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Paul I love ranked Oh why because we will actually get paired up with skill level well not when we're huntin ranked this would be a bit shitty bit sorry sorry I love Ross thanks I'm a gamer centering on us Rick all gamers I love gaming I love playing games with my friends I love video games how the games don't like video games I do like video games and rough dude I literally just got a little bit of rage evil snacks from the show I don't know why but I just feel my doodle go to my for my start I'm not like I think your nerves you know you pass it because you got so rekt so quick that it took the blood out of your brain yeah dude you shot straight to your pain yeah it's one doodle so massive remember when Aiden Dickson yes that's actually what happened and I covered it up ah dude could cover up Thanks he couldn't he could knock you out that's impossible anyway exactly good start soon Achilles that was a good start thanks ma'am this boost you second see if I consider it I can't I definitely can I can go for a rave event maybe oh I am NOT come for Center up watch me whip what's mind that's me please oh darn it let's not my son they try to backflip it oh well we destroy them main Cal do their part Sentret Sentret Sentret Sentret centers that are you can out of it you can have dole that's the free one remember it's the silver that's he's ranked mine for the silver Ranger yeah see IRA can we give up the gold actually won't give us a go will it because was that just the one day oh no no like I'm saying Eric and we can get the gold rank if we tried hard enough gold free maybe we don't even have to try I'm shit Oh Eve after he said that and I just that's right I'll school its please what's up balls live sorry careful Jake or someone that was me sir I was get this side waist oh I thought you were gonna steal that one too you know I was going for the bull sorry Synod Oh make it a play he boys when he playing this broker dig nice sprocket big oh you silly Bukka well that's a good ray man you are stop calling me a tree man I've got it a game up yeah dude I had I I'm proud of me Arden it awesome I'm proud of the resistance I showed there Blake yes I'm proud oh my I'm always proud of you I am getting proud of my kickoffs – not that one though Jewish Calhoun you should have seen the kickoffs I was doing in twos I was just playing randoms the thing that shit about ranked is that you have to follow you match every time counter image yeah I'm I'm right here we all are new season yeah he's doing it now do you not saving the top right corner dump us hello sorry thanks for ordering your delivery there's a high chance that we can get them again though if we search at the same time that's what I that's what happened to me yes it is correct I'm definitely not Jake speaking can I sleep over tonight nice idea I spread the mom and she said no as bad as all that okay goody it's probably a no deed my place did I whoops sorry mate sorry bro we cross back at that house man no get rid of it I'm back in your knots I was convinced that was going in condi screams I lived in ice ah how's our most definitely upset to miss or I'm taking it I'm sending it I'll go for it don't dude I almost did you'll see you'll see it you save the paddock when I start losing control dummy thick muscle centre for them you're welcome sorry I'm gonna hit this story yeah I'm I'm synod okay I'm immensely fucking retard no ass I can get that ah processing I'm came for that I will flee whenever a Sena I can't I'm retarded how's your bit here so mad Wow I could have hit something Epica then oh well I hit the center couldn't couldn't execute though oh fuck it up – I'm a hating this miss I'm hating this let's miss other Me's they're too scared to interact with Jackie boy confident as the manners I like that I really like that I really like that who did that was like a lanai first one day Dennis the Menace that is epic Dennis the Menace he hit was cringe those cringe is copy I love it it's pretty fun and is the manners savory yeah go for it I fuck it up yeah set up the maunder maunder maunder my only one all they gonna miss ya epic thanks listener yes Saget whoa that's right we just wanted to have a look at it all good center centering oh I'm there oh I was almost a Gaul to shitdick he was talking to me so far I really hear this I did though watch me score on i clenched Sun Oh keep it up he meant keep it out like a pup the good work oh oh that's not a good sob that is a power heat there's danger zone correct no one's comfort of their day they've planted offensive I really tried I thought I had a good angle I was behind the bowl they headed to get backwards please please – jeez a ten search what are you doing I'm fine down I'm funny no oh now we all get the same class again that's not how it works what are you doing then we go like yeah I was like 360 clan who's ready with through some 180s oh oh yeah but you find in great credit oh what a fantastic start what a fantastic start Oh what if it tests at the start see what happens if we find out you're lying while off pacifier hey dude cuz he's lying to mush dude I have a fucking based nature I believe that what is this other dude doing I'm a bass oh really drink every time Jake says I'm a beast