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This video is BEFORE the Hotfix buffs! Playing the brand new support YUUMI on LIVE servers Patch 9.10! In this video I showcase an Arcane Comet build with Utility Items. I will be creating a ton of Support Yuumi content and other supports in League of Legends patch 9.10. Hopefully you can use this as a Yuumi guide to get an idea how to play Yuumi before you go into ranked! At the end of the video I go into my thoughts on the build and the other builds i’ve been trying on Yuumi!

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Bizzleberry is a EUW Diamond Support Main & Master on EUNE and streams in the evening (6pm – 9pm) on weekdays and afternoon (3pm) until late on weekends.




so we've got Draven Magana vane ban you look at leasts this Saturday in bands Riven Kassadin Jack's already a hecarim Darius not relieving too much to the imagination then Kai's is probably the next rung is here de Karina they're outside I don't think it's any point bad in vain vain got hit with not to know so if the rageblade and her royalty beard Ravens definite in the strongest ad carry in the game right now on someone extremely competent which is relatively common in diamond bus hey bezoar besides support what the most fun champions for you to play let playing Orianna don't really get much of a chance to but I quite like Coriana just say I like quite a quite like playing with the ball I got a caphis if we do have two champions here that can block the cough assaults here already what could we take him play you me I really don't want to although that would get me out the car for salty as well at the same time and we do have an okay amount of AoE okay do we do do we pity me when she is currently got a 30% win rate do we do it yeah I'm scared i dasn't give me under support because it's based on the most recently played from the last patch I felt that straight away I skate like the do you still have the octane call might build set up something Gathering Storm there as well I should be fine oh my save as already was it's a favorite pet oh my god it's not happy naive he's a bit very cool about that wasn't he about the guinea pig it was Vladimir okay hey past site we got ship a civil spa showed the Vladimir pool and I cannot be targeted by the covers ot so that's kind of cool the element of surprise you guys should invade because they won't see it coming I mean no I level one invade is terrible compared to those that would be a terrible idea could the car first lay waste level one Kaiser and Lulu a very good early as well and you got renekton's done there as well whereas we have Fatima does nothing I don't really do a huge deal in a level one fight yeah no we're not doing that it's garden Yumiko torch or you can do Guardian you can do every comment or a glacial open those are your options against hard engaged like The Guardian against if you need like a lot of healing for your team than the RFI the arcane comment type build and then if you need like a hard engage or disengage then the Glacial augment can work quite nicely as well super joking about the invade long okay that went right over my head you me is a troll from pure reputation yeah for sure came at your first game in two days and enemy got you me I convinced that she's a troll pic felt like I could won't be too they're bought as lungs it's okay we're gonna defy all odds and we're gonna win this game going for mute leaving you open show banner for calm okay that is gonna be a little bit interesting I don't think we actually gonna get killed Sivir isn't a champion that tends to get a cow they thing to attack that syphilis just slightly out of range oh boy we lost that fight hey this is not good why we going number one into the coffers it was an okay start on the Renekton but by this no real point going in now Forex nice butts we are at a quiet his situation here now just like this thing was Sammy pushing in as well randomly do to rng orishas just used that cue and her anyway actually form an affray No okay I don't know what the latest Oh but yeah yeah she didn't need to go back in there there the server leave a favor to the Kaiser no because bad man Stephanie feels bad I'm not sure if we can stop a Rico ahead oh yeah I did nice gamy spread award in the river I think the leader you actually record that eh murderuss it is racing right now I mean anyone she can't really kind of blame is herself it's kind of an old with death that she had that property we handled I'd often like the Ludi randomly flash ignited there as well that was pretty bad from them I'm really happy that stuff that Rico means we can actually maybe get some sort of advance you're still good now – you see myself here I'm not happy about I'm out of HP it's time to get back right okay we'll go things I'm here to go fast that brie buff is still on us from Portland so we managed to get off the car first and then the Kai's got a kept it nice and warm and and silver managed to pick it back up again at least bf sword a Nicole coming from the Kai pickaxe a longsword on the server I guess she's getting essence reaver first maybe what you think of when you're playing a me fish thinking about how I can win this game nice melted retake there by the Shabana you know the bus really nice for us see the house or inhaled as well Havana is nearby come on that was enough she got flashed know she's got here that's a shame that we didn't get a kill there I did a nice snipe there of cue like getting landing a cue out of attach is really difficult the hitbox is tiny oh that's how I grew yes if it in there where she could have killed me we got a turret plating the stack there can't believe she survived there they know at least it wasn't an execute nice toast learn like kill credit for that this HP's man we need our own purpose no I didn't see that Mecca thank you for the three months and what the hell's my server doing man I still say bad men they're really sad 160 gold ahead of them in terms of the frost Fang anyway that Lily definitely feels like she saw a field oh come on date go Coco to a parsnip a scam 9 range harpus fash wasn't able to I take the air the car for salty or something this is stressful to keep getting away of no HP really had wish I'd made koffice say stressful maybe I should try creating four emojis she has no summoners okay