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Hello there ladies and gentlemen! Today the wonderful people over at blizzard have funded my first ever sponsored video of a game I was already planning on covering. Now that’s a win win for me. So today I dived into the new rise of shadows expansion for hearthstone just to play the brand new update and the new gamemode of the Dalaran heist. The game is simple. Each turn you refresh your mana and gain another mana. You spend the mana on units and spells. These do damage to the enemy hero. When you defeat the enemy hero you gain an ever-increasing overpowered and perfectly balanced upgrade that cannot be exploited in anyway shape or form…. OR CAN IT??

Hearthstone is a free game which I play on my phone normally and as someone who had never played a card game prior to hearhtstone, I strongly recommend it. I have a link here which refers you to blizzards website. I dont gain any money per click but it does tell blizzard that they made a good choice in sending me tea money.

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You might run into me in casual games in hearhtstone. My Name is spiffing and my deck is impossible to defeat 😉

What you have seen here today is part of a fantastic perfectly balanced series on youtube where I go from game to game and break them with wacky exploits to gain things like unlimited gold. If you enjoyed this then be sure to check out more. The style is similar to RT game and callmekevin in parts. A large influence on this series has come from Valefisk and The Killian Experience.

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Title of the video: Blizzard Sponsored Me To Exploit HEARTHSTONE! All CARDS ARE FREE IS PERFECTLY BALANCED????
hello there ladies and gentlemen I am the spiffing bridge and today you join me in the wonderful game that is half stone now this is a game I've been playing personally for about three years now so some people would call me an expert however yeah I've got to be honest I'm probably completely nastily terrible at this game now many people play hearthstone because they're I don't know a level 4000 noobs layer and have a customized deck which is peak performance for destroying people I don't I mostly play competitive and casual games using a classical mage build however there is one section of half stone but I'm actually technically okay at and that's the solo adventures my favorite feature of half stone and the single thing that keeps drawing me back day after day trust me this game is like purified tea once you taste it once for there's no getting off it and the lovely people over at Blizzard who create this game decided to release the Dharan heist which their latest expansion which creates a almost slayed the spire esque deck building game where the aim is to rob a bank and generally be evil I absolutely love these kind of minigames which they first introduced I think in the cobalt and catacombs expansion because it's kind of like a wacky adventure game where the further you get on the more completely crazy your deck is now of course for legal reasons I have to say this video is sponsored and that if you would like to check out any of the content you see yourself there's a link in the description I mean the game's free I must play on my phone but hey you can play on you PC if you really felt like it the choice is yours so here we are we're going to start a brand new game in the Dhahran heist I'm very excited you see now I know a lot of you might be wondering hang on a second spiff this is a card game I don't like card games are very spooky don't fear ladies and gentlemen this is quite possibly the single greatest card games the perfect balance of complexity and also perfect simplicity for me anyway in this expansion there are five chapters and at the moment we're in the bank of Dalaran where I think our aim is to break into it and loot it of its most precious artifacts now people warned the artifacts in this Bank are going to be completely overpowered so let's dive right in and loot some wacky artifacts now when it comes to picking characters as I haven't technically finished the first chapter I can only play as the mage because I've played this a little bit before I have a choice between my hero powers normally you'd only be able to have the hero power of Fire Blast which costs 2 mana and does one damage that is absolutely terrible however I've unlocked a burning wit this hero power reduces the cost of a random card in my hand by – oh it's majestic so we have a choice between our starter packs the kindling apprentice the elements or just burn now I've got to be honest this one does certainly catch my eye a little bit more than the others so we'll probably be going for that one and who's our first enemy I see our first challenge is Mary loom her hero power is to swap the leftmost card in each player's hand with one in their deck ah so basically the far-left card in my hand is always going to get heated back into my deck before I can place this could probably be rather annoying right and here we are in the game ladies and gentlemen so if you're all ready for this make sure your sat back you're relaxed you have a nice warm cup of tea in front of you because trust me that's the true way to enjoy this video so yes if you like the video that does something quite magical for me it makes my dad makes your day it means we can continue making wacky content and as always this is a community-driven channel and i've seen a lot of calls for people asking to have the shutterstock logo put back on top of all of our images that we use for legal reasons