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okay well we could get a level to gank by Pantheon I'm just gonna hope it doesn't happen in my oh you know it was too good to get all six in the first wave besides pizza that's taken out around here not too sure you cannot look at like very eats or something see what's around here but gave you sub it's pizza guy probably gifted you a sub there's Pantheon how mastery he already got a kill Oh yeah I'm probably gonna get ganked right here as long as her stunts down and she doesn't combo with Pantheon's I just have a feeling Pantheon's here let me just check really quick okay I don't know where he is honor of your new job he went from Pizza Hut to Domino's he's fuckin ball and now honestly they probably pay the same but Oh yikes okay I only missed one there that's not too bad I think I'm gonna recall I don't matter wow I didn't get either of those but the benefit of me like always hard shoving Lane is I have 25 CS she is 12 because a lot of people can't farm under turret very well so gifted subscription lasts it lasts like a little over a month I feel Oh I'm gonna force her to tell war by freezing the lights I missed a fucking can and I should have just used a spell on it he loses the whole way because I froze it like that well she didn't teleport why missed another cannon watching your vids on YouTube a lot recently and really enjoying the content keep it what's up man fuck Shaka why do you give me 250 man thank you so much holy fuck glad you like the youtubes man hopefully you people have come from YouTube and drop bombs holy shit I mean my day you went uh well somebody gave me 50 today Jaden you and Jaden Chuck and Jaden carrying the stream today thank you guys so much I mean this brain doesn't have to sup I would play with them anyway if I'm taking a promo game from them who knows I might lose this game I feel bad for taking this promos I'll give them in this bag I'm missing so much see us I don't give a fuck yourself oh yeah pizza guys sorry sorry my dude it's just you sub gift so much it doesn't go and notice my mandatory oh shit who'd you tell to quit her job do I know this Ellie are you guys talking about I think I'm just gonna go buy a stroll poison thanks for the Jewish crime mr. perfect xoxo thanks for the twitch crime it's oh it's lady hardcore her name is Elle okay yeah that's I read it le for some reason I just like to call her it's easier just L cuz he ll he kind of seems like it ble I don't know maybe I'm just retarded this has been a pretty boring laning phase I can't really do much to anivia he doesn't really come out of turret but we do out scaler pretty hard because we out range the fuck out over the problem is Pantheon but he hasn't really come in keep getting hit by these stuns it goes a lot further than I thought doesn't really matter I'm not really sure how mister he beats Vladimir top but you know it's League of Legends shit happens okay we should maybe get her yeah see I want the camera okay she's actually like super fucking tanky I really don't want to flash for her that's unlucky is fun I probably could have got her if I didn't go for that cannon minion but it's fine Liat plating anthea doesn't have jump pretty safe I don't know if masteries behind me or not I kind of looked away okay he's top Elise her egg is down so I can definitely take her out it's fine even though she didn't die like she's down half my CS so I'm just gonna be snowballing out of control pretty soon against her at least I'm not gonna go for that plating actually I have to give Luden's if we stay for it fling down this way so I don't get walled I'm gonna get wold go away yeah I was really expecting her to put her wall down maybe she didn't level it up I was gonna flash if she wolde Micah's Pantheon was there Wow zero kills stole 12 minutes in the game what is this I just bad at the game Harry Potter movies the bus imma be honest with you I only remember the first one I don't really like movies or Harry Potter I think the last time I went to go see a movie was fucking like 4 years ago and it was some Transformers movie yeah there will be a YouTube video coming out today pretty much every day of a YouTube video as long as I can keep pumping out games that's why I like smurfing it's a lot easier on me to get a video and lower low then high or low where I could spend the whole day and not even get anything let's get tilted oh yeah I just want to keep pumping out content I mean there's gonna be more smurf games than high-yellow it's just because it's easier on me easier on my mental fucking better turret I find smurfing fun though so there we go first kill Zehra it's like a really good Smurfs champ it's not like rengar kha'zix where you just one-shot everyone and it's not fun to watch like it's still fun to watch meal and all these skill shots and stuff and if I get like really fed I could just fuck around and do trick shots and stuff okay Tyra's messaging Sammy underscored she's getting food Austin thinks her touch crime bro if it y'all her eggs back up so if we could just get the egg that'd be perfect I got one shot er hmm still have barrier had a feeling he was gonna flash only the bird was still there it's food not to go I've had like the thing is it's all noodles like really I can't use noodles you can just order it I'll just make burgers or something for me pan all vegans camp banner she's a mod okay I can see why master eat beets Vlad the like he shouldn't have died to him in lane that much but it's fine wait if he queues he can get out of this oh wait he's fine oh there's Anna Nagar here a chaise speaking I can get this bowl to them don't worry oh my god I'm terrible I miss that sucks okay I was gonna say I get both of them anivia could have cancelled my queue right there what's her wall but she didn't I'm miss played there so hard I should have just went for a newbie Oh first I guess I know mini-map cover cuz I'm playing in silver I just sent you the address by the way ow why are you pinching me get out of here hmm I'll go pick up the sort shoes that should boost my damaged by a funk ton they don't have any em are so flat magic pens really good verse no mr because it makes you basically do true damage when I train catch somebody on this corner I shouldn't have put the ward down it's fine no she uh vague she's a but we could just pop the egg JK just Donna just jumped on me so I'm gonna go for her oh I missed that's okay Caitlyn picked it up dude pretty bad with my skulls this game should be another kill for Caitlyn I think I'm probably get bran too oh wait oh I thought that was my teammate okay his mastery that's not good I just gave master he'd 900 gold that's the last person I want on their team to get that they should kill her okay they should oh there we go nice okay Caitlin's pretty big I think get her egg I didn't even get her egg she was with one half and I miss there we go one of those challenges your jackets scrubbed new thinks for the five years five years oh wow thank you thank you it's five months you got you baited I think my longest sub is almost almost two years now we're getting closer I've been streaming for like five years I've people following me for five years like everybody knows who I am now cuz fucking YouTube that's so cool as long as sub best pal e world the best hele world then there's another alar Daan's is a 12 months there's a couple 12 months now there's pepper Tito I mean I don't have that long of subs because like I only got partnered on twitch maybe like six to I don't know six months ago I don't even know when I did so I only had one a mode for long this time professor Akali runs my YouTube I actually I don't do anything on the YouTube channel all I do is read the comments and that's basically it I just played the game he uploads the gameplay and makes the titles and thumbnails for me so if you want to yell at somebody go go on professor at Holly's YouTube channel and go flame them on his comment section but I'm very happy with what he's done with my YouTube if I would have been doing it on my own I'd be out like 2k subs by now I have fucking 3035 K and alone just fucking insane oh I have a lot of money see that you get some money we both get a cut Houser asti Rusty's pretty good I think my girlfriend's petting him right now she put a picture of him in my discord if you want to check out my discord is discord GG / swag put that in your browser give Instagram that's the only thing I don't have I never really understood Instagram I don't really know how it works that much I watch my girlfriend use it so I it looks like just snapchat without if she's gonna die to that I wanted him it looks like snapchat without the sending pictures to each other so I already have snapchat I don't even use the story feature ever holy fuck that hit so like I don't know I just don't really feel like making an Instagram but apparently a lot of people use Instagram yes partner network I mean professor Kali has created a network called top class and that's what I'm in but I think it's just for you too I'm not like am actually in an actual network potato and like they give me they can give me sponsors on the videos I would have died the East oh yeah YouTube is uh YouTube's where the money is not gonna lie

