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What’s up? What’s going on guys? CaptainMonk here with a Reworked Wukong top lane video!
I hope this video inspires some of you to play The Monkey King!

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alright what's up what's going on guys captain monk here today's gay are playing some Wukong in the top lane rocking that ogj dragon skin if you guys don't know this was the first skin I ever recorded in any video ever March 1st 2013 so huge throwback and a half but today isn't a throwback entirely because we are playing the new will Kong Wukong has been changed you might have seen my jungle video and I plan to make a couple videos of Wukong showing the changes in different you know strategies whether it's mid top jungle etc for our matchup against the Teemo I can't help but feel like we're gonna need orange shield to be honest just because the Dorne shield region kind of you know way negates the poison doesn't completely cancel it out but it definitely helps and let's make it so that while we can still fight them and be strong and do good things if we start struggling a little bit we won't instantly just lose and start feeding which can tend to happen with blue cone both these changes he's a little bit better so in today's video I will actually break down the changes but I'll be a lot more brief in this video if you want more detailed more detailed idea of what the changes actually are I would recommend you watch my jungle video just since I'll be I did a pretty good job explaining things I was a little bit you know ADHD cuz it's a league of Legends there's just so many things to juggle and Jarvan is turning blue oh okay oh no leash needed nevermind okay excellent but to start here let's just get our Nimbus strike actually because the pant pawns Teemo place I might just be like Oh Adam level one alright so he didn't take he did take his blind but we can just wait through that and just keep fighting him we are walking conquer by the way on the book off and there it goes does ignite so that is actually really good for us although he did flash forward but yeah this is this is this is still good for us Jarvan is actually walking up alright this guy's still trying apply me so I guess this green thing that's going on is line Oh yikes how do you know how that happens like at least two minions here and we'll just chill yeah usually going at team at level one that goes pretty well whether he hits poison or blind you can just kind of way out the blind and when it comes to level two or some like that maybe we'll fight them what items did he start dorrance yeah so what the dorans ring he's got a bit more potions than me so you'll stay and look better than I do it's not the end the world though yeah Jarvis that EQ is really surprising though not gonna lie but I guess the first thing I'll break down with Wukong is that we are rockin conquer and combining the conquer and top lane with our new passive crushing blows I believe will allow us to really out duel maybe not Teemo but definitely tanks definitely tanks against emotes a little bit more tricky and that's kind of why we gained zone right now there's really nothing I can do other than to walk away but once the wave pushes towards us our queue now actually gives us some sustain so we'll be able to farm it to our and sustain and not have as many problems as where happened currently this is just kind of how it has to go for the time being and that's okay so I'm pretty sure the team was warding just gonna wait for this each made you get low and then we'll finish it off the healing is reduced against minions but it's still there and still helps and I did not realize he went visible right there that is kind of unfair oh well I don't think we're gonna die but we definitely need our decoy here otherwise we're gonna be at risk yeah adds a lot that one go all right got some healing off of that and I think let's let this one go – nope all right note our shot for Teemo though all right there's the decoy now we're in a much better spot now we can do this and just decoy away I really hope the Tebow isn't so lucky with these tower shots because so far is getting very lucky and not taking any tower damage we're only down four minions five now it's not that bad in our decoys almost stuff and whatever decoy available you're pretty safe as Wukong so you could just hide him invisible all right let's back here we have enough money for one item that'll be enough we'll come back to lame with that and maybe chief the Teemo since we do have teleport still just look at that longsword to start here refillable and heck all this TP right here alright maxime that Nimbus strike and he's just in this brush invisible he can't recall he just has to stand here so we'll see who makes the first move I mean welcome to get the siege made no doubt oh yeah she okay Teemo do that now where he can go invisible between different brushes I thought they removed that from the PBE but I guess it might be back either way the wave is still kind of big for him so we got shell and he also just a level 5 but we will have a chance to fight him pretty soon in fact you find it right now so I didn't use my decoy there since he was moving and the thing of the new decoy is it does actually attack as it's just standing there and that's annoying I just looked that time out that lasted here but yeah if he's moving sake relieve could be that effective to have the decoy be used so I get the idea that Teemo sleeping and at this point we're Braschi pretty even like I'm little bit behind on XP but we have the same farm I'm lay off by one and oh it wants to go in I got the wave right here though you will notice by the way that after I use my Nimbus strike or my decoy it looks as though I'm using my cue the animation for the staff going over the shoulder and you know crushing that target is there but that's just the passive for the