we can't put the shutterstock logo on because that is violating a copyright but because we have purchased the licenses for the images if enough of you really really really did want to have the watermarks put back on all of the images we could come up with our own watermark of our channel branding to put on the stock photo images so if that's something enough people are interested in I'm sure we can look into it but as it would be a very large amount of excessive work for my editor definitely need a large amount of the community or port of it now to begin with my opening move is going to play this dude who lowers the cost of secrets to zero and then I'll play a secret card and this secret is quite simple it just summons a minion whatever minion they summon nothing to complicate it a ago they summoned the taunting minion so I summon a taunt in perfecto and I'm good to use my character ability to reduce the cost of a card in my hand by two that reduced this card to being 0-5 that's great that'll do fine now we've already got a pretty wacky car to say the least we have a character over here who does +2 spell damage meaning this cinder storm has gone from a five damage split among random enemies to seven so yeah we'll just drop him on the board and we bomb away he's gonna go just eating various enemies we have no control over where he actually shoots but you know he's good fun oh god what is this after your opponent plays a minion deal eight damage to it and any access to their hero that seems incredible just because this plus to spell damage Oh God see I'm gonna play that secret and also going to use the battle cry deal one damage to all enemy minions well that's one minion defeated and job done oh and there we go they've played a cart ahead theater killed the hero instantly god I love the explosive rune lovely so yes there are various ways we can try and stack our deck we could stack on deck towards having ridiculously over-the-top magic attacks by having a large amount of units that increase magic damage but now is when we're actually going to have to decide because we get to choose our treasure for example we have the ropes of gore dienes which means all of my cards now cost half you can only play two cards each turn will give all of my minions permanent stealth alternatively now you can use your hero power twice each turn and it costs one less I think stargazing is the way to go because I hear a power only costs one already and it reduces the cost of something in our hand by two so if we can use this twice per turn then for suddenly we've reduced the cost of just stuff in our hand by four that seems great we're gonna have stargazing and now we need to actually pick up some new cards and I'm going to go for the inspired deck because inspired units basically they do stuff whenever your hero does his special ability and I'm planning to use this special ability a lot Oh what do we got we've got a carousel Griffin that we need to fight and what does he do at the end of your turn merrily rotate all minions around the board what what does that mean all of my minions will end up fighting for him yeah I just love the fact that with this new expansion blizzard has gone completely off the rails I love it it's brilliant when it comes to opening cards these all seem great to me I mean doesn't really matter because we're gonna be able to reduce the cost of all of them so that we can play the one turn one say we go BAM we go our passive ability this now becomes zero so we're just gonna start the game by doing this BAM we can all do five damage and that's only cost us one and then we can do it again and suddenly it sir we got an explosive rune lovely oh god right yeah I'm just gonna put down the explosive rune that's a good way to start and now it's their turn have fun oh there we go he plays the lynx and that's gonna trigger the explosive rune the lynx is dead and whoo we did five damage to the Arab and there's that carousel so yes basically everything swap sides of the board at the end of the turn this kind of means we shouldn't be placing down any like hard hitters because that's gonna be a bad idea so what I'm going to do is just try and kill him using magic damage lovely there we go the enemy here is now down to five now we have a maiden of the lake her ability makes our hero power cost one less well a hero powers already free so that's kind of pretty useless but hey I'll take it you know I think we we're just gonna have to put down some cards even though they're gonna technically come back and attack us next turn it's probably gonna be worth it there we go oh wow I only switches around one okay so that's not too crazy and now I guess we just finish off the enemy hero yep job done wow that was easy now we have two incredible things here that I absolutely love we have opened the way gate which is quite overpowered if you get it off at the start of the game alternatively we have Lunas pocket galaxy which is one of my favorite cards in this expansion for the sole reason that it changes the cost of everything in your deck hasn't been played to one it allows you to basic play as much as you like as soon as you play this I think we need a few more spots will go for fates hand I mostly just want the unexpected results to play as this summons to random to cost minions and is improved by spell damage so if we say have spell damage +2 he's suddenly summoning for four cost minions yeah you can see where this can get wacky oh my goodness and yes it's happened immediately oh it's perfect we start out the game with the unexpected results I love it so just gonna immediately start