Why we lose in League of Legends 20 max with 2 feders

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Why we lose in League of Legends matches

Im a old player of Lol, like 3 years vet, know almost all champs etc, so my vids here and in future will PROVE why i lost, and why you gonna LOSE.

My mains champs are Teemo, Xin, and others. Why Teemo ? cause is the single champs who can put 3-5 enemy in bad spots, when allies are deads. Also his R can act as wards, and so many.

I will also talk about weakness of some op champs like Zed or Yasuo, Darius etc, like in vid 18.

Will also ask why I feed in some matches,cause BEFORE I even move they give enemy kills, and then come for me.

I only refer to non premade matches, I mean random players, rarely I go with 1 friend.

My id in EUNE – Guy113.

I have more vids, but I leave only the most relevant ones, also why do I make thsese ? to make feders aka nobs FAMOUS and hope people will avoid them to match with them…

TOP REASONS for lossing Lol are

– most are kids who go ”Rambo” tactic, dont know enemy skils, weak points, nothing, they charge to kill fast or die – mostly end in COFFINS.

– enemies are premade, that means all of them are in sync and do all in team organized etc, which is BADDD !!!

– greddy, i mostly play support, not normal one, cause healers work only with premade matches, but i do my job and help when and where i can.

Sry for my bad eg, and excuse any mistakes i made in explains.

Im from Romania, I don’t allow comments cause I dont have time to delete or like any posts, vids SPOKE more then words.

If you like my vids, please watch the rest.

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