and nothing happens when I fucking go off on myself and nothing happens you I'm sorry this guy the pinch oh dude that was fucking danger zone for them I'm sorry good at this game I'm getting so much better that fucking idiot oh the work of work that's work incoming Kelso's send the dogs mMmmm get him Cal get him Cal remember let me back my dogs you must you're my house very nice I've got no boost good boy can we change into the dogs it's ya know just are you know I like no like no ice back in back in back in oh my definitely there but the hands what are we calling us well we cook with the clan tag the the dogs and then the the clan can be the hands or some dogs okay nice that's a penis the red rocket clan the red rockets get a cow yeah the boy hmm get it no I got it that Bulls of juicy mouth man the ball can be a ball cuz the dogs chase the balls no dogs a balls go fetch in rocket League law dogs eight balls according to rocket League a wiki the subreddit that's that's mine Senate Senate Senate Senate we help hungry for it get it centering centering centering I'm they're terrible setting I'm sorry no that's right dude we he your hands are backing you up the pack the pack the Wolfpack oh that was a really nice hit I missed catch it nice before I'm Synod she just saw and dog oh oh yes I'm chasing that for boost oh oh I can Center it oh I'll rule that barista boost danger zone hey buddy guess one everybody guess one oh the dog he's got a dog the dog I don't how do you have the dog years one there's a dog in his one I think I've got like caddies that's unacceptable JJ rubber rope there were bronze and silver with fucking them up dude r11 you can't leave are you kidding me if you want think I've got a dog scheme for the octane – no I think oh I thought I did might have a for another car I got a little dog you know I've trained up a lot of my hats so I might not have it you don't kow what you do I do I don't have any old tennis ball a saloon dog and Archer yeah but we don't do that do we all have balloon dog I had the balloon dog antenna okay I like the tennis ball yeah these are a dog boost over grass yeah yeah that could work I might have no grass look confetti Oh gross local flower just like doggies well Kenya's now dude I've like gotten rid of all my hats like I sold them out oh wait maybe you searched before we left or we left yeah so our tags doggy so what's our club and I'm gonna be doggy or Rhett dogs I like dogs the hands what colors showing me grain maybe Green and what make a judgment call up to you Brown yeah I swear I had duckies I must be losing it by fish Oh I don't know yeah we are now dogs epic where we were well that cows game is epic the blue and yellow mine yeah yeah it's so good it like changes color as it goes down the car – we're ready who's bad who's mad oh yeah apparently hers man fuck who's that tell us kick off the hands and dogs I really like that two dogs will make a separate client for Kobe we'll take you there doesn't a pig go by my thanks I'm gone for it yeah we're cow the cow well I didn't even fucking change my see if I had the fucking cold hard over whether it was for the client at the fucking emblem see if we had anything don't you know the play ACOG yeah see if I had anything dog related do you go I didn't even look yeah I'm gonna hit it no one girls I gotta challenge that good work well sorry no no no I was just saying if if he may still challenge it back I can hit the ray-ban if you miss oh sorry yeah it's fine dude Oh just tried Sorry Sorry mate this yet no i scowl good work I found out how what I'm going for this yeah good work good shit get hit a rib in ha I'm so sorry Jay that's right mate the to up oh no I'll miss ya though miss I'll get it oh that's unfortunate don't know that's how that works oh good hit I'm creaming over that I need boost yeah I can hit this go for it back in yeah what is wrong with me sorry Kel you're a fucking cent that shouldn't be in the hands don't go kick me kick me Oh come back come back he'll miss you get the good shape back in here I'll get that the wack good shot my head first identities I'm it's awesome again explode sorry shape I stole that no no I stole it before like I hid it oh no it's we're oh yeah it did not work out but on good clear Ivan go thank you vegan Sarah oh I gotta get that yeah fucking loose though yeah that's the worse I need to get some nice oh my god boys sure I've got it what a shot Cal what a freakin shot that was that that was a really nice pass give us one just one world yeah I'll take it nice shot dude I will think of it wait oh I'll go for it Oh Cal now you had a good hit I'm gone for this backing out backing out backing out thanks dude we have a full weave forward the last bad team our suck teammate how's mad well let's leave let's leave I'll see if I've got a dog skin thing to be fucking killing it correct what scared me a little bit that actually skied a little bit nah dancing say what I've got was it in extras nah garage sweetie this dream sink garage got Doug's like eggs I don't think I've got the Nawal it's kinda like a Doug pacer slice your business laws I think I go Paylocity oh my god based on your baseline name Campos Basin you've got be a pacer all right even you I'm already tried I am I don't wanna fall asleep what up my