ALICOPTER SWEATY SPECIAL! – League of Legends Patch 9.10

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hey yo you want to do oh sure man let's go Ali copier hey let's go dude this is an interesting duo interesting combo hi it's an interesting combo didn't well rank even is only copy right now Ali copter 108 old P I'm not gonna lie though I think helicopters the best silicon player in this game though he understands the aspect of camping one person until they're tilted out of their mind I respect that too this is the dream duo Mannion brother games yeah I remember but Ivan has really carried so I'm not gonna be useful this game you got me good question is there any valid reason to pick a solo versus Jimin is such as Talmer Thalia I mean they both serve all the different roles but have the same want the same game it's just how you execute it you can you start walking to the river I should just call him call my but let's go dude what Lux just ran it down I'm walking up I'm gonna pretend that I'm biking let's eat these thought my back for seconds thank you I'm flung in flung it should we find Kennedy I suppose I think a musher this is who he doesn't have anything and I was actually worried that one room got us so much now it's game over let's go dude this is the alley copter sweaty special Lux Lux eclipse well we may have made him sick like ahead barrier we got a flashy value that's good I'm walking down I think they know though you can go on that you can go and like now actually going down going now yeah got the experience all about yeah I'm gonna try coming down you should go in soon I'm flying in you'd burn bro just sits don't give okay yeah we're going for some spicy on the saw my goodness let's go we should they almost stopped the sheds all tea over there a lot I'm at a party blog that nice I built the major Isaac there's a chance this is gonna go really bad I'm a firm believer that the major ice critics is there's never a time where you build major eyes and you don't just die instantly when you haven't yeah I'm gonna try coming about here I could cut them off yeah let's see they might be basing in that Bush it's fine I'm so so I Ezreal wasn't coming I think if they're just like walking away and they're not like seeing a bush we can't go for them just guys in here we can we can fights yeah we could get them I just lost all my stacks from that one fight we had earlier yeah you think we gave this guy a little balls I was I was gonna go in right there play it try to see if you give you anything no they're all there below us that's why he's walking down I'm gonna get this guy we've just run away yeah I don't want to lose my flush it's fine that'd be dangerous got a salty notice that was gonna I was dead if I were calling a czar you know it's not bad I got 10 SEC's now I think we can go on Easter over here yeah love something I'm in a good position ok come walk up walk up walk up right now I'm here I'm looking feet let's get this figured out flush yeah looks enough like either I just kind of got soft by the other luck seeing from being able to help him silly we should just look on this like right now there's kind of table yeah I could just flash the cobbler right now we should be finds a good win the fight where you swim feet to wait for the Kindred to get this yeah we should fight now I just I just summer fun these guys well you just that's me that's why you goes on use the the only reason that even happened is because I could zhonya zhonya is this the Kenan stun and also the none'll certain time I mean that was literally the perfect scenario period have any game ever I don't know if you saw my zhonya's but it Lily like one I want to stop fire right there see life I was getting cold many infants at least felt they call at the last second he shows me flash QR in all four of them my Sonya my Sonya's dodge the cannon son and also the non also at the same time you can still win if they get a good one oh that's not good Ron buddy I just enter fight though or actually all right and that was spawned by the way I just wanted to engage a fight I tend that I was anything for content and then afterwards we just wouldn't like that you know are you watching that now it's just healing at least what I'm smurfing for you this game man I've been hearing you were having some trouble and hey thanks but it's made a buck out of that I was I took a little stroll down indictment but it was voluntarily I just trying to get that easy content you'll help me please please helicopter I was that's my boy dude let's I'm out of this bitch dude I gotta wait it buffered my old to come out as soon as I got out of sannyas I dude thank you God thank God for sheds are oh my god finished again thank you heaven

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