some out yeah okay maybe Bastian do this as a superhero maybe oh oh what's going on okay everybody Rilla there's a robbery yo yo Rob yeah oh I shouldn't have done that oh let's just do this cool yeah that's cool little brother Oh God little brother little brother I don't know how to go back to childhood oh it's like a scary movie all right yeah well I'm not I'm not the same me I'm not a kid anymore it's okay he's just not look up back home okay I'm Suzanne I'm cool now I gotta go save my little bro I don't know how you're saying but I'm gonna say all right I'm just gonna say my little brother now if you guys enjoyed this video and you want to see shoes they have deep something else we can do a million things baby but if you like this mod you don't see some more some shit Shazam Mac let me know in the comments below don't forget to drop that like subscribe if you're new and I will see you guys in the next video [Applause] [Applause]

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