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0 thoughts on “#1 XERATH WORLD "SCRIPT ABUSER" MURDERS ENEMY TEAM – League of Legends”

  1. Tbh you should play more games in higher elo….when you just decimate silvers over and over again it doesn't go to show your skill. Of course a Challenger player is gonna stomp silvers and golds. Itd be like a gold/plat playing against iron players and saying it's content……I like your channel but the numerous smurfs makes your content really bad because it's just a clickbait stomp every game because the skill difference is so high lmao

  2. i like watching the xerath videos. , could i perhaps create you an outtro >? enable recomended next video on the last 15 seconds and lets get an outro theme , ask akali i will help

  3. If you would´nt created a youtuber channel I would never know theres a so great Xerath player. I always search for a good player of Xerath becase im a OTP Xerath, and i found in my research to improbe my game play with Xerath. 😀

  4. Ok, your channel run by Prof Akali explains why i am considering to unsub.

    I unsubbed his channel, because all he did was pubstomp poor silvers. Sorry, but i came to his and your channel to see and learn how to survive against strong enemies, that can punish the weakness of a champion.
    I can't see that though, because your laning phase is a joke….

  5. don't need to kill to get fed. 4 regular turret plates + final plate is 850 gold. add that onto first turret kill, that's a 1250 gold lead – 4 kills worth. add onto that your opponent is down 55 farm, and there's another 1000 or so gold on that, so another 3 full value kills (in contrast, if you killed someone 7 times, they'd be worth nothing for half those kills anyways). when you have all that at 13 minutes, finally getting a kill for 300 gold is pretty minor…

  6. Your gameplay and commentating is fun 😀 This is why we follow the channel. Btw, you know nothing about YT, are you? You want comments on your channel, not ProfAkali. It makes you money 😀

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