by doing the burning wilt oh and it's worked perfectly unexpected results is even cheaper and you're even cheaper as well so we're gonna play you and we're also going to play open the warp gates very good oh no we've opened the wait gate and basically this means if we can carsick spells that we didn't start with in our deck we get time warp I have no idea what time warp is I really hope it's the dance but you never know what you're getting into anyway burning with time and now our unexpected results is completely and utterly free apparently time loop just gives us an extra turn which sounds you know pretty jazzy and this is the combination I wanted the cosmic anomaly spell damage +2 which means we now get two random four cost minions upon playing this card why do we go because we have a wacky four manner torn dude and we also have a refreshment vendor who restores for health to each hero that's lovely thanks guys oh sorry I feel like I forgot to explain that all cards have a attack and a health and said if I wanted to defeat this person here with this bloke I'm gonna do two damage but because he does free damage I'm gonna suicide my character G only has one health so there we go that's a trade and then I'm going to also launch this person into him and there we go that's another trade and now we just attack with the rest of my cards lovely and that's my turn complete but either way I think I'm actually going to be able to kill the enemy hero this turn god we're barely finishing off the enemy here is about free turns this hasn't ever normally happened to me evidently I'm just you know becoming a pro gamer oh god oh my good lord what on earth for we to choose from here choose a treasure the flyby shuffle akka Doombot into opponents deck when it draws and explodes with 50 damage so basically we could shuffle this into an opponent's deck and if they draw it they are killed instantly it's gotta be the fly bike a Doombot I mean come on it's brilliant it's just a little bomb on a string and we're dropping it into someone's deck if they pull it they're dead it's crate Oh God oh and now we get to face off against bartender Bob he's lovely he wants to go where everybody knows you deck is lovely basically no bartender Bob he's not a natural enemy what we can do is we just have a chat with him and you know shuffle around our deck a bit and don't worry you should be comfortable showing your deck off to Bob he's got such a nice polished head as well I love it I do have some decisions to make here I'm going to play this card here which is right of drinks this allows us to take all of these minions here we're gonna hire them and we're also good to increase her stats permanently by one for the entire game that's great we've got them now and now we're also going to reduce the cost of a random card in my adventure deck to zero who's it gonna be please be the Kin Kin boat no it's a private hotel cliff that's fun okay brilliant lovely right I've done that that's perfect thanks for meeting up with you Bob I'm gonna have a fun time defeating some bad guys go we've got a bank to rob and also I just really hope that we pull the suicide bomb I mean look at this we've got we're facing off against Kay to key the special power is that both players summon a minion from their deck they fight this is brilliant because the minion they could summon might be the suicide bot and they've only got 30 health and I've got to be honest that bomb bot there's a fair bit more than 30 I'm going to immediately start oh my god we got the flyboy here patiently yes oh god I love it okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna play open the way guedes and then we're going to cast this and hopefully reduce the cost of fly bike dammit we did that's fine that's fine we're gonna have the fly by for a bit oh I love it way to play I'm gonna play the lowly Squire because hopefully that now means if I do this twice we're gonna be able to reduce the cost of flyby down to one there we go and the squire is now two plus free attacks there we go we're gonna play the fly by a suicide bomb so that's just gonna be shuffled somewhere randomly to the enemy deck they've got 20 cards so one of those 20 cards if they pull them out just instantly means I win the game god I wish they did sir anyway perfecto draw a card please be oh that was the next how what are the odds one in 20 that was a wonder you put the Bob it'd they just pull it straight back out BAM the dead I love this game Oh half stove oh that was so balanced I love it that is brilliant that is absolutely brilliant I love that card and now we get to choose our loot again for no card can ever be as good as that you know I'm gonna go for the inspired deck again because this is great it's mostly all about just whacking on loads of buffs to loads of character so that's great we can have that I don't challenge five out of eight we now need to defeat flight master Blin error whoo passive hero power is after taking 15 damage they'll take a turn of flight you know I'm I'm really hoping that we pull out immediately so I'm just gonna shuffle literally everything in my hand and pray that I get that suicide bomb out right at the start last no what a shame anyway they have 21 cards in their deck so it's not impossible for us to shuffle in there which will be great so it's time we cast our incredible hero power and just reduce the cost of everything nice man will cast open the warp gate lovely that's my turn complete oh now this is my kind of hand oh we got the VEX crow which is whenever you cast a spell so I'm gonna random to coast minion well allow me to demonstrate