bar it fear nothing turn that mic back on this instant Cal right now right this second Kalem I'm bout to go see something boy you see something let's get this guy his name's Lachlan faggot it's my least favorite name send a cow on shit oh that came what quicker than I thought no first time said that to Jake hey what the Freak I sure did thank you very much eggs what this eggs have to do with oak bark bark I mean with fairies near fine I was looking like the dog from Jimmy nature oh yeah mark sent it good setup or you ate it something Connecticut's the next rain theorist convention that okay look at watch em like an Internet historians view on that it's that good watch him again Oh epic shot thanks dude oh they left oh is this casual no you can't leave on you can but hate it oh yeah oh yeah they don't they just don't get a rejoin yeah good hey – yo did you unplug your consoles like it's gonna keep going yeah suppose you're right but also when you go pause it says you can leave March that's it I only only thought it said forfeit good shot Thanks oh I can do it sometime Vicky surely gonna oh this is someone mm-hmm before these dudes as well it's only one guy it's not often because it's competitive now he's a gamer Loughran look Lonnie played son no I stood look I'm I'm a part of your girl explosion deed are you yeah wash before it again dude GG not sure I got a triple threat yeah also got a crate well done look Lonnie silver three my fucking r0j fucking JD you are okay I scared them away dude raaaah scare them away right cow yep rock out yes you what a TD Manoj Oh what are they what are they what say color well stick legs a garage hold it on garage what's there Brady actually oh he ugh oh oh gee what does that mean hold it on garage key cetera et cetera he might be able T apparently I'm gonna set out I'm gonna sell this bad news for us that's all bad news for the boys what's that next week no it's 29th of May see ya next week no two weeks two weeks I don't know dude like should we get a baby probably maybe yeah I don't know I don't have a lot of money in that moment neither I don't really want to tremble the way back to do it would ya Trump like the bender yeah not really Bulls you're on your own here oh I was married go kelp arms but it while my fucking nice heat no I see thank you like someone's over yeah you not thanks welcome I'm it yeah yeah you are so you faggot me no he took my purse fuck I was clearly there first watch me below please do sorry Cal that's right good shot Andrea pick yes through this new you clan is yeah changed us caracal our bad luck thing is been dummy fish oh I just that's who but it might be a person got that right send it Senate Senate Senate you got one do beside yeah that's okay I was a little bit late on that call out apologize coming back get it oh my god like you're fucking good thank you dogs have come out why have we lost we're a bit too for oh no not to know once it was a second game I think yeah that was when I adopted the house yep nice ah teddy Bernard it was a really good hit though you know whack it I can catch it yeah good work aw dude send a cow all yours very nice there was lots of human wolf but I'm a dog it's a good I would that's very epic nice sorry whoa what happened was he there behind a good hit cow I'm not sure I didn't see how it happened I'm gay but if that's who you are I'm I'm amazing it can you hit that cow is such a nice heared did I I didn't even see oh you would have gotten that in anyway yeah that's a good guess I'm just giving up Oh dude I was a second light on that I mean girls but shit taking home boys oh so sorry so hey alright send a cow send a baby good work I need this oh sorry maybe try that's fun start wearing a band account not saying that's right oh good work get it out of your voice yeah good work good work good call nice good shot I'm backing out to be easy ones gotten a mess tonight dog dog has got into us hmm you know what we'll just take off it's gonna be amazing and watching was amazing it was real good winning possession is amazing for me no yeah the pinch point always almost always goes work backwards sorry man I'm sorry I'll say now I'll set up okay I'm just retarded I'm coming on good work you can Center tell your fucking God your God that angle is incredible God you and those weed angles cow fucked on for the normal easy shots just give up man it just goes for those in shame ones that's crazy I can probably Center this oh yeah this wouldn't be all three of them at the fuckin yeah you did grab it grab it grab it I could shit on the G I'm not a brand oh yeah who stays deep that's like this you know my stock Sabrina we clearly bought them dinner rank dude I just got the treasure boost I got some fucking mulatto name-based before was it here Raylan yeah I've got one of them they look sneaked they actually look really sick yeah good dog I've got that what he's Dave's dog he said he's um Claire takes two hug what the guy on the other team's clan take his name dog are these two um I've got that treasure boost as well Jake fuck yeah just it um it's epic the sound side to annoy me because it's like is it like coins yeah oh yeah we're blue shit I can eat this oh okay can you get it y'all man the shot you very much and we'll miss the challenge results Oh Oh