cue it's not actually the crushing blow itself being used because you can see here after using ability our next attack ganks range and that's what that's all about I should mention by the way we have a really nice free setup here so when the team uh comes back to Lane if we continue like this we should be able to hit level 6 before him and just absolutely destroy him and even if we don't wait to what was six I think you can still destroy him yeah he's going for the control work this is his death sentence there's a vision shrine right here for boob speed there you go and this one this brush or where'd he go oh he's over here yeah Teemo can cast invisibility now with some of the changes they made to him I'm not sure exactly where he went to there's twitch oh good I think I'll just go back top get level 6 and then kill a Teemo so yeah the Stoneskin passive we're not really gonna see much of B oh hold on on the way you where I could see that being very useful throughout today's game at least in the top lane the 1 b1 because it needs 3 plus champions to be used but the crushing blows this can be really useful gotcha cool so that's one kill for us and then we'll come back around and get them again when we have a little six which we just acquired so we're no good spot now it took seven minutes but hopefully you guys are enjoying the game to at least some extent so far unfortunate I would say level one but I don't know I thought I don't think it was actually that bad just unfortunate place in a rough spot all right listen if you've been in spit you know we do have demolish so we can break this tower pretty well and our cue hits towers there's that as well and acute as somatic damage now which does not scale like it scales with poison this spell well it doesn't scale with AD or AP which is kind of strange but it is what is I just want to push this last wave in and then go back to base for items because I can buy a lot of items and yeah I mean sumo can hit me if he wants it's not gonna kill me I can just walk away and you don't blow my decoys the decoy came a nice little bitch-slap nice alright we'll go back here so the items I want to build in today's game to kind of create some uniqueness that is in feed with the Wukong top is new fighter items it's not really what I was looking to build first but hey since it's there's new fighter items and its really well themed with Wukong I'm gonna go for it we're gonna try this out I'll get ourselves a controller here too and return to life but yeah the items in today's build I want to build they're kind of like I want to save Riven items right spear shogen I'm not gonna get Black Cleaver cuz I got that in my previous game and I'm probably gonna save another black cleaver for doing a bottom lane game with a yeah so at some point but I will get a ravenous Hydra with a Tiamat and probably a Triforce to actually cuz Triforce Wukong is pretty good and that's one of the things I built back when I first did a walk on top game like this years ago so I think be able to read it that will be cool if the time being though are way smaller than his there's no rush to do anything here I can just freeze the wave and just chill but I will try and hold the way up just a little ways away from the tower by staying to the right I pull it this way the tower hits it and where I was it doesn't all right take a shrimp to the face unfortunate but we took it that minion and we have some sustain still there Q yeah we are getting conked out here aren't we I'm kinda hoping to bait the Teemo to hitting me yeah he's not gonna hit me let's just back it up I'm gonna have him hit me under Tower that's okay I will pay him though I think I might go get my teammates to come up the time being though I'm with you right now is just get its control we're down yeah that's not how I want this to go all right we clear the ships though I'm just trying you might due diligence to clear some of the shrooms before Jarvan comes c8 the control work but that is the trade off got some berries too so it wasn't a total waste yeah just a blast past this room can't quite be done yeah just really hoping that shroom one hit me neither all right we have to go back I think but I got TP in 12 seconds so it's not a big deal and being that I have conquer it's not doing a ton for us just yet but later on to the game cuz conquer is more for late-game fights when the fights last a little bit longer it'll be really good for us alright met CP here stalling for a colleague's I can see her on the way in this guy's trying to stealth he will successfully do so but I don't know where buzz he's going curious so this guy's already shown his hand he's got no stealth anymore so once we stand next time here I'll get the decoy goin tico I can hit him for some hits and there's the kill very nice and now we have a level 8 we have an extra little bit of damage on our cue which is really really nice it is Matic damage but it is 40 and still helps especially since most champions who play against Wukong are gonna be building armor so that magic damage is gonna really push through so this point now we have spear Shogun and honestly I think spiritual Jen is really not the best item for bukang but what makes it viable is the fact that it's not from the second you press R you have 10 seconds to auto attack it's a view press R your auto attack then gives you 10 seconds right where all your cool ions are being reduced by quite a lot you can see how fast we shred towers by the way to just really working nicely for us and wait how do you come from beneath oh really unwise decision there which I think I might be dead a t-bone especially he has flash but I think I walk out isn't that flash oh he got me he got me with the long-range snipe deals bad and whereas I die I get a discord missions message oops let's just mute dis quite real quick you guys might see a frozen screen but do not panic I think that's everything discord