how this can be kind of cheesed we're gonna play the vex crow and we're gonna play the ray of Frost twin spell on this flappy bird thing and of course it costs 2-0 subway BAM suddenly we've got nat pagle out here but the starter you'll turn you over 50% chance through an extra card oh I like that and bam we're just gonna play this one and this one because why not lovely stuff god this game's great oh now this is what I wanted you see we have a pixie here whose special ability is to refresh the hero power so we just play her without the hero powers refreshed so we can play it once more and now we've got Hager here who I'm pretty sure was six manner to spawn it's now down to to his special ability just just spam summons loads of torn units to get in the way anyway we've got this ray of frost so um you know we're just gonna free someone again and of course we play a spell so that summons dude oh this is great you know we're just gonna get some gold out that seems good and we'll also attack this bloke because he's nice and cool and easy to kill anyway Hager is now down to zero manner so we're just gonna place him down that's great we'll also play flame juggler he does one damage to a random enemy who's it gonna be the one that I didn't want it to be that's fine we'll also play um actually no there's no room to play anything I have a ton of free stuff in my hand which I can just play whenever but I physically card books there's no space on the boards so we've got to start clearing up the board by just throwing our men into the enemy oh god I love it please honestly just take the lives of one of my man I don't mind which one just take any of them there we go that's great you're actually playing something that's pretty spooky now I can actually start lobbing some men or suicidally in twin but you know it's fine and now that's clear to put on a board space for me lovely oh and it would appear the dude has decided to take off into the sky yeah so he's now flying for two turns so I can't attack him oh that's great fine there's nothing I can do that but luckily I someone to taunt out of this dude anyway yeah that's kind of like my turn complete I physically can't place anything down on the board everything's too free I think we kind of broken it at this point I mean there's no way that he can technically win because every time I pick up a card in my hand I can kind of just instantly play it down no matter the cost feels like something's kind of gone a little bit awry here anyway you know what it's fine which is gonna throw all of our characters into the enemy and hopefully we're gonna win lovely stuff he's down to 7 health next turn we should be able to defeat him oh and he's put a secret into the battlefield who knows what it is Oh luckily we can play our primordial glyph which is discovery spell and reduce its cost by two I'm going to use this to transform a minion into a ball which is basically just I don't know it's gonna be a bit of a suicidal charger thing but hey we're gonna convert a pretty terrible unit into something quite overpowered and just have it suicide charge into the enemy's taunt and then we're gonna play explicit rune which means whenever the enemy plays next is just gonna get exploded and now I'm gonna play the taskmaster I guess that seems good lovely that's my turn done oh and sadly they did snipe it but by sniping it they've summoned a taunt to their own side great and now here we are in a lovely situation where the enemy hero is flying above the skies he has two health left oh god anyway that guy just spawned one of his people lovely hands he's dead instantly Oh God anyway we're going to play our lovely aspirant down this is free and he has inspire now we're gonna play this tomb which gives us free random spells yeah this seems fine anyway we've won this turn no matter what he does you have to wipe out the entire board but it's just not gonna work I think we've done it ladies and gentlemen we've practically won this expansion already so I'm going to do is play this bloke who deals one damage to all enemy minions which he knows quite tasty I'm going to attack this person and then he's only got two health left so I'm just gonna set the incredibly cheap hager upon him and lo and behold that's another boss defeated oh come on I gotta get a little bit harder game Oh my deck is superior I have the greatest deck in the land now we get to choose yet another treasure sadly none of these are too wacky but I'm gonna go for the small backpack so that we get a two extra cards at the start of the game and how we want to choose a particular loot now fates hand here is pretty cool because it adds a ton of random stuff into the game but there's one card here that means we can't ever take it which is Griff are for the sole reason that we discovered the two cards and one of them is given to my opponent now there's a bit of an issue because the one that might be given to the opponent could be the suicide bomb in which case we've lost the game if we accidentally pull it so instead I'm going to go for for the summoning the summoning seems like a good idea and luckily we get to meet with bartender Bob once more to iron out our deck that says nothing Bob knows better and how to look after one's deck now we have one of the craziest car – which is the gang's all here and this allows you to get free dupes of a card and add them to your deck sadly I don't have any of these it's particularly worth doing of them perhaps the dour and aspirin because if we have free of them every time we use our hero power we increase our spell damage that could be quite useful so yes