Auchenai Phantasm Mecha’thun Priest | Part Two | Rastakhan’s Rumble | Hearthstone

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Priest has been doing great recently and I feel like people have been neglecting Mecha’thun Priest a bit. This deck is actually good! I’m not sure if this variant is better than the quest version, but it feels fantastic.

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okay so I think I keep the acolytes here might even keep the phantasm if we get circle is really good if he's like odd so I think I keep these yeah I have no idea what just happened wait what did something happen hand stream once always Plains secret make a little boys make a little dirty rat would destroy this deck you're right to cuz it would yes of eats what up with your hair looks hella cool thanks man my uh actually do we just coin out the acolyte I think I do coin out the acolyte playing this just gets wrecked by that but maybe we can get two card draws out of this and they'd be pretty nice my wife she bleached and dyed it man when it was bleached I got hate when it was Green it was okay when was purple people seemed to like him more yep he's this sort of dude I think I tapped in and then I go aw can i circle this actually has to die no I could just hit him then all can die he'll no I can't that's too much mana come back to life so I can die circle sets him up to corpse take her next turn do I want to give him the corpse or do I want to wait one turn maybe I just act light again I think I just acolyte again yeah we'll get a ton of draws maybe I should have just shadow visioned for like a regenerate if he does Kings here which he probably will I am gonna take a ton of damage but then I can all can eyes circle and do this okay now we get a beautiful clear this is actually so sick this is actually so sick let's do this get the draw Oh Pyromancer wait a minute we could Pyromancer shadow visions nah well power mats are shadow visions certain oh that's actually not gonna do yeah we got to kill this thing so let's phantasm think actually heal this first that'll give me a put at nine was there any point in that hold on there's no point well actually no there was a point I get two draws this way I can see what I get first two visions okay I think we might be all right I think we might be right if he has second corpse is gonna be rough though but they also don't have wind fury because it's only running one thrall Mar which is a big mistake okay do I actually go for a second I don't think so I could pyro visions power would shield this is pretty good right do i regen it I don't think I'm rejoining it if it came back to life with one health maybe but right now this phantasm looks great with that region so it's actually chill if he trades this in I don't care too much you can blessing of might I don't think they run might man but if they did it's actually not terrible since they have so many wind Furies here's the newest at cart August is that the auctioneer version Rex set the auctioneer he might run mites kappa okay it's taken in the face I kind of do want to he'll face a little bit what if I actually cleric binding cleric binding doesn't seem terrible cleric binding drop the loot heal my face and then I just scream next turn right maybe actually wanted to visions first scream if he doesn't call the arms that might not scream but actually I could just scream now and then visions later you play mid-range hundr with our friend he's so much fun yo teen I played that quite a while ago okay this is scream Abul you can check my youtube videos it's I realize it's hard to navigate my vods cuz they're all called Dexter doing Dexter things usually I could actually kill a lot of things here except we don't have a power word could also just hit here away what is this taunt I feel it's uh let's hit if I find a circle we could just clear with circle do you actually want to do that I could also just Pyromancer visions region face we can actually just Pyromancer once he calls to arms that'd be totally fine let's just scream here this is fine much product D by when new sets come out I buy like just the pre-order most recent when I just got pre-orders I don't even have all the legendaries even on my main account ok he wants to divine so I kinda actually want to dump my hand a little bit just a little bit though what if I do this lash and then he'll don't be a yeah ok lash do want to visions first maybe I want to visions for my screen before or I could just get this down with powered I think this might actually be better than visions on second thought yeah it's actually do that twice do I want to heal that he runs outta gas if you scream he has divine I'm scared a divine scream might have been better but I know I can clear his board with the pyro so we'll hold on to this favorite druid deck now I don't really have a druid deck that I'm enjoying okay yeah I kind of wish I had I'd kept that right all right I'd gotten this scream instead this will be fine though no boy I can also just do this in the circle yo zooms thank you for the follow okay let's just do this in the circle right that's just so good don't want to loot before or loot after I think I loot after I'm okay with the body on the board so this is gonna bring one thing back to life and I don't think I really care that's not gonna bring anything back to life oh it's actually pretty good let's still keep this powered shield for the the pyro we did just give them two cards who runs hidden wisdom I guess you got it from umm yeah you got it from a hydro I should play around it anyways I guess yeah there's an easy clear these daggers do suck but it'll be an easy clear actually don't I don't care if it hits my loot man scream again like it's just better to clear things my god hem it on the bottom every time I do have another lash and stuff don't want to wait on this no cuz if it pulls him it I just want to jam it I think I just him too no wait I will wait Mecca and rude it's doing kind of good now okay so I do think Mecca thin druids gonna come back just the the the fact that odd paladin's gonna be a thing spreading plague is so good against them you just scream this we just screamed this and then drop foul Ness maybe we don't have another scream does that matter to