related okay yeah so make sure you guys aren't hearing these random bloops see ya next time here I want to Tiamat I think Tiamat is a good item for the HP regen but also for the AoE and the damage I think it'd be good for us yes spear show tunes to be fun for us because like I was saying what's really important about this is after I cast my ultimate your next basic attack within 10 seconds right and that's really important is that my ultimate really lasts for what five six seconds so then I have another like yeah for four seconds so I have six seconds after pressing R to auto attack somebody and then I have six seconds and my cooldowns being reduced for my auto attacks which means I get a lot of cues off and a lot of ease off and I am all for that now where'd this team ago here somewhere right I feel like you might be in that brush but where to go yeah see he snuck through somehow a team was able to sneak the brush is completely invisible it's pretty strong oh hey oh hey missed okay I don't think I'm gonna die here if I don't hold on what yeah Adam oh my diet please the triumph oh clutch all right so my mistake there as soon as I came out of my ultimate I canceled it early I was looking to finish the Teemo off with my golden staff magical golden staff but I made the mistake about you hitting a minion anyways there's the tower that is I think first tower money just excellent for us let's go ahead and get our decoy hitting the minions to help us push yeah I don't think the spirit showed you really did much for us there but you can't deny oh hold on I think I'm so dead actually you can't deny just how good the spear Shogun looks side-by-side with Jade Dragon and Zed's not gonna kill me I think he I mean I don't know how Jarvan does in this fight but I'm still somewhat oh fuck a Teemo shroom no not like this no we live and Jarvan lips too nice I applaud you my friend nice job all right Tiamat time baby like we says good job when really all I did was leave him to fight the assassin all on his own good to walk into a strip like I'm so useful dude look at me walk in the shrimp's easy easy as can be all right let's go bottom here will help out with this Draven problem get this on – yeah it all seriousness this is not really the greatest item for a wool kong but i feel like it might work especially if I get my ultimate off effectively because what you can do with your ultimate especially now with the changes is instead of pressing R to cancel it which is what I did you can actually spells to cancel it so I might just do that instead spin to win on this cool team at kill will take those and this should be the next tower for us beautiful oh boy doll that Lux is definitely round though I think we can maybe pursue her over the wall KS a and can we think we can which got them lots that's some damage all right let's join Jarvan on that dragon our mid lane and top lane Towers been pushed in but working in the objectives and we're getting some kills as well and jardins already finished it basically excellent I'm not sure if I want to split push if I want to deal with the zed problem maybe i want to go back top but I do have a mid on my TP so I can kind of freelance just go anywhere I want the next a little bit what if you want to get ripped Harold let's twist jungle yeah I kind of knew that to an extent but when twitch showed up top away the first time I kind of thought he was da Vieux Carre I do think it's really important that riot decides to take this Wukong rework and give him a unique animation for the passive compared to the regular cast this the regular cast and there's the passive cast that looks the exact same but while them does way more damage they have the same ranch but one has different damage so I just feel like that's kind of important to you know show the difference also I think I can blow these people up I hit set up the wall there's the auto attack up spear shogen poppin where you at come here please oh I'm in range well here's the triple come on Jarvan let's go all the way baby I believe I might be better off actually offer lux first but this is fine come here come on give you that button got them haha we go all the way no fear fear is not in my repertoire of emotions all right let's go mid or maybe get there red buff yeah let's get that red I am definitely joined the spear show gin for its base stats it's just the passive doesn't really work on Wukong all that well because if our ultimate taking some of the time away from the ability to oh hey oh nice EQ from Jarvan kind of saves me here for the moment I think he just cleans it up and I think I leave yes excellent job man yammered is so good wait SEDs around yeah right I second I changed what I want to do there damn fuck we might wanted to do here now Oh J would be sweet I feel like I wanna go Titanic Hydra I feel like that'd be fun and I don't have that much magic damage that ITT gets a hexdrinker do I wanna go ghostblade I feel like – save Gois blade for what i do the midline video mister I find ways to make this interesting deaths dance like to be fun I'm sorry go damage and to see what's at the bottom here yeah I did sterics in the last one I'm probably to save that again for a bottom line video hmm choices choices choices I guess I could just do deaths dance and just sustain through them all I crazy oops that'd be fun I'm not really a huge fan of deaths dance on Wukong but I think it can work and we're going to make it work this game is could be excellent I'm gonna go bottom lane for the moment here the reason I'm doing that is because splitting on the other side from Baron even barons not up as a top laner is pretty good to do when you have teleport available also it seems like our team is good to go without us but if they do end up need mess I can TVN yeah Kali goes down alright we'll just get the farm here we are farming the best of the game but it's not really to say much 19 minutes in and no one's