12 NEW Korean Builds to Copy in Patch 9.10 – League of Legends Season 9

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Patch 9.10 has brought some AMAZING new OP builds to champions like Pyke, Kai’sa, Draven, Swain, Karma, Caitlyn, Amumu, Twisted Fate, Aatrox, Cho’Gath, Ashe, and Volibear.

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This video is for: Anyone looking to find the best champions for Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, or Support in the new season. This video is also great for advanced players looking to gain quick elo by abusing meta picks relevant in top Korean Challenger.

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hello summoners and welcome back to another pro guides Opie korean-built video my name is Christoph and today I'll be going over some of the latest and most Opie builds that have been rising in popularity in Korean challenger a but you guys been asking for our personal recommendations on this topic for quite some time and luckily for you we have a lot of connections to korean challenger so we're gonna give you guys the best and latest builds for every role so you can pick a handful of these and try them out in your next few games also we've heard your feedback on a previous video and we definitely listen to you guys and have implemented some of the changes into this one thank you guys so much for the comments we love listening to you if you have any more ideas on how we can improve our videos then please leave a comment down below and before we get right into the video if you guys are interested in getting better at League of Legends and increasing your rank this season then please check out pro guides calm using the description link below alright let's get right into the video so starting with the top lane there's been a few new bills that have been appearing in the top lane and the first one is pike anyone who's watched MSI recently knows about this sleeper Opie top lane pick the g2 used to demolish SKT during the play ends after being destroyed by this unique pick top lane korean challenger players have been adding pike to their champion pool and spamming him in solo queue since pike is a champion that relies on his enemy's mistakes he's the perfect champion for soloqueue in this build you want to take aftershock followed by precision second for presence of mind and legend tenacity the best part about pike top is being able to stack your legend tenacity ruin extremely fast you're allowed to clear canon minions instead of waiting beside them with an ancient coin in the bottom lane next you want to take Tiamat followed by lethality and armor penetration items such as yo mousse ghost blade black cleaver and even dusk blade next up we have a unique build for karma that's been rising in popularity the past few days I'm sure most of you are already aware of the full tank Karma top build that's been in the meta in the past few months however there's a new twist to the build that korean challenger top laners have been adding to this traditional tank route you want to take klepto mansi followed by resolve second for revitalize and shield next you want to rush the standard ice-born gauntlet followed by a new twist to the build which is redemption this item path sounds pretty troll but it's surprisingly good and you should really try it out in your next few games this build becomes even better if you have a dual partner who mains jungle and plays champions like kindred hecarim or Rex ID lastly for our top plate we have Swain Swain has been struggling in the meta for a while now and you rarely see him on the rift anymore however there's a new Swain built for the top lane which might just make him viable again a lot of professional lck players have been trying out this new build which makes him so much more annoying you'll need glacial augment followed by domination second for ingenious hunter and cheap shot then you're gonna be rushing a hextech GLP and build into a zhonya's hourglass the AoE slow effect from your GOP combined with your Glacial augment makes it extremely easy to land your e W and Q while also slowly burning them down with your ultimate on top of that you get an extremely low cooldown on your zhonya's hourglass which will be used for those small skirmishes or big teamfights alright let's move on to the jungle our first new jungle build is for 8 rocks you're probably aware that he's received a small rework at the start of last patch and a lot of people are returning to him in the jungle every single professional player in Korea is jumping on this hype train right now and are abusing him while he's fairly unknown in this role for the build you'll need concur with domination second for ravenous hunter and sudden impact then for items only blue smite with the warrior enchantment followed by a black cleaver into death's dance all the players will underestimate the strength of this pick and won't respect your burst so use them in your next few games before other people start to catch on the second new build for jungle is amumu a movement received some buffs recently to his kit which made his win rate and play rate skyrocket although he's not very popular for high ELO his stats and lower ranks are incredible and certainly make him a great jungler in patch 9.10 a lot of players have been optioned to go a hybrid route for amumu and it's been doing pretty well in the meta in patch 9.9 most of luma players opted to go to the cinderhulk route due to the recent buffs on that enchantment rather than counterpart Munich echos however runic echoes got a massive buff dispatch and a lot of the Moodle players have been opting to go this route instead they usually take aftershock with inspiration second for free boots and cosmic insight followed by a runic echoes Rush once their jungle item is complete they'll go full tank with items like Zeke's convergence or abyssal mask all right now let's go on to the mid lane before we get into the mid lane if you guys are interested in getting better at the mid lane then please check out our course with former pro player high from c9 check it out with the description link below this first build is gonna sound a little bit troll but trust me this works Twisted Fate has been a common favorite amongst high e low mid laners but has seen little to no play