the flick oh very nice Oh awesome whoa excellent shot it he said his gun if it's gone the right way he would have stopped you yep it's cuz they all came into a deal nice catch good shit ah back to goal I know that's dangerous I'm gonna steal this side boost I'm a-goin this Oh could she could stop miss miss miss sorry Blake sorry if I fucked you know I just ran in nice I'm a girls that's public good work Oh back in here back in here I get it no boost Oh gotta go to get it fuck fuck good show yeah that was a pretty good shot I turned around the camera our dance that's alright we're still wanna yeah wait for this awesome kick-off fuck it's sorry boys sorry boys I had to predict when it floats like that cuz you focus on the ball and you don't know what's in front of you yeah we got this that's right who's Lisa smiley nails they stop no I stole it up and back yep I'm gonna say no huh cocks me do that yeah good work early back burn back bar in back boat sorry Oh catchment good work nice good work boys they've got no berries so we can make some plays here what I'm sorry I couldn't stop it no that was a good pass I'm gonna get some distance on this I'll boost yep back in here good work oh the pinch damn let's go back and out though yeah just knock it good work I'm gone for your corner boost please good work you've got it now if I hit it I'll scare them on the way let's just say that did look like you hit it Kel yeah yeah that was a good angle though I got this it's back in the bike good work Moss let's come back go good work I came in too fast shit that could have been a goal yep sorry cow fuck me I'm gone back yep send it for them it work that's a goal easy goal insane shot thank you you gave like good fucking save and it's a goal dude oh fuck that was so close I can hit it sorry Cal are you kidding me go Cal are gonna boost the school they're gonna school a thing in a school that's that's that's unfortunate that looked like it was going in it was an outside it would have went in yeah of course it would knowing you a lock I'm just gonna play it safe because it's right don't want it's a fucking open ball like that so up back pizza I'm on my back cuz I I like my doggy belly getting scratched isn't your belly like I'm do the wheels yes silver again dude we're gonna fucking get gold at this right smashing silver threes let's go here here I am saying that we can work our way up to gold fucking I reckon we gonna get close to God one nice so impress with us hell we're playing right now good shit cow we are doing real well not too sure don't think so sorry oh where I should have read that that's good back in come boys let's fucking get out you do a nice shot nice uh-huh am i doing no Lex thanks Oh Oh what am I come on can't lose my shit you know oh I missed you too good hate Cal let's all push that I'm in the setup check out oh yeah that's right light fuck good workout look like in this well not I'm fucking afraid I'm all black not tried like a wax back to it yeah see it sent it over this got it oh fuck it that's it that's a pig thousand Wilson Road oi little doggie doing little doggy joint that sucks good hick help to work like oh my god that's amazing fuck a loan West 50/50 I'm losing it you guys are making me cream oh my god I was screaming he freaked it he was caught in headlights nots good hick hell oh my god I'm yuck shit come up with a challenge nice no Bruce but yep good oh my god nice somebody and then give it up with the opposite way to what else happening sorry about that I'm girls fuck oh I went to Ilya I'm so sorry not so good that's such an easy save to try to get to it but how's a bit on me face Oh what declare dead cats know we've got a big what whoa that's really weird we cannot lose you know we've had a dog's clean dog clean yeah I'm gonna try it oh go Cali yet awesome maybe matching this on purpose I don't know dude nice thanks dude back in El sorry I'm just good shit as long as we clear it that matter Janick Gers so I'm gonna get a verse and then come up I can break a CH not good here but I am I can eat it do it look I'm sitting I can stop it nice Sara Sara Sara yep Oh wasn't a very good center I'm a good shot I'm so sorry all right I'm getting back like yep now you may see me see miss oh well oh we can't lose non second go man that guy really clutch that all right full scent yep well can't go for this up in the air boys what it currently came down too quick for me they ain't getting no JJ fucky Kevin message you mean says you guys weren't on very light this is real offline silver 3 that's good we did good I reckon we gonna get silver 3 twitch okay the world it'll see the strain if he wants to come on I'm saying watch this bowl one stream say we're popping off on ranked two more boys yeah then we can get this I'm feeling pretty good about still with free but if you don't I'll be I'll be fucking the static we really had two losses and they weren't even bad losses so I was either overtime or last few seconds yeah good work I'm gonna pressure I'll try to Center it I'm so sorry that's all right idiot it's right to work like God when he's drinking so much with the whole heating appliance you na movie farah naaz fuck you Jared oh dude that was so on on go vehicle he missed back in yell good hit dude Thanks company come today