us maybe I found this region my face him I draw another I draw lash no I don't draw anything else but this is fine right do we do the him we can't act only if we get lash can we kill that thing I think it's fine and I'm not gonna get lash obviously I should have screamed at that point maybe he'll this he'll my face just gonna hit my face he'll and chill next er and I scream and then I should win well we need a hem it we need one turn to him it we need one turn to scream Hemet bottom two again though ma'am what the heck okay this is definitely scram and it'll be lash scream to forget lash as well this game dude that's too much damage man don't divine favor me off the top don't do it thank you screaming now – yeah dude I bet Hemet second-to-last is this the exact order we had last time – I think it was him and then lashes last mrs. Hammett lash he'll face and then we win okay there's no way you can kill us surprised I haven't seen even probably since them nerf even paladins really popping right now dude there's lots of even paladin around GG is there any secret that can ruin us no you don't like repentance doesn't do anything I for an AI doesn't work with Mac Athene so we're good oh we need a hydrate one of these reckless coffin ticking taking this time out block Mecca thing I don't think so it destroys their hero actually I don't know does it I don't think so what we're doing really well today man what are we doing we're four and one hunter hunter do we keep lash for the little boys it's good but i think i won't draw I just want Lutz that's pretty oh I don't like the mecha –then you know what I'd like I'd like him it to be top 27 this time top 27 would be great cuz he's always top he's just bottom two I mean you know oh my god okay alright we'll keep this and we'll keep the shield we'll just do nothing Tama does not block making just defense damage okay you got Kelly on curve but we got him it is just a tough matchup in general though less shadow visions I think I actually wants scream here I do take scream again I'm gonna hem it but then I need a couple turns to scream around because gonna have big boys yo Aires you forgot how much you enjoy and dude it's good to have you back my man thanks for uh thanks for for for being here I appreciate it does not also does not block Forsman for Forsman four horsemen Oh TK good to know I could do this and lash and clear the board which might actually be worth it because oh man hold up a second maybe we just do this in power word and then we just clean it up next turn Oh baby okay all right in the phantasm that's fantastic it's good can't even be flanking they're so chill they make me go to sleep during the day is that good I don't know if that's a good thing we could lash and clear do we want to lash and clear I don't know if it's actually worth it's good okay good good kid I want to scream later on lash and clear lash and clear might be worth if I lash and clear I can hem it next turn but that's almost too fast then they have one two three four five turns of drawing it's actually fine let's do it do i heal this up I'm not gonna heal that up oh then maybe he'll it up so I can't he we it on accident but we're gonna scream on seven so it's okay so we ham it's him it on six scream on seven we're doing alright I mean this is a lot of damage okay doesn't press the hero power I'm okay with that phantasm is no I I almost want like a circle here we don't get it but whatever phantasm is gonna be not too useful but it's okay Hemet is important so we still have one two three four five cards to draw that's five turns so we win on the eleven so we got to space out these three screams and I think next turn is definitely scream unless I can clear most of the board with just a mitt like if he doesn't develop and we just smack into the five five probably don't scream okay we definitely scream we hope it doesn't coin Catherina cuz I'm gonna have to scream again which one is the visioned one it's the middle one right I think it's this one okay if he doesn't have kathrina I think we win or if Katrina just pulls a grizzly or just something without charge we're okay good sign and a trigger nice we pop the trigger is this enough damage to worry about we do have three screams I think I do it yeah it's a lot of damage I only have 19 health no kathrina no kathrina if he had it he would have coined it another trigger I might eat this one and then scream next turn but he does look desperate doesn't he he doesn't have Catherina so maybe I do just scream it now I have to suck it up one turn but I think that's gonna be a next turn I also think I found those instead of healing cuz if I found those hopefully I can kill found those next turn and then I just win the following it's got to be scream down this don't scream I think it's worth what's he gonna do crush me do you think it's down this he'll know if he crushes I just lose I think it's scream I think this is the play I think if he had crush she would have coined with the crush he doesn't have Katharina cuz he would have played her he's been top decking from here the whole time I wanted to play something that can kill the thalnos I divine him heal my face and then drop phantasm and then I win the next turn yeah this is fine I guess it didn't actually have to right I had to drop down this eventually maybe I should have screamed the foul nose then yeah I should have because I knew I couldn't do the combo here yeah so that's a Mis play but I think we still win hmm yeah found this scream we drew one we would have just delayed drew another yeah yeah but we win it's alright feels good dead – cube trigger he would have got a bunch of sevens oh he would have had too much he would have 14 we wouldn't have been dead he would have produced 14 I would have been at two health so I think I would have been okay got him yeah they come back at seven sevens not as AIDS all right nice easy you can also found those attorney using Mac too thin that's another good point Brian is the committee do I keep the pyro do I keep the no I'm not keeping any of this unlucky waver you it's a welcome to the unlock all right people yelled at me boys they yelled at me for having top 100 in my title when I was top 100 I don't know wait is he what I am are we the same are we