we're gonna get free copies of him perfecto anyway now we're on challenge 6 out of H there's only two more to go and this person here ackee the brilliant gives all the minions in his hand +1 war right that is actually relatively cheesy to say the least because eventually he's just gonna snowball and have a ton of really overpowered cards in his hand something tells me we need to kill him very early on god he's just given everything in his hand plus one one now we have a target dummy here which is normally a zero – but now it's been light imbued it can actually fight back which is quite a terrifying prospect to say the least luckily we have the Archmage here who I have actual crazy plans for for the sole reason the term his ability is that whenever we cast any spell provided he's down here we get a free spell added to us and that spell his fireball now fireball is pretty overpowered so I'm angling for the fact that we can hopefully play this card very early on and then just chain out fireball attacks into the enemy I know I think we've got it I think we are setting ourselves up for an incredible run we've got a ton of spells in our hand and which is gonna be able to hopefully dupe out a ton of fireballs yes something magical is gonna happen here I can taste it okay here we go so we're going to start by playing this lovely Archmage and this Archmage is brilliant because every cast as well of course we get a fireball so we're gonna add a random mage bow to our hand and this is of course also a spell so we're going to get a fireball from it lovely so there's a five all it does six damage which is quite majestic and I'm going to play this lovely Lackey and he makes it so the next secret I play is reduced to zero so I'm going to play the wonderful explosive runes which is going to kill any character the Paladin plays and of course spawns more stuff and spawns yet another fireball I know I'm not gonna do anything this is a perfect turn i can't which is spam out a ton of magical spells next turn it's gonna be brilliant oh and they decide to play an egg and that egg was then immediately killed and the excess damage given to the hero perfecto heroes then healed six health ok that's annoying but don't worry we can start spamming up really cheap spells from now on so Ribera mad with them we're now going to play a manna blind which means whenever they play a spell we get to spell back we can also play fireball and just kill that enemy immediately that's lovely and then we're going to destroy the chest and hopefully get some lovely gold pieces from it to tasty I can only really fit one in because I have so many cards I'm just going to play mirror entity that's another secret discover a free spell I guess and that's more just spells brilliant yeah we're not reaching a point where my entire hand is just a stack of fireballs we have one two three four five six seven fireballs brilliant we can just attack with them all and it's going to be magnificent oh god what have we done to this game so ago they've just played a hero and lo and behold that hair has been duped and given to us right as well they played a spell we counted it they play another spell out words fine oh god I don't think we can physically lose it even if we tried at this point so yeah now we have a ton of fireballs in my hand which I can't really do anything with so I guess we just now start throwing fireballs into the enemy so I'm going to throw this bloke into there and then his death is gonna deal freedom to a random enemy and luckily chose the same one perfecto now what to kill this dude here perfect and now we can chain fireball the enemy hopefully that's a fireball that's a fireball I'm also going to drop in a flame juggler who deals an extra one damage lovely stuff ah perfect so we got the enemy down to 26 and our hand is still completely utterly full of fireballs I love it this is brilliant oh and we got a copy of this spell they played which is draw cards until you have as many as in your opponent's hat well that's useless for us because we have infinite fireballs in our hand pretty sure my hand is full at this point yep it's completely Nathalie full but hey don't worry we've got eleven fireballs we can lob off there yes there's one fireball here have another fireball while some acids come on I love my fireballs great balls of fire and there we go I think we can probably finish off the enemy this turn yeah we can help you go Oh was it six out of eight hmm that's easy oh these fireballs I love them yeah I'm hoping to see now you can see why I love half stone so much in why it's taken me three years to do one sponsored video but this was the one that I chose to do because honestly I was planning to do half stone anyway right snowing to the second-to-last boss where against north timber tell who has sixty health meaning that our suicide bomb isn't even gonna be able to take him out in one so we're now facing a different tier of enemies if I'm honest right we're now starting to get to the other side of the hand which is the massive increase in spell damage so basically whenever we use our hero power this bloke is now gonna give us plus two spell damage and that's going to keep stacking as long as this guy's alive so basically provided we can defeat this enemy spamming out loads of stealth units we're gonna be great now I could do with getting some kind of taunting unit on the board Sally we don't have that quite at the moment but my spell damage is now at about plus – no I guess we can play this bloke as well and we can play this guy oh this is getting wacky this is getting very wacky so now our increased