When Pro Player Gets Mocked By Other Pro Player in League of Legends… | Funny LoL Series #596

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is very high as the game progresses meanwhile for g2 is a better 100% kill participation for cliff he's picked up the fourth dragon of the game and he is leading his team towards victory I'm glad that you mentioned clade because all is being synced up replay instead Jensen okay so this is the one where he sees yang Coase go to the bottom side so gents is probably aware that caps is gonna try and force something under the turret here caps forces pretty hard though and Jensen taking the distortion back to dodge the big one missile coming out of cap in quit watching great black if you're caught that is your thought what the fuck is that you Jesus there's a capped up one of their consistent damage members Baroness started and here's Ning trying to stop it or potential hero moment for name potential impairs becoming in for Poovey he's been here before the pressure to smite secure this IG this is the most contest that they can muster now a TP coming in out of me white guy ha to be taking so much damage forced to smite the bear in here boogie now in trouble as well Kenny secure shut down the Bulls and history repeats itself Asst okay that what all right what my wow you know I was pretty sick now that's how you leave crud stood chat I want every jungler to learn that move what you do is you stop fucking doing crog's to go help your top laner they pick even they get to six for free and just gank everything he didn't even fucking charm me he just eacute me and I died dude I literally crit four times what the fuck thank you riot we can make a four man plate bought or something but the fishes reset all right yeah the iron fleet's down there they're carefully they called me ghost by dan they want you bad I miss my old Turk I miss my old I repeat the whole husband okay he does have flash we could maybe bait him with the barrier here let's get him in ho the Glacial the glacial under the turret hey when hit W go into the tower okay Oh what the fucking my wha what the fuck am i watching over playing himself Jesus Christ that's a league champion he knew he dismissed all paints on me wait I'd miss that oh we got him we on oh okay come on try that okay your business for Rosica fortunate I do yet she has a level of Basinger of a rookie as the dragon is picked up all right dragon is secured round warp is gonna deliver faker included into the face of Valhalla Jackie loved the Justice punch was interrupted here comes card slice emails to block something in the shy do dragon here then SKT turn and fight teddy and matza chase off bow on and Jackie love oh no no no no wait what what coin flip Mehta man a bunch of fucking losers [Laughter] well what was that I doubt that out the barf we need PvP will have to respond to in caps is sitting on this pink ward they're just out of vision because he's looking to set up a pic palates so much name is coming through four caps he's gonna try to retreat caps now backing off has to be careful perks is here how comes the ultimate falling back going through a beautiful arrow on perches now in trouble he already burn the qss Mellie Otis going to commit to the play the rest of GG was here but it's no on the backside ready to keep this one going Mickey still alive hurt still alive now it's wonder though dishing out so much damage on the backside no buying time but Sarah's here right on top of parks he's gonna grab the kill to was on to pass it good and do more damage gonna force the GA out of yankles but nobody had taken down the triple kill coming through from wondered he may let you clean it up he may just look for the Penta wonder it's going to get for now going to look for the fit candy get it wonder who will he find the petticoat here the Quadra the Penta for wonder the absolute pop off from wonder your pain to kill chases these days alright that mean they're still trying to cheese like they're playing Jays and just saying there's a lot closer than I thought it was gonna be something really [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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0 thoughts on “When Pro Player Gets Mocked By Other Pro Player in League of Legends… | Funny LoL Series #596”

  1. 6:37 that moment when you're a riven main and you cannot count anymore on the huge amount of damage riot gave to make your champ so easy to play and you actually can't just run brainless in a fight. WHAT ?

  2. I genuinely wonder how many times I'll have to type this before iFunzio listens.







    He's litertally the definition of terrible.

  3. hey iFunzio, i cant send a ROFL file from my phone…would it be okay to email you my clip? its a sick 4v5 wombo, would be great for the end of a vid, thanks! love the channel btw

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