the same thing I'm doing nothing I don't want to drop that all can die it's only one damage deck is awesome it's not bad right it doesn't matter does the order matter I'd seen you doing a different order I don't think I did in a different order Kisame I don't think so ma'am I mean the order does matter you wanna you want to go reckless coughing ticking ticking yo kisame drop in the tier 1 me some hype welcome my dude thank you for the support okay it might be um it might be all can I circle or aw can I coin heal this might just be he'll face next year and I go ah can I circle I just feel like it's such a waste and turn no no no I think we do this twitch chat is pretty apt to yell at you regardless our true true he could be toxic he could be he probably his Topsy actually but he didn't like quest which is awkward behavior okay so let's heal let's Ock and I and let's circle we don't want to let him continue hitting me for no reason let him smack me or aw can i circle he will kill me eventually but I could just scream it later on and then he doesn't get to not get the draw what if I just get another scream lash gives him the cycle but he's not running quest I'll just keep healing we'll try this plan we'll try this out yo Kurt's all Kurt's halt thank you so much thanks for dropping the tier 1 some more hype welcome I appreciate it thanks for the support ok so he's gonna be 7 this turn I think I just healed my face maybe I do a binding I need to dump something so is it divine or as a binding I think it's binding I do right I have to and the next turn is probably coin scream coin scream I see you didn't play differently – crash you just pulled my cocoon in between you're playing abominations dude no problem kisame yeah you got to play to that order or else it's gonna fail oh he knows better mix Nixie sticks thank you for the f okay I kind of don't want to do the thing then I might just hey man heal him and heal or just the heal or just burn coin we can power which shield it draw card that's pretty good I could acolyte burn coin and heal my face just cuz I don't know if he wants to lash this he can make me draw two I guess he can make me over draw actually so this might have been a mistake way with act light till you have the pyro if I wanted to do that I think I should have held on to the power would shield yeah he can make me over draw this might have been I might have thrown here Kurtz lover YouTube to geez getting bangin horseman yo thank you I appreciate it yo switch what's poppin what's poppin switch top see and the trade okay I think he's for otk he's just not running the quest just don't burn Mecca –then you right Doughboy I didn't think of it that way it's all we got to do is heal a sham my god he's a real bastard this guy I might drop my loot hoarder and lash my own I might do the same thing he's doing cuz I don't want to over draw like this is so good with acolyte he's just gonna draw way better than me man it was pretty rough I could have just burned the him better lash son actually it doesn't even matter I play this cleric he runs into it he can even heal it make me overdraw I do need to get this out of my hand though is this just fantasy phantasm heal it gives him the draw I could just cleric and scream what if I just Clara can scream get it out of my hand I think this is OK I wish I could scream more things but I'm gonna do that alright this is not good he cannot do the combo without you playing minions wait what are you talking about you feel this version is better is he playing the UM the phantasm otk ah oh baby that's how you play that is how you play by banging he wants to scream that right boom bada boom bada boom maybe I just do this in double circles so he can't scream it in and then I just win right he has to scream his own minions into my deck is that the right play I think that's the right play he has three turns to beat me if you guys are talking about boar otk he doesn't it doesn't matter if I play minions or not I'll bastard and I draw it immediately do i screaming in his it actually helps him do I want to scream it into his deck give it back let's just chill he's gonna scream it into mine right I want to scream when there's more things no no no you guys are saying no a lot I probably should have just gotten the him out why not play more things dude revive some things I'll scream them in oh god like we got this right I kind of want to scream it I have two cards do I leave it the thing is if I leave it he can play some dudes and scream more dudes into my deck kind of real weird but I think I screw it back your biggest what up being us I don't dingus it's been a bit in a bit Deena saw the scream the lash the heel oh he's cycling look at him go okay alright I need to scream this this must stop this needs to end am i dead I could be okay so we scream this we use this he needs to scream us in order for us to to not win this next turn Oh am i dead don't do this to me oh here it goes we're done wait didn't he needs to heal he up no he didn't he's still good did he copper is he good no he's good right he needs another copy of this he needs another radiant doesn't he oh god damn it okay yeah yeah we're done he didn't up but he could still up he could still we light light shall burn it's too late to start spamming all weird is done this is so easy this is called a p.m. priest or topsy turvy you

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5 thoughts on “Auchenai Phantasm Mecha’thun Priest | Part Two | Rastakhan’s Rumble | Hearthstone”

  1. Hey Dekkster, great video! Really good to see other types of a certain deck, as i play mecha'thun priest and it's great to see twists (like the aucheni you used). Keep up the streams and youtube content, love ya

  2. This deck is great. It’s got a learning curve to it and you’ll definitely make mistakes at some point. However, I’ve gone from rank 9 to rank three since playing this starting yesterday. Kills all control decks and really holds its own against aggro with all the board clears and healing

  3. Wow, I'm second. I wanna thanks all my family and friends for the immense support, thanks the Dekkster that made all this possible, thanks to the people that made sex possible to me.

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