one-for-one trade up topside but tarp pacings in CS is being lost up there as well so significant differences in how e US and EU anything overall not really to be honest I'd be a nice take if she can manage it I kinda just want to stick with the latest Siobhan over beside us at this point in time although this far out plates being lost here as well landing consistent hits of those keys and they'd get the rear off that but because she died I wasn't able to direct my care I'm not sure if she had to hear with the whole time better civic entre it just keeps getting worse and worse Vincent Hanna Chrome we shook a polka band both draven and kaiser and every single ad carry actually now you've really don't need flash or near me you really don't I think that does suck corporate sometimes of Bama have a new me as know bits it's ready to sit around here like I can catch up here in buttons last maybe we can do something with the sinus we'll try that that's a shame I think we could have gotta kill there she it's a slang thank you this is the problem we're playing gimme it's just Thank You silver just James but I know it's the problem we're playing you mean and there isn't an answer so I'm playing you me good it may be of cause ed when I used my altmed but just not meant to be really not meant to do hmm probably is still winnable but it's gonna be incredibly difficult kinds of Lily when they're fed it's gonna be incredibly hard to deal with for sure this more just CCA for that Badgers to make sure we didn't know he's a scientist really and that is crazy I have really got words that can explain what he just did that okay you know what's really cool is getting the auto-attack off getting the shield and then using that shield as part of the Athene's unholy Grail here can we get something please good good I put my ulti run said salts and cool down I think so right and hey I thank you for the Twitter I'm so blue to the berry bush but the the most clutch thing about the passive is just getting the big shield and then using that shield as the the Athena Son and Holy Grail part of that heals really nice muttering if I should judge how do even go out and censor here I'm sure that's just a Redemption try key people topped up after that kind of car for Souls here we are on triple mountain Drake I don't know if we're able to like somehow sneak the Baron probably not but if they had one other his burns that the Baron bird died so quick I think anyway because of the car first burn you I hear that was so glitchy okay was it expecting had to come staffing back in like that I just realize there's one kind of thing I can do to kind of counter the Kaiser and I've just only just realized that is that how she casts a coup you want to be out of your target and as soon as she carrs-q and if you get targeted by the queue goes straight to your ally and then it mitigates like half of the projectiles straight away let's make you go confuse that because I can apply my cue well I've got an attached then Oh eat Renan Jesus okay alright let's give him excuse she managed to pick up three kills this time before she died the server saying that's something I guess she also got 700 gold from the Karthus so we are chlorine banks some of this mess you're doing a decent amount damage your key actually well yeah generally they're pretty squishy squishy squishy squishy squishy Mikey was doing 372 we've got Gathering Storm kicking in now as well currently giving 16 adapter force over so we put a stop putting more points in the in the W now I'm sure if I hit that but they go barren which is pretty foul from us let's be brain-damaged then hiding in that brush oh this is huge just a big brute there on the I'm on the Vladimir right now I managed to pick off their annexin and we only loose Vlad definitely should just go for this trick so nearby as him okay we're on for Drake's now Japan is fishing in but save gotta keep fishin now Erica an ardent sensor now you really need to back off they do not do jungle raising quite a bit met her we were definitely stay tuned I still have that Baron buff on the May get out I do not want to be here tried the payments to go back but they didn't listen I think someone else was doing spam pingbacks actually and this I need stacks like McConkey and accusin well it's about to come off go down but I got up crapped on a god all right least we held off the Baron buff I'll go and assist really I'll do I don't know about this specific yeah don't die okay that's just Rico yes we are catching up and kills now hey sonic honest opinion on the kitty it has its moments that's what I'll say it has its moments but a lot of a lot of the time it's it feels underwhelming and I should accidentally put another pointing key it's not the end of the world I guess but once we could have 30 minutes gathering strong give me a nice little bit of extra ap push there as well I need to get up there habit of just putting in e afterwards yeah come here come here oh my god if I die thank you for that service yeah you got lucky huh fishing we ran out once again burns up in 30 seconds I need to refill my was I'm gonna buy a patient for this phone as a cloud responding but they're going to be on that do you not have Farsight drinkers for this exactly I am the one that can phase check time to harvest an this might be our okay you know data fruit the prizes dad can I get back in there No feel like I can see them back down a bit here offices that yeah a queue here minion go ahead uh okay Cammi go barren I mean yeah they lost the car first they lost a drunk let me go triple mountain Drake kind of nice oh I'm also hit here for shield just pass it on to everyone here so if I get silent song huh thanks that he did he again don't have my show then we did kill the Baron like extremely quickly she's going straight for the Asian drink right Scout he was behind this over good okay it's pilot rod control and another patient we're 433 AP right now currently giving 55% 55 adapter force over here and pitch this is kind of deep my q1 shots custom is that hype okay that was a really bad civis bow show so far fasiq so sit down since coming back in hand the past is ready didn't think we'd win that fight that finally took ages this is probably the best eme game I've had yet actually actually for the first time I feel like I'm impacting the game quite a