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New Buffed Renekton Top Gameplay! League of legends Renekton Season 9 gameplay!
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Season 9 Renekton runes guide League of Legends
Press The Attack – Triumph – Alacrity – Coup de Grace
Free boots – Cosmic Insight
10 AD – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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what up Sullivan I can only hear back doing is some more League of Legends action playing some of new Renekton buffs I actually got in a game against the shin chin on my Smurf account so apparently my Smurfs is super high elo or his chin chin struggling with the h ox lately one of the other but yeah this should be a good fight they started topside so I'm just gonna let him push here most likely right there's a free trade for me why should I hit him right there bit of a mistake let the wave shove in yep keen stop said this part we have to be passive here because cane it's gonna do we're gonna do a vertical jungle right here which is quite annoying little easy trade for us I'll take it obviously level three in this matchup then we're golden to keep poking him level three comes off with these first three minions here in the third wave the three melees so this one right here gives it to us hey Zed q bio Chinchin alrighty he's it BZ yeah just set up the play it's important to know what minions are gonna give you what they're gonna come topside I'm gonna pop another potion here hmm yeah like this because he's gonna freeze on me and Kane stop ooh but Lulu going over there it's very weird Lulu going over there is either gonna die or that means the cane is gonna be over there this is not a good scenario for me okay I need to try to push here quickly I think we're good okay that went really well I got to leave now oh yeah she got a freeze on me never mind I'd come back and break it it's fun I'll get a ward down as I do it oh no he broke it near Mont goofball yeah oh that's kind of weird now you get back it's really weird this wave bounced out he broke it because one of the minions went under Tower he had four minions which is a magic number he should have went over here but he's right nervous that I was in that Bush which makes sense but yeah we got some time here unfortunate wish I had that potion I could have sold it and got this right away oh that's the way for it's not a big deal his waves shoving to me even wave his side of the mouth so I'm just gonna wait on this hey talks is hard yeah I mean a choice fisherman effing is kind of an easy matchup in my opinion I mean if you screw up and they talks hits a queue on you it could be bad but the whole way that matchup plays out I didn't talk about Renekton Bluff so I'll talk about this in a second but the way the Metra plays out is a chalk chooses his cue I use my dash so his first Qi – inside of it just Auto W Auto Q and then he has to use the second one and then he can finally use his third one which gonna actually hit me because remember we're dashing inside so he's not gonna hit that second one he can hit the second if he's quick enough for this eeeh way on second Q he could hit that but most of them don't do that trade very well the CS gap looks large but it's a little deceptive we had to give up CS and then we also have a giant wave right I think I want to contest this back okay we want to show up fast cuz he backed and he has no TV cuz he used to last time so push this way past apologies actually back here actually like that idea a lot wishes wave get it to reset and then bounce and then just back again cuz then look I can spend oh yeah this is really good big fan I get this in this that's huge by we're buying on even gold so instead of him coming back with an a gold advantage we've ended up and the wave is still gonna be in a good spot cuz it's bouncing off of this tower right here the reason why it bounces is because this wave gets stalled so my wave is still running but this wave has stopped right so what it does is it for himself in little the lime and because it stopped all this is still traveling now look even wave his side of the map even minion rule whatever side of the map the wave is on pushes the other so red pushes to blue easy easy nice just gotta get words down but how many so I have to wait for this way to slow push into me I'm trying bait him into using a cue to push it faster there's got to be careful about jungler right now he's two potions that's weird spent 100 cold up potions well I guess we're still level 6 oh it's not that weird I can kind of draw pressure here because all I should talk about the bluff sorry so we're next thing got buffed he got some base snap but I talked about it on stream that's why I haven't mentioned it you got some base stat buffs we're just gonna walk away okay I'll take it pull throw up not a big deal we get the dragon that's big beautiful Angie even got a cash-in no oh my god did he made me not get that he bought both of his potions I could always leave right here and get tabby come back it's a really big buy and I feel like I'm backing a lot but I'm doing it at the correct times like I get some comments that are always like Mike you back way too much man and in all honesty I don't I'm backing at very good times this is the way of the chubbs to me if I'm backing when he can freeze me that's a terrible idea don't do that well unless you have to if you have like 10 HP I'm trying to contest to freeze that'd be stupid but yeah so they were nekkid buffs your queue does more healing essentially they up the cap and they up the healing perch champion that you hit so essentially you just a some more healing and went from 450 cap to 600 out of them it was actually good movement by him but if my John goes to the side he dies and uses his flash this was kind of weird it's like a gamble type play how's this available are you linked it didn't he I'm gonna check up here what if I could Barristan the