I couldn't turn around and get there in time yeah so good good cold are you guys whiskey kickoff yeah Bank it knocking it back in the back and yeah I'm not your God bow down fuck that sounds like here like a rip in the control robot when you do that let's go fellas bullshit are you kidding me oh good I worked that flow on oh good work check out you've always got zero boost well yes oh sorry that's right that's right I wasn't really looking great good hit Cal thanks I'll challenge if you wanna go girls good shit take it take it you know bloke right behind you ah fuck I didn't write that Ronnie's yeah I'm going back the guns ready okay like good work nice nice dude Jared the fucker nice reaches I didn't even mean to you but I fuckin babies go my boy Jared go Jared yeah sure do you guys watch some moist critical I feel like I've heard that though um I see it have you heard of a moisture meter he's like no no sorry you're gonna hit Cal you're a legend thanks back it out my isn't he a now boost it's all right dude I could not be so challenged to work what do that UK is it's ranked well done yeah dude it's ranked that's that's called for well done dude I'm wet got him got him thank you if you get four goals that's a threshold shit it I'll set up like oh that's right back yep good work a hawk Blake stall on them don't need to get them do will fucking well fucking fucking you go you go you go yikes backboard backboard no dude he said oh it's all right mama girls all challenge actually oh why did I just spoke yet nice nice bags every new moon come boys Oh with free out what am i fuckin worried about Oh not couldn't do it's pretty epic Lauren yeah it was a big flick me and he got under it really good nice shot Kobe says he's just gonna watch Netflix anyway but what a save fucks his problem fuck you what a fucking dog act that door well there you're sick I'm O'Neill let's fuck these guys up they're gonna Center it good work good work oh man I had nobody see you there Oh like that only well he fucking what has saved me when I said nice shirt uh-huh well can I get one more one more it said that I got bronze but then it said something like one more match to rank up so it still says them yeah it says that I'm on ranked at the moment still yeah yeah that was we'd hope we get this game are these the same guys yeah we got him Jade fuck you let's fuck him up what a save nice mate you better believe I'm gonna be drilling that when we score new niggers like nice cow cow noise that's a six second goal dude fuck you faggot I'm gone for the risk gone for the risk you're right that boy yeah messaging black good work lovely challenge gonna need you he'd like good work oh I'm so sorry I didn't say yeah that's right my BAE my be nice that's what Cal says you know Cowie sometimes spies DUIs mm-hmm don't know Cowen Oh Kelly mondo oh yeah is that we talk about the same guy yeah he's the sexy very move airman hello Sara the riemann comment' variant don't let them score fuck you this shit get it Cal or made good try ah that was a really good shot Mike Thanks I'll try to recenter it that I'm just just gonna not touch it or the transcendent note right yeah they're all just being aggressive I got it I'm sorry I was all right yeah toad has been fuck it's and hyper-aggressive yeah the triple committee that's double commute get a kill off went the wrong way that's awesome nice oh fuck you Jared cock oh oh oh my god like I'm sorry that's right how many times my daddy ah oh I'm sorry sorry fuck I'm back in the hay all right that's I feel like they get a Meese not look how careful they were playing it only stole it what a dick that can yell oh that was epic plays oh man a tattoo oh hi I was gonna box I'm a challenge I'm sorry sir hi dude come boys let's bucket and annihilate them because we getting ranked off this game so you fucking dogs let's ask my wolf wolf yeah like that you like that yes I do nice now they're gonna hit that I mean girls oh go for it nice goes back in you get that I'm a girl I'm sorry that's right just commit I'll go for a center if you want to stay in center they're not fucking me the work got hardly any boost got it oh nice double-hit epic don't like good work Oh set up Jarrod Jarrod Jarrod Jarrod no Bruce but I'm here I'm sorry oh let's get back to girls back to girls get out of the air got it I'm sorry no Bruce someone else take it yeah got no bruise fuck me I'm girls miss miss Missy good work good work good work we're in trouble let it hit let it hit fuck yes let's go boys got it I'm a center yep all bro that play was fucking awesome I mean girls still in girls pushing up a bit now already been that I've got four Sena all right now she odd all along nice cute cash cow ha nice nice work no boost I can try Center yep No nice nice nice no boost I'm gonna get some brews quick any of this nice Cal oh nice he that coming in this office my incoming incoming it's nice though boost i'ma go all night come back to girls good hit take it take it take it no boost good hits I'm gonna go for this yep good work already bad do AK okay I'm girls I'll hit it okay oh I did not mean that's alright that's that damn yeah yeah I know I'm sorry that's fine dude Saxon what's that rank we'll go down one movie Thank You silver – silver – erican come on what do we get