bit who's Lance had to come out the carpus then let's get him out of him you had to leave too flat to me that sorry it's so I could hit the conference still got a spare umber where Vlad to me gives me a t3 adapter for not giving him 62 and obviously he gets more as well from the rubber Don's death cap he's got there as well season 7 6 3 7 and 80s 3 to 7 1 7 IQs now doing apparently 300 sorry 573 machine me when there were no dragons actually that would be nice and apparently according to this I give the silver 58 adapter force and my patient dropped let's I click of the best vision if we make one mistake it release a fight badly that's how I grew still it's hard okay oh god I can't chase this up this is so good thank you nice if I quit soccer again or we good we good a bit panicky there because I can get back into range there because I have no boots I don't know how we didn't but I definitely felt like I had some impact for the very first time as you me okay and that's after a dire laning phase at the server as well Alana the finest I think now to say she's broken kiss is very extreme she's definitely not broken she definitely can work but I mean it's still a lot of Reliance though especially early and mid-game on your teammates but if you are able to get something going well the items add up to quite nice she's quite a late game she's not out like she's pretty decently game in some regards if they haven't got like a team composition when they can easily hard engage like this then you get a lot more value because the fights are so much longer whereas if it was like Leroy assassin assassin assassin kind of thing then it would be like the fights would be over so quickly whereas Yumi works quite nicely when the fights are over a longer extended period of time I wish damage did we do okay it's not bad not bad at all was she surprised by that because if you add like healing to that as well yeah competing with the Fatima's self-heating there as well shooting a little bit on top burns long that's what the bar sure but like overall includes the Lydia in there as well so the shielding's included them a gravy can't think of to twitch perhaps of welcome to the berry bush oh yeah she still needs minor bus this is why I say if you got thinkin of before it needs to be like small tweaks over time for sure I'm not sure what the vitamist said but I'm assuming he says something bad right in his language according to you guys is that damaged including your adapter force buffs no so well I mean it obviously includes the ones that the ally gives to me but it doesn't include the adapter force that I give to my ally as well though so I think Guardians kind of meh overall but I mean if you have to take Guardian I would take it into a hardened gauge just to try and give you ad carry or whoever you're on more movement speed to get out any of the carry she felt likes you you work she works well with Ellucian was one of heard since she becomes easiest and Collings stick to people lady carrying stuff like well review me I mean at first it felt like when I was on PPE if I like the tristana for example could work when I see doing a double seat summoner spells level or not level one to two get a cheeky kill in that way but honestly as I was talking about fights like if they can't engage if they have no hard engagement it's just like an enchant to stand off or like even a mage stand off then he usually comes out like decently and that we meet definitely benefits from fights lasting a longer period of time which isn't really the meta right now which is also why I think she's weaker as well we're quite lucky that a lot these fights were just lasting in a credibly long time for no particular reason but yeah because if it's just like bus bus bus bus bus down dannion the whole thing if your cue is just to Whittle them down and annoy them and poke them out and stuff but yeah I think like the problem is right now I would say like okay so you would pay you me we have like a Caitlyn or a server or someone who can slow down the laning phase but the problem is Kaiser and Draven andalucian are so strong right now it's kind of salsa like the matter as well so it's hard to say yeah just play those champions because I guess I guess one champion that I haven't played yet with you meet that I think will actually work really nicely and probably is the best ad carry for her is gin because not only have you got the escalator the adapter force on both of you you've got the your queue will slow them down so it's an easy gin W and maybe you can work off off some interaction on off that as well but I haven't played with genja but that's probably the episode the like the main like ad carry ideally if that yeah laney face was awful I guess because he can't set up she can't set up the minions for the the gin by the caster minions like having the COS IRA or or I don't any champion any support champion that can hit the caster minions at the bank to then set up for the Q and a caster minion and it goes ding-ding-ding and then the fourth bounce will hit on an enemy champion really quickly and it's quite hard to dodge as well on paper yeah I mean I guess like a medium bot Lane with a jungle that's camping you will be probably be a lot of kills so yeah

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  1. YESSSSS, another quality video from the best educational support there is!! I was just curious though and I commented on another video so I hope this doesn't feel redundant. Can Yuumi use TP while she is attached to someone else? If so wouldn't she be really good at doing a cheese gank early game to get mid or top an early kill and then use her TP to take them bot to 3v2 their ADC and supp? Also she seems like she would be a really good roaming support champ especially with a high mobility jungle like Kayne or Rek'sai or even nunu with the snowball. I just think she is a misunderstood champion and yes she did need the buffs but she could still be an amazing champ but people just don't know her potential yet.

  2. YUMMI ON KAYLE IS BROKEN YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! My friend and i got destroyed, i was smurfing also! seriously is is cancer with the heals and movement speed!!! Not to mention the slow from Yummi, its really a combo thats hard to beat.

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