bow damage is it's starting to get pretty high and there's not really any way we can stop it there is no way half Stone would normally allow you to have freed our and aspirins in your hand but you know this game-mode it's something really different and it says you know what you can you know I've just been able to completely wipe out every single thing in my hand but our increased Bo damages now – I do believe about plus seven which is uh not bad to say the least oh god I feel we're actually reaching the point where it might lose the game yeah where we're heading a pretty sticky point but luckily we can discover a six cost minion and summon two copies of it right which one do we want toward and deal sick down six damage to this minion well it does give us two tones on the board or there's taki time tinker whose battle cries add a random legendary minion from the past to your hand so that means we'd get two of them on a surfing which is gonna go for the double tort that seems like the better strategy lovely so now that we've got our two taunts down hopefully we should survive this game and classically I've been given he meets your which does 18 damage and six damage to adjacent minions it seems a bit of a power to play it now but I mean I have no other chance to play it so might as well just drop minus 18 on to a minion that's fine it seems perfectly fine now we're gonna summon this guy who does one damage to all enemy minions that feels useless so instead we'll just do a water boy he does nothing either but hey well she just about getting some damage down on the board now that we've got these lovely torn sub-nought maybe we should get it down anyway that's fine oh god inputs I've been stacking the inspired this guy his increase to magic has taken this single explosive runes from what I do believe it's meant to be do 6 damage to an enemy upon spawning it now it's gonna do 12 damage as soon as the enemy spawns the Dominion as soon as they do it and in fact you know we can increase it even before all the excess damage is just gonna get stacked onto the hero right you know I think we've done it I think we're gonna be able to defeat the boss of this ah this is good this is going really well but you know I think we're gonna be able to do this turn so there we go BAM it's on to the final boss we go ladies and gentlemen and now we get to choose our final treasure this is good we have a super simian Sphere summon king mukla give us a mune and can't be targeted by fellow hero power what okay never heard of that one or started the game draw this taunt each turn this is in your hand game plus 1 or give a friendly minion to two and summon two copies of it that also seems quite overpowered you know I'm gonna go for the loyal henchman so that I have a nice thing to draw at the start of the game oh here we go we're actually facing off against the boss Queen what goggled their hero power someone a minion from your opponent's deck when it dies give it back oh that actually could be a bit annoying for exhaust some very meaty meaty cards I mean what if they go for the doom bomb I mean if they start stealing the doom bomb from me and putting it back in my own hand I've lost the game immediately oh and we start with a flyby immediately I love it yes perfecto okay I don't want the way gate that's suddenly become useless I'm just all for the fly by now oh and we got a primordial glyph that's great that is brilliant I love it right now I'm just really hoping we can spare without that burning wilt are there with your flybys reduced again can we reduce what's more sad we can't that's fine but I will do the spell so let's try and discover it from nice cheap spell but we'll go for the research project each player draws two cards I'll save that for a bit later on just in case I need it but we're gonna try and go for the flyby oh and they stole a card from my hand brilliant and they've just stolen yet another card of mine that's lovely Oh God but at least I'm doing this taunt thing quite well so we should keep ourselves covered and now this is the turn we can do the doombots which is exactly what we wanted so we're BAM the Doombot goes down and is now in the enemies deck and have twenty four cards one of those cards is gonna do 50 damage lovely I'm just gonna do 7 damage right to a face at the start that's brilliant you know what maybe we should do a research project which forces each player to draw two cards because there's a chance they draw the ball nope sadly they did not draw the Bob oh that's fine well we draw them closer every time they draw a card there is now 20 free cards in there one of them will be the bob god they stole my inspire cards they just keep stealing all of them go and I want some of these back you can't keep stealing them oh they're actually going into my hand once they die oh that is quite annoying but there we go we got this dude Oh finally lovely right I want him down and I want to do an inspire and now now go this does six damage randomly split among all enemies BAM you away you go just deal some random damage please oh it's better than the normal amount very nice it's given me my own free agent good and we can do this guy who does increase spell damage anyway I don't know we can play that just to clear up our hand a bit and there we go BAM there with the attack a good turn I'd say oh god they just did a big attack all in one that's not good but hey most of our minions are still alive out there drawing two cards I know it's two minions so it won't be the boom bot they've got 19 cards left so I mean one of them is gonna kill him eventually and we have the Nexus