so let's go you mash nice know what I'm sayin probably gonna be two of those class again I'm sorry me to shit on them with our new ranks no none of them he's gonna stay on a second what is going on oh whatever this kind of fast instead you missed work I'll hit it yep I'm following you yeah go for it easy dude good work wall-eyed and their wire braces that way the work back come for this da cunha work Oh like sorry everything getting away there's no way you in the end there's no way she's not coming back I'll challenge oh my name burst you know I'm a girls now blaka back nice Sena yeah sorry oh good save back it up back it up fuck these cons just keep meeting me here we go no boots back and try to Center up whacked Oh you black good work dude flick I tried good work yet nice control there though ah back in yeah oh why try to recenter good positioning nice good way what mate nice hit I'm amazing why mom he sings you got help yep lick back any here sorry Cal you're right ma good challenge oh my god yeah that was crazy I wish good hit Kel but on Cal who's married Cal's mad send it you know what I wasn't gonna be touched – whoo nice Ariel – hi thank you the barest sorry dude very sorry but we go for the boost such rather do away from it I sent her it mate yeah oh fuck oh sorry sir come on girls come to girls I'm gonna do it but I can save it I can't now they miss me Missy Missy miss nice all a go Oh game boys first rank game win PJ's hands hands come into Pantano fear over food is a bonus I just realized yeah yes a day you might division silver three division to Rihanna or less time yeah so three do to know ice is good I take points coming in strong yeah I don't know you hear they school the points in this game is that just from like the water saves and the shots on goal shit so think so that's shit I missed the first touch bonus yeah well I guess yeah that's true it only keeps camp yeah yeah I'm gonna leave 30 levels away from 200 matches concluded don't you have brand to something else kale I'll true I can do that nice what would I have if I had the rocket path should I buy I'd have that goal that's like the poof one vehicles no no not like that no the pulse one and how about you talking about booth goes poof stuff it goes it goes black Bill Clinton eros yeah there's dandy whoa Hinch very nice talk like the back Oh Oh Matt I had to get a cow ye those the clothes say yeah give me that corner boost thank you work where Cal gonna go do this Oh y'all know me all these fucking to get Mattie's teammates so get eaten cow to girls already in first men yeah ruff ruff sorry dude let's work nice hello alright eSports sign the Sun oh definitely probably on the side I'm sorry negatory victorious said negatory not negatory Tori's I'm sorry alright how are you – ah certainly a bit mad oh that's going in front of our cream pod by the yes definitely the black eye yeah definitely and the guy would definitely fact arianna know the what the puppet I have the G the goth bitch was definitely with all this oh I know how smart Tori Tori is definitely the hottest oh my god I was mad she's mad she's mad your nerd what you call me a fucking nerd I'm feeling something inside of me could it be oh my god that almost looked like it was going into sorry like fast wacky so I cut in the way I couldn't even see what I hear coming back to jealous boys work I'm to get ha mate that was danger zone for them nice ice ice ice oh hey you flick on me and fuck that guy you must save yikes fuck you for that up I'm lagging I got it I'm sorry he's miss he's missed good work about me that helped so wasn't me you're welcome nice in our cow bite area oh that's right sorry kill ya oh I had no previous one even go for that oh hello uneven glue Hey look at that look at you oh you hit it I thought it just bounced him nicer is said it well see you birthdays see you bro you sound like the fucking washed away that was pretty fucking their big was awesome the place I did do Kim was six fucking six girls they got okay no that was not very well he likes mad oh that was cancer good work and as the minister's bad I mean mad fuck fuck no good save hey thanks bro watch me fucking bowling this nigga means Center trying I have a terrible hit on it guard cow Oh oops Amada feed it back to our go okay now boost I got boost now games over they win this is looking promising this is looking promising it was race what are we talk division with illusion 3 be a fucking killing it we're gonna be gold one right oh they were unranked holy crap Shaggy's knees I bless you see Sneezles hmm me too the match has concluded I'm gonna conclude joining but wish me same dudes come on let us fucking wreck him I think they found one cuz they all left at the same time vulture dragon boy Jessa clay TV I am high brah my bro he got the middle boost that's epic dragon boy don't want that not a big fan of that oh sorry yeah no berries spell try to set up fuck it's a smash fist getting rekt Oh what was that get it kill good work work good eye rate sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry good I'm telling them I'm trying to cock him no I lag I sent a benefit that way and I got no booze – I'm just gonna have to challenge mentally challenged nice move sorry well Bernie boost yeah dude I've noticed that – miss get