answer is yes goodbye how chin chin okay he has teleport up I need to show pass and leave okay oh god no F oh yeah you got some base stat buffs so they got like three additional health which obviously doesn't really do too much so three additional health I'm gonna go like this and then maybe get spicy this gives me options so I can go black cleaver or I can just go into my spear of shogen when I'm snowballing I really like spear shogen it is a good item but yeah so pretty easy matchup overall winning is quite hard you can kill top very easy here like you can just literally walk at him and will get the kill Oh eyes on my back pain could come it's blue cane I don't want to feed him I'll let them get all this yeah like I said tops of free kill we can we we can make that dive so easy noon is so tanky I can't enough going bottom that's right miss waves uh gonna bounce back to me because all these 100-hour that's to front lucky for him that this the three minions walked past this one I wonder if his teleport did something that made it that way I mean he pushed anyway so doesn't matter you just repeat gank this shit he's fuming he has no old now you see to wait for a new new mad sucks I didn't think that was gonna work nice play did I really didn't that was good at work I just wanted to an intuition shin stream and hear him complain right now that's all I really want yeah I played this match up literally hundreds of times I'm sure he he's probably played a ton now but I played it so many times and back when H ox was like super Opie now he's not even strong so it's kind of easy that's bad oh alright I thought I had flash so I kind of fucked my entire play up so painful I thought I had flash I needed to be able because I moved too far away so I couldn't ii ii like i could ii ii but i didn't want to because i only had enough fury to use one empowered ability so my second eid I would have used my fury to get over to this guy I should this all in the Orillia faster I went to ignite the aurelion I'm pretty sure I got keen on it and then that really just dip which is smart and I also late zhonya's there I got hit by the cue before he hit the zhonya's the cue from earlier so I could have blocked out a little bit more damage in the bay but been able to take one hit and then press my key when I came alive not sure that would have led to anything the big fuck up was thinking I had flash when I didn't have flash I would have played it out differently and my first Aeon the Kane I think I could have gotten aggressive on him like immediately if I didn't mess that up whoops how much gold did I give over to 400 gold know what we doing over here I'm nervous about that guy Kane snowballing Bish's wavin pressure the tower I mean I'm trying to get to her if I can our goal is always to get as many plates as possible that's how we snowball I think pots gonna get plates I should be able to take this right here it becomes like a Nolan goodbye on my way this is something that's really important and I'm trying to I don't know how do you say it like incorporated into my play more but I'm trying to just focus on getting more ripped eyelids I didn't make this call this was all on the this guy made a good call but it's super important to get these in especially being get it before 14 minutes because if you can use the rift how'd they get plates so valuable it's better for him to take it I think 1915 I think we just kill this guy okay I probably just clear this waving back yeah I'm just gonna clear so even leave does I have a lot of gold to spend it's not worth trying to fight this guy that'd be very stupid I think okay backing gonna start creeping up this 1v1 it's the third time mmm-hmm dude part of me wants to just do this odd you can't get both I'm fifty gold off brow I'm just waiting on that fifty gold and not only I boot to with fifty gold it's it's about the same amount of time to just run here kill this camp and then teleport back as it is just a wait and base and get it and then I don't steal a camp from this guy so I'm just gonna wait in base for it I'm not this we're over here there it is sweet I mean you should try not to sit in base as much as possible obviously less time that you're off on the field doing stuff being productive putting pressure on the map oh the shield knows you have to go on this guy Nick you okay and maybe a chocks is roaming down so I'm gonna have to run down to I think I just want to be with my team at this one I don't like dashing like that in case I run into the guy hmm I don't know where's your nose Oh Draven with the 1v1 I don't know where in Jenna's gonna okay maybe should push mid push man push mid always rifting beautiful this opens up so much on the map okay I'm gonna let them get it I'm gonna go back top to cover cuz I don't wanna give up top here for free so I'm gonna hold top and they should be able to get this I nice now I just backlit one rift Herald hit yeah I'm pretty sure just gonna leave I'd be careful I'll run in that way not a big fan not a big fan okay all these in that Bush all right back to base we go spear shoved in second and beautiful I wish I could see how much healing life q is done 600 bonus right now feels good man it used to be 450 was the cap so the healing cap on York used to be 450 now it's 600 which is pretty damn good and I think there's obvious synergy with the build I always do which is cosmic insight cosmic insight plus the 40% CDR rush you were doing I mean you don't have to go sphere of shogen I like spirit showed you when I'm snowballing so in a game like this when I'm not snowballing so just a regular game I think the best build is Black Cleaver to sterak's gage so Tiamat Black Cleaver sterak's gage is the best built in my opinion and then after that you can you know oh that's so good the guy actually lived got back give me a live he's appeasing they can get it I'm just gonna go back top here I'll push mid then go top it's awkward let's get them get the dragon