beyond 100 cs6 effort me so yeah people aren't really farming that great in this game it's not the most competitive game in the world but you know we're showing the whole Kong changes that's what's all about it's not really about it being a diamond rent game anything like that yeah we're gonna call this Greenbuild bukhan it's not ideal but it's good it's good it's good enough anyway I don't think they're gonna see me going to this brush maybe I'm wrong but I think after Tristana here we can just back her up do what said go for it weed dear you maybe he knows I didn't even get my cue off we disap litter a that guy so fast that was excellent hold on get some oh right here I don't think we'd kill him Oh Tristana Oh a nice Juke we lose them wolves but that's a small price to pay for just survival on that one alright let's cross over here I'm just taking all their jungle camps because their twitch is just so weak compared to our Jarvan they can't really stop us okay I think at this point though I can go back over here and push this side oh but Kali kind of biting off more than she can chew but nice chew the art all with the tea mushroom the tea mushroom is the ace in the hole on lucky all right well the Dragons up I'm gonna ping that don't know I have teleport as well so I just want a farm here and it looks like you he wants to funnel with me all game long can't say I blame her yeah if they get the dragon or least that fight going that's okay okay by me so how close me to death stance a little bit further away I'm not sure what boots to go at this game a partner wants to get in mercury treads but I feel like a ninja tabi is just better since they have a lot of Auto attackers like a ton of Auto attackers if Teemo had flash I think he might have gone for it also house jar been doing I've got you buddy I got you look how quickly they just immediately run away they want nothing to do with this action alright this Lux should get one shot nice and now whence the Draven and we have the spear Shogun going off we have lots of Q's to use here oh and lots of dashes to come on Zed Oh ho-ho you just had to get away I think I call he cleans him up yes she does we're gonna run down this last target I think it's the Teemo he's in this brush and we can just whack this guy get the – and the blind please there it is the blind expires we get the kill 1501 y up yeah skims bit of a stomp fest but I'm enjoying it I think it's time we may be pushed down mid or something but then again I want to get my death stance okay yeah ninja tabi time it's definitely surprising that I'm popping off this hard in this game after the early deficit since it took like seven minutes me even get a kill but you know eventually we got the kill and once we got it rolling Wukong is a snowball champion no doubt about it like if he gets if he gets going he snowballs and that's it we're definitely showing today's game and all the green effects with the skin and our green items I love it a few months back they actually updated some of the visual effects for all of Wukong skins and I never really made a video about it because to me this wasn't really a big deal this kid was still the same they just you know improved him the way things looked didn't really change much and overall I I'm noticing the changes today because I'm playing Jade Dragon Wukong and it looks good you know I haven't seen this twitch in a while I feel like you might be afk and if that's the case a little bit of supporting but I kind of get it you know it's the BB this games don't really matter so we'll do here as well as twin look what does look at when we've show boded what that will call on plenty enough this team is still going that's hilarious I feel like a spear fisted she could actually be really good this game after my ninja tabi all right if their whole team wants to come at me I have my stone skin so I'm gonna really good spot to fight them all I'm out of mana that was the problem but I'm just so tanky with stone skin like look how little damage they're doing to me I have like no tank items do I burn out oh I do burn out damn alright so maybe it's time I build some mana items what do you think tier no I'm not gonna do that oh my god I totally forgot about it Trinity force how can I be so how could I be so foolish I completely forgot about the Trinity force that's what we want next that is what I want the anyway so now that I have that in him I can just go top lane and get the next one and the conqueror you know hasn't on a ton for us this game but it's done plenty enough to be honest five hundred damage true damage that's plenty because what you're not seeing when you're hovering this rune is the extra ad that's being built up 3.0 attack damage stacking up to five to five times and that's a tributing more damage to rest my build Oh looks like we won't show the Triforce that's okay we'll do a different game for Triforce but that is the game here today guys hope you guys liked it if you did make sure to drop that like right now I would really appreciate it and subscribe more videos unless you go those post game stats so once again gonna honor up the support because when in doubt and you like all your teammates Auto support we've got ourselves a Ness we've lost the s+ but I feel like that's only because we died towards the end but that's okay we didn't have the most damage in the game the Teemo actually did you know the team of Y she played pre decently to be honest I think the rest his team was the problem not really him as much as anything else but we had the most damage in our team and I guess if I look at damage taken since we did tanked some damage I think yeah I mean wasn't the most charmed in the most but that's to be expected he's our frontline or tank we had the second most so that's the game here today guys hope you guys liked it once again please support the video if you did enjoy it and I'll see you on the next one peace out