in competitive matches recently in patch 9.10 a few players have been playing him in mid lane with an on hit hybrid style for better dueling potential for runes you want to take klepto mansi followed by sorcery second for mana flow band and transcendence then you'll want to build into a Triforce followed by on hit items like wit's end and Ginsu rageblade this build is a bit weird though because you'll still want to max your queue instead of your eform or wave cleared during the early to mid game so make sure you watch out for that also keep in mind that this play style is really difficult for new players to try them out in your next few normal games first next up for the mid lane we have Caitlyn the sheriff of piltover recently received a huge buff to her W trap damage and some players have been trying her out in the mid lane but instead of going to standard ADC style they've been going full lethality for runes you want predator followed by precision second for lack rity and coop DeGraw then you'll want to rush straight into lethality items like Yong Woo's ghost blade and dusk blade into crit items like statikk shiv and infinity edge the moment the enemy laner steps on one of your traps that are going to have their HP bar melted try this out in your next few normal games and let us know how this goes finally we have our last bill to the mid lane which is Cho Gath there are two traditional archetypes for cho gath mid which are full tank or full AP but a new one has been appearing in korean challenger recently this is a roaming style bill where you'll want to hard push your lane and catch out opponents when they're out of decision you want to take arcane comet for the increased first followed by domination second for ingenious hunter and cheap shot then you want to rush a righteous glory followed by a twin shadows the general idea of this play style is to use your twin shadows to slow your enemies down then use your righteous glory to catch up to them and land a lethal rupture if they're hit by your queue then you immediately face roll your keyboard and one-shot them alright now it's 80 carry time the next build is one of the most common champions in the bot lane Caixa Gimmes whose rageblade was recently nerfed which has led a lot of players leaning towards other play styles for Caixa some like to go hybrid some like the traditional on hit style and some prefer full ap style but what if I told you there was a completely new standard build for her get ready because this build will get you some free love for patch 9.10 you want to take the standard rooms which are press the attack followed by inspiration for free boots and biscuits then you want to rush a tier and build that straight into a man immune yep you heard it you're going to need this item fully stacked to get ready to spam those abilities then you'll purchase against whose rage played into a fully completed zeal item and then finally get your infinity edge this item path sounds completely troll but almost every professional korean ADC has been spamming this in soloqueue so try it out ASAP before the sleeper LP path becomes mainstream now let's talk about ash as she's a great ADC for low e low and is one of the easiest champions of the game to play but she's going to get even easier with this new build for her instead of the on hit blade of the ruined King path that we're all familiar with pro players in EU and Korea have been going a full poke route instead you'll want to take arcane comet followed by precision second for alacrity and Coupe de gras then you're going to rush in essence reaver followed by a rune ants hurricane into full ad items like bloodthirster and ma of mal more Dias try this build out it's so annoying to play against and it'll make your opponent's want to pull their hair out the final build for ad carry that we'll want to mention is a fun Draven build only for those normal games you're gonna want to take glacial augment followed by precision second for over heal and alacrity then you want to rush a blade of the ruined King into a bloodthirster and rapid fire cannon this item path is super troll but it's so frustrating to play against when you manage to get ahead once you slow them with your blade of the ruined King it is so hard for the enemy leaders to survive because your autos will be hitting them like a truck and finally onto supports we have one brand new Opie build four supports this patch and it's for volibear although is more of a top laner or a jungler he's more frequently played as a support and Korean challenger they like to go predator for the full on roaming play style followed by minion D materializer and approach velocity for items though usually rush movi boots after their first relic shield upgrade followed by a righteous glory this support style consists of roaming heavily for your team and catching your opponents off guard it'll be perfect for those players who like playing champs like blitzkrieg or pike because you'll get used to the play style very fast that's it for our new Opie Koreans build video we'd love to hear suggestions from you guys on how to make these videos better so if you have something to add then please comment down below if you enjoyed watching this video then please hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more content in the future also make sure to check out pro guys calm for guides and videos that were made by your favorite pro players such as knight blue bunny foo foo and mike young that's it for the video thank you guys so much for watching good luck in your next few games and we'll see you on the rift

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  1. If you aren't going to hide the names of these players in the video, you could at least link their op.gg or their names. You mention these new builds to copy, but how am I supposed to copy them if you don't tell me their full rune pages or builds?

  2. It would be extremely helpful to talk about playing a lane matchup where you are hard countered, and a maybe a video about how to play from behind and stop the bleeding.

  3. The problem with these builds are that most of them are done by very comfortable players. The whole point is to throw players off their balance. If you see this in NA silver/gold, run.

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