yeah so best bill don't redact in my opinion is the most stable build so Tiamat Black Cleaver if I just go this way he's gonna leave this way when he sees me obviously right yeah a lot of wind that scenario then he just leaves the other way of it I think it's better that I forced him to leave this way cuz I can't actually catch him this way whereas I think I could catch him if he has to run down the lane so I think I made the wrong choice it would have been more efficient just to cuz he would have left right here but I would have been it yeah you get a bike cute away I guess I don't know I don't think I could actually get him there either way once you up this wave outlook it back need 200 more gold older Brad [Applause] big chunks how many potions you buy Ollie butter available do you forget my he were hey what are you doing dog you must be so tilted right now I love it Jesus destruction baby dem Renekton buffs look at his his dead body is outlined on the ground look good for my team swishing about right now I'm just gonna keep brushing this think this is gonna be bad oh they surrendered hear that tap it out oh I love it is it a foot guy it's did it trust me I played this match up a million times and again I played it when H ox was like a ridiculous champion match engine just has this habit of playing bad champions and I think H ox is kind of bad right now he's gonna get buffed in the next patch but going against Renekton I think Renekton already beats him and then going into a patch or and I think gets buffed I definitely think Renekton super beats him but I guess is it oh yeah I'm getting 20 non-lp that's why this count MMR's really high we're ranking you right now okay yeah I guess my memoirs just d3 d4 on this account oh boy boy oh boy number one damage in the game you know what it is it's your boy solar Renekton only let's go but that's it that's a really favorable matchup for Renekton in my opinion so and I played it a billion times but these pops actually felt pretty decent I mean it's hard to fully gauge like buffs like these cuz it's Q healing and it's hard to like fully understand you you know you just you're healing more okay so it's but it's hard to like fully see it in the game cuz you're not like okay before I was healing 28 right here and now I'm healing 37 like you're not think no one thinks like that so it's hard to like visual and like point to Armour perleval hard to visualize additional attack speed per level again hard to visualize but they're all like solid buffs again I didn't want them to over buffered act and I was nervous that they were gonna buffer and act didn't like your cue does 40 more damage or some really dumb thing like that or like two seconds off your cue cool down or something really insane I'm glad that they did like small buffs to react and so I feel like he's he's so close if you if you slightly tip him too far he kills everybody and land and then no one can fight him and then he gets banned every game or gets picked every game right so like he's so close to being tipped over that edge it's very it's you have to be careful so you don't want to over buff him I like how they did it just small buffs like these are some quality of life buffs the attack speed later on it's gonna make your animation cancels a lot smoother you get more auto attacks during the plays the same reason why we're going some attacks peanut ruins nowadays we take the alacrity when we don't have to take tenacity and I've even been doing the secondary rune the little extra runes you gotta take the attack speed one as well sometimes this game I went now I'm trying the alacrity with a double ad rune or adaptive force whatever oh yeah these are the runes that we ran press the attack against squishies obviously again build from here would have just been spear of shogen finish into either GA or my titanic hydra and then the other one and then a sterak's gage probably or you could slide in the sterak's gage right after this as well after spear surgeon but yeah GG well played so nice little Renekton buffs got a decent game for you guys hope you enjoyed that one if you did enjoy and you're watching on youtube right now makes you like the video and subscribe for more content like this if you're watching over the livestream right now make sure to follow the livestream and click that subscribe button to the top to redeem you'll free sub if you have one if you have Amazon Prime you can get a free sub with twitch prime just by connecting your Amazon account to your twitch account because amazon owns both of them but yeah as i mumble through this outro have a good one enjoy the rest of your day GG well played Bruce

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  1. Can you please make like a new video on how to manage minion waves. Like when to back and which minion to kill in the wave. And I am very new to minion wave management so I could really use some help.

  2. If anyone is curious, Hashinshin blame the loss on the minions, I'm not even kidding.

    He blamed on the first minion dieing too early and proceeds to flame his chat for questioning his logic. "The entire game has already been decided, before I even get to play, because of that minion." This man sanity has been altered by the salt.

  3. Mike is legitamately one of if not the most informative streamers you can watch. Its crazy how fluidly this d00d just lays down fundamentals all game. Treasure trove of league knowledge.

  4. Easily one of my favorite LoL YouTube channels. SRO has amazing macro, good commentary and he gives nice insight to champs he is playing. And I dont even mind the click bait titles. They are as much of a meme as cannons missed at this point. Mad respect to SRO.

  5. There is no way that Aatrox was Hashinshin… If he was he would have flamed all of you after his second death and start complaining how overbuffed Renekton is or why is he getting camped, etc!!

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