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0 thoughts on “NEW GREEN BUILD REWORKED WUKONG TOP CONQUERS ALL! – League of Legends S9”

  1. the video is great, but its pretty annoying to hear you talking about items you should build but is "saving" for other videos, you can build items twice, and it just feels like youre talking about cable packages, "oh yoummus is on the midlane, black cleaver for when i go bot " idk i had a bad day so i might be overreacting

  2. I feel like he's another Triforce bruiser now. Gonna miss the full lethality one-shot Wukong but this seems healthier both for the game and for the champion.

  3. just some random comments from a weak wukong main:

    good to have a passive that also apply to the turret.
    the heal from q helps jg a lot tho the debuff of damage hurts the burst potential a lot.
    the w is so fun, and it is so great that the decoy can actually hit turret. late game wukong can probably destroy turret quickly with the passive and the decoy that attack.
    the e is better than i expected. but it would be much better if the clone from the E can last a bit longer.
    it's ok to see the r unchanged coz the rework is good enough in my opinion.

    all in all, it really hurts full ad wukong as quite a number of ad ratio has been nerfed. yet, it really looks funnier than before. so i still prefer the changes after all.

  4. The quality is awesome as always. Do you tinker with contrast/ saturation? It kinda feels like it looks more contrasty than on other league channels.

    PS: I think Spear of Shojin is pretty decent. It gives a lot of attack speed with your E.

  5. Damn, didn't realize your first video was made on my birthday, nice!

    But these changes are still really interesting. I'm experimenting with different builds, runes, etc and just trying stuff to see what works best. I am enjoying Tri Force probably the most out of any item besides Tiamat; at least in lane in feels like a non-negotiable item.

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