a cab get account oh I don't even up in there that's all well is that flat little Daleks religion is that gold is it I think call boys let's whip it's too nice just pays yay I got it yep girls all jacked right they sorry nacho gonna botch Oh yuck I just I did these boys oh my god I miss every go cow take it in great here today no that was good Center are you fucking kidding me let's not lose our career oh sorry plug they're not fuckin under at this game why didn't my useless fucking shots one of my god thanks it's gone I don't use that word often to count what epic and that was epic you're saying you don't use that word to us oh my god that almost went in from a kickoff please Inari why I got lost oh dude nuts nice try that was awesome it's tiny bit off I'll challenge yuck yuck it's on what can i boost my scalp governor Rhydian ah shit I'm gone for the other mid boost it's come to DJ yep yuck it's probably gonna go halftime app yeah let's try to get at overtime good work like good clear Yawk fuck oh good shit boys we got this I mean girls I've got it I've got a shit shot but I got it oh that's all right that was scared of these games yeah well we're trying we're actually finding our skill level you know so this is good this is really good I'm enjoying these matches more then getting skip played with like a bunch of these fucking gods right we didn't go down yeah team up please that one guy was gold you have a to 100 yeah I'm gonna go have a smoke all right yeah you might have to stop searching unless you guys want to kick him have you lifts I did yeah I'll be back shortly I had that John wick thing I told you about is out on fortnight I saw it on Facebook the owner of it yeah it's actually a married it's good John wicks bounty how does that work so there's a fortnight John week mode now and the skin for it is a lot more like this way better I think it looks a lot more like what's the mode you know it's called John week's bounty yeah but do you know how it works I'm guessing one guy's John we can he has a bunch of powers but not now true I'll look at one have a smoke yeah surely but don't they have that Avengers thing going on at the moment we go back we make an idea I'll be back hello Carol you talking to me yeah but no Lanchester no oh why want to speak to you at the moment to be honest I'm joking well sorry not what would say I'm I don't even anymore have this innate video where the girl ilex please notice and all the like stuff comes out of it like blackheads yeah he like pushes his nose up yeah yeah yeah fucking nose pardon I'd break my nose with yeah well that's what people saying that it's a super easy way to break your nose no he doesn't I think I just found the love of my life chicks always yes that I'd skill I know from Billy when he invented planking he's a fucking legend she's right Narang I wanna know Lorraine might fit in a bit more of the shelves watching different that's right know what you do you want oh man I'm gonna go take a piss and shit I mean I'm gonna take a piss I didn't mean I'm gonna take a shine to like have fun hi spike I'm here boy you're not in the party how did I get kicked last if I went back to watching a show cow shootin get you buddy any shit and famine in Germany I love coming yes to quell change the color from a brand to a piece yellow oh oh right I think you went for Australia colors Hey disgusting mm-hmm see they had a flick you figure do that yeah I don't know how to dribble with the ball like I don't I'm not very good at it but if you get the ball on top of you and you want to flick you jump tilt forward boost a tiny bit downwards and then forward flip and you all fuck it and send that ball flying you can do it like just with the stationary ball as well and it just annihilates it in that video on your Instagram of us what are we laughing at I think we're talking that's too little or some shit yeah what and um and you're playing in training you do an epic dribble with that what no I was just mindlessly I'll find it and like it well I think does it come up with my unlock and relock it I don't know but another video talking to me and they're not long clips so I'll have a look not gonna lie actually the big shit yes this video holy shit is it the first video is it the second one no how look at the second one oh yeah I know you're talking about a second where I go side to side and then fucking try to flee looks so good yeah it was very clean that was nuts all right let's play was it a big shit car it was it's pretty wide you get the guy at the Cape did ya we're halfway through your pace and you realize shit you should stand it up yep that isn't truly down Oh women I was walking down the passage realize I take a shit that's a baby and he's a Power Move shit yeah you like carrying I stand on the ball on the ball when I piss in here sir yeah someone else has to search by the way cuz I gotta keep its Kelly as a kill that was me I'm epic trying to recreate that Tribble not just did it I think it kandorian though Thanks join in join and join in is it on hey hey right get on for us absolutely lasso him my scalp kick off there yikes I'm sorry oh I'm sorry like my thing is gone no one can stop that why could not why didn't I just hit that oh my ping is gone Sumerian are they there are 32 drink it's