champion over here who if we play and then do our inspire with we're gonna random spell add it to our hand nor so all the spell damage is increased so we're gonna random spell and the meteor is now to 18 damage make that 19 and we just keep getting free stuff there we go so we get 7 – wolves play a secret – upgrades ok right let's just start layering on all of the damage that we can oh this is going well come on final boss I thought you'd put up more of a struggle getting very close now I'm just going to play the meteor down just to you know clear out the board a bit so whoa BAM there we go that's all of the enemy minions defeated in one go now we'll do a little inspire Oh God deal for damage true minion this foe gets double bonus from spell damage ok so arcane blast is I hats gonna stack pretty crazy where am I ever meant to take this destroy free of your mana crystals give all minions in your deck – – ah that does seem good that does seem very good but no I should do it I shouldn't do it at all but I do love the idea of drawing free one cost minions there we go BAM we got one because our hand is so full we'll just lob stuff into the enemy now just slowly reduce their health even more and sadly they've done one damage through all enemy minions and drawn a card that's a real shame but we have just oh no we burned something we couldn't even pick anything up because of our hand I forgot anything that hasn't inspire yes this guy hasn't inspired which does two – every time we inspire that's great we'll play him and pop and inspire so he loves that and also of course we pull something give the leftmost minion in your hand to – sure that's great because the leftmost minion in my hand is the loyal henchman lose it now at 99 across one matter oh god I love it now we want to inspire once more and he's now become free great we can't play no because the deck is full now we want to play this and – one damage you know what we'll shoot it into there that seems fine and just give ourselves a coin and then start lobbing ourselves into the enemy once again but my god we've some very powerful cards appearing now I mean just look at this guy in 8 8 and he's gonna improve by 4 for all of my turns housing they just did a vanish return all minions to own his hand but my hand was full so I couldn't take him back that was really well played on their end and they just turned everything in their hand into a legendary oh great right so I'm going to need to pop down the inspire a couple of times now I want to summon you and the henchmen who's now 10 10 and 1 damage to all enemy minions lovely oh and I like this one the next here in power this turn deals two more damage well my hero power doesn't deal damage but I'm interested by it for next turn I'll also summon the taskmaster there we go so we've got a nice nice caught up on the board now we're safe we've probably won the game at this point whether they did you summon a 12:12 def dragon who is looking pretty spooky but we should be fine you know I think we've done it I think we are actually in a place where we're able to defeat the enemy yep thanks to the lovely loyal henchman who managed to achieve 10 attack we're able to just completely ask them off so bingo bango Bungo past Oh complete ladies and gentlemen oh that was good it was looking a little bit risky there at the end ladies red wood but nope we managed it we've completed part 1 of the heist oh that was good all of the enemies defeated lovely stuff oh we received a reward very nice the evil plan is just beginning I love it now that was just chapter 1 there are of course four other chapters to be involved in but they do cost you money if you want to continue whether you do get some free card packs just for completing the first chapter so really you might as well try it out anyway but I personally said it's worth the experience and I'm gonna be playing this for a fair bit longer mostly just on my phone quite casually but hey that's how I generally enjoy my half's note if you have been interested by what you've seen today in this video then hey go down into the description there's a lovely little link there I'm pretty sure you can click on that that's gonna take you to the wonderful world of hearthstone and it's also gonna tell the game developers that actually it wasn't a bad idea to fund mighty addiction and that it was perfectly fine to give me all this money just so that I could buy endless quantities of Yorkshire gold and also I suppose pay my editor I am paying well that's right right oh don't don't put that one screen it'll start suspecting anyway it doesn't matter ladies and gentlemen thank you very much for watching hope you've had an absolutely lovely time if you'd like to see more Hofstra and stuff I have a pretty crazy idea about a deck which literally just kills your enemy immediately and there's no counter so that might be a good idea for a video but the choice is up to you if you have enjoyed what you've seen here today give it a like if you haven't hey feel free to give a dislike no one's gonna judge you and there's always a massive thank you to all of my majestic and lovely patrons who fund these videos and make all of them possible thank you very much your support is greatly appreciated and if you're looking for a video to watch next I strongly recommend this one on screen now you're gonna love it it's great it's got more tea fueled antics it's gonna be right up your alley anyway I've been this before Britt I hope you hadn't have seen lovely day I'll see all of you in the next one good bye for now huzzah

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