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if you laugh you have to delete Grand Theft Auto 5 no I'm not gonna laugh oh we got someone in the plane okay okay yep the boat all of a sudden spawned and the plane crashed those things happen in the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 you know what there's nothing funny about it hello sir how's it that was not a laugh it seems like we have some internet issues first the guy was knocked then he stood back up and then he fell over again oh we got some cops stop the boat are you kidding me are you are you kidding me Grand Theft Auto five police officers are so dumb a boat doesn't work on land all right it's not gonna go anywhere so why did he say stop the boat oh we've got a stunt er we've got a stunt drop in here wall ride it with a BMX how that must hurt but thank goodness it's a video game and it's not real life so it doesn't really matter I haven't laughed yet I'm not the leading Grand Theft Auto fight in fact if you want me to play some more TTA 5 in my channel then leave a like at this video and at a hundred thousand likes they might consider that my see your comments guys Oh first person in GTA actually kind of does look back that I don't know why it doesn't look like that these are just your average internet connection issues and Grand Theft Auto 5 well he did he did we're watching it right now ha ha ha wait that was not a laugh that was fake now that was not allowed hey back on the highway when it's fine he's in the backseat now wait what oh my goodness I have never seen that before he was like going through the car see this is why I'm scared of convertibles all right oh where are we going what I have never seen that before the taxi driver just takes you to the Train and the car blows up like what first person it was cop he's gonna steal the car oh no no no okay that was a laugh but that was like a tiny laugh ah oh don't do it don't do it no no why would he be walking over the road like that anyway you know kids make sure your look left and right before crossing the road okay otherwise this might happen to you oh oh the bikes on fire oh whoa we got lucky Oh No oh my goodness and he didn't that is very unlucky puffs of savage pure seven this is risky what a crazy man he jumped off a crane pulled the chute and it's going in for a landing but where is he gonna land oh oh he's gonna hit oh he's gonna get my car I told you so look left and then oh my goodness my mom always said jelly do not get a bike bikes are dangerous and this is living proof of that Wow nice landing man okay never mind thought he had that he thought he had that too and now he's breaking trees seriously dude seriously another one like come on cars are bad enough for the environment as it is Oh easy oh wait a minute why is this shirt invisible that's a sheet ah yep smells like a cheater okay help deliver the package mission failed Oh what's going on here Oh cops cops are smart Oh fingers pulled some random guy out of his car and they just the cop just stole that guy's car I'm catching the dirt on this car cops all right be careful what's he survived oh good shot another good shot he seems to not get hurt he's not getting hurt that is the unluckiest and glitziest thing I've ever seen love it when you land on bombs hey we're playing as a cop I found that before oh my goodness poor guy wha what is going on here oh oh we just did a wheelie over that ramp no another plane was around well that's actually pretty cool oh oh oh he's stuck in the Lauriston how to get in a helicopter part two okay that's just open that door sir just go ahead and open that door sir you have to stand up and open the door sir what are the world is that flare gun versus umbrella wow what a magician oh there's all these magicians in this game it's bright whoa do a little wheelie with that car that's what I like to see we just learned okay wow that's a good punch okay he's still on the bike okay yeah he's dangling off a nice burp Wow Oh Archaea water no that's pretty cool oh how sweet old whoa we landed that there's no way that just happened hey officer I was going whoa okay mr. dolphin whoa this cops going rogue oh he's on the road oh oh my goodness he's flying it's easy hey officer how's it going I up on a good day mister looks like you having a good day sir with that okay always got the flying bike but wait a minute Olga Lutz the bike glider known as parachute I mean why didn't you just use the flying bike in the first place Oh going in for the pursuit odd pursuit that's right and to steal all the money on this super yacht what did I just watch Oh was he first did he just lose that race a regular Dane lo Santos not laughing it was actually quite accurate nah Oh deliver the cord to the buyer here we go easy peasy oh okay that was a decent crash oh he's off he's off it's really not that hard to use that bike mr. that truck is not gonna fit in that garage okay mister I'm sorry Oh Jamie what are you doing Jamie you know just go around the car Jimmy is not the smartest poisonous little mice don't drive don't drive don't drive don't drive don't drive wait a minute the bike line and then the pickup truck all right ladies and gentlemen I think that's it for this challenge I did laughs but I really tried to hold it in let me know how you did in the comments section do I really have to do it do I really I just deleted gta5 leave a like if you want me to redownload the game gonna take some time 100,000 likes I'll play GTA again bye thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army t-shirts on jelly store.com

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  1. Here we go again,hahahahaha i love your channel jelly im alwayswatching GMOD,GTA5 and i miss your GangBeast and Human Fall Flat with Josh the Slogoman Jordi the Kwebbelkop….i wish u noticed this comment hahaha big fan Jelli Van Vucht

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