giving me the ping sign I think so I mean that bad go cow the back that flick I got it so I Center it I think oh my god I'm craving craving right here thank you it's me sucking up the excess cream do it cow oh did you just go X flirted Oh Cody Oh oh my god cow I'm wet oh my god like I'm wetter wake up whatever boy fuck I got whatever you – he just made me extra wet wet cuz I was already wet from you yeah you did the initial probably got less wet from my shop but it's still weather exactly it's not I mean doesn't matter if it was a little bit I was with her I know this is not good I have no beef that's and it'll give me the strength I needed let's push through boys very nice I follow all up cow hits it back I couldn't play Fridays this is not looking good for the doggies I need fucking booze I'm sick of having ten boost kaduche no that was good better than them getting a setup yikes I don't like that I do oh it's gonna hit the bar it didn't it definitely did it what shave was Shane's bro like this hey bro I'm gonna try and honestly get a coffee I can't I can't I can't battery's low ah nice kill I'm even more worried I do very nice all country no that was a terrible idea ah it was going too fast yeah that's right come that's a pretty epic gold explosion I didn't see it actually yeah that is dope think that's like last season's like the one you got through the skill tree that's the more nuts ah Oh Blythe you're making me thank you I can the one off this will not be my last boys what what you have to do tomorrow TAFE and hopefully work ah hopefully why I think kids like you should it happen here no dislike or no sorry boys don't overload what's tomorrow Friday I've worked eeeek Akkad nice get it aww I'm sorry sorry oh it's tool let's push it to the limit boys nice right on overtime ah oh my god you stupid yeah it's the fucker haha what a boys very good here do you rank up now d4 oh sorry I'm just used to play doing it I'm Loretta carbine is it Oh what it said joining yeah I just it's just for like when the time runs any other match I think all right gosh we've got a poised got these the doggies one more win you mean one more win when cognitive yeah we'll make it a win what do you mean well do you I mean we never lose in fair this arena seems so big for some reason really maybe I'm just losing it Oh Kel Kel can we what get true we put on that mud man for like the past three matches hello I miss the – me too am i okay that's a Miss that's a sinner huh what I was a nice I've got a girl hey Simon Simeon say Vernon cinnamon sorry Symone from away Simone get a cup for back the four back again well that's what's next oh sweet like sounds good shot nice wine I got the wall I knew it was gonna be ants it's coming to girls luckily our cow you kidding me have a fuck did it go that way how did it go that way like I hit that yes so did I watch this I hit it this way no you got the last hit that's so shit hmm we always end with a loss I swear Cal you should leave after a win Burmese no worries Jesus like hook you go you go there's a donk yikes drag scoops fuck they're 50/50 SR just wins wins wins I'm sorry or not do can you forgettin calm the ended stall it on them don't give like it knocking like into position actually I'm going for that okay then why the fuck that was fuckin awesome Oh Oh my god I don't I have my dad al and today are you Jake yeah mom boys oh very nice come on smack it in the wall work I've noticed I noticed on oh what a save a jumper you like it no sorry you're fuckin fuckin having a laugh a walk like he I'm making me wet again I was dry and now I'm wet nice comeback to girls they got possession golfer challenge this cow I was there to back to girls back to girls back to Phil Spector girls I'll challenge I'll challenge nice nice nice nice dark oak very good thing why did I backflip so we're saying I can do sorry Kel cover it nice oh that's gonna straight back Jane over east but I got it okkk out nice to work Oh got it got it got it oh fuck nice shot come here ah like fuckin soaking every hey dude I need to be underway in a minute that guy wasn't there and that was the JJ yeah that was a change you too I'll go no I skip back an out Cal show them that you miss that boost hard this is what we want Gummer setup cow I just went psycho mode I slope I like so I got that was epic hit him with a everybody there's it's got trophical JJ yes I don't know I please tell me we rank up from this because that was a PK yes that's that's awesome Steve – as well fuck me that was amazing yes absolutely what about those mm-hmm well so why'd you change the color from bran to fucking peace vomit diarrhea yo I didn't get songs change it probably excuses alright alright alright tomorrow cuz I'm sure white is all right oh you weren't gonna no I'm kidding oh yeah I'll be on I've gotta do some homework and I've got a fucking concert together you say yeah yeah say it Sam it's opposite they gonna go to this concert you know well I've got homework today so yeah I've got work till 10:00 Jake cow but I'll be honest on that Europe are you getting off the airplane here I think so yeah yeah that's cool gotta hit the burn I mean I gotta get up early yeah that's fine good night darlings nice sweetie see boys

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