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3 IE Jhin Top Gameplay! League of legends Jhin Season 9 gameplay!
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Season 9 Jhin runes guide League of Legends
Electrocute – Taste – Eye – Ravenous Hunter
Free Boots – Biscuit
10 AD – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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boom what app Sullivan I can only Rebecca doing some more League of Legends action playing some gin in the top lane and going for a heavy ie build might not be the best thing against their team it really depends on how they're gonna build I'm pretty sure oh that's kind of annoying I'm pretty sure they're gonna build heavy armor like that's what they should Oh big damage baby but yeah so the build here is gonna be multiple IES reason we're gonna stack II's I don't know what this guys doing just they trying to take these awful trades alrighty thank you this well trying to get the bounce onto him unfortunately it was not able to make that happen I got the bounce on him I to keep the shield off that shields off or 10% of his HP I'm gonna walk here okay to do so tagged him literally one hit man can't finish in this position unfortunate yeah the bills gonna be a bunch of II's reason being is ie has a bunch of Krita bunch of ad it's the best way to get 25% 5% ad miss my combo jungle pressure want to hit him once I can I was so Duyvil oh they're still fighting it's hard to get over there though trying to come down depends where this guy goes I'm here with you all righty that was weird I'll take it I'll really mouth I can do anything should be able just walk back top B yeah so the builds gonna be probably one ie into either three more or one ie into rapid firecannon probably what its gonna be one ie rapid firecannon two more II's so odd three II's plus a rapid fire can another give us 100% crit to 40 ad plus the replica can an ad but it's not as much he's actually gonna go anything I'm demolishing this guy holy moly I think if he goes I think if he goes eh he's gonna lose hmm we'll see cuz I'll just switch it up and I'll get Merc treads this Kim nervous about him looking for a dive or something right there she's gonna play a little safe sit back chill oh my head is he asked by a lot I really think he's a free kill whenever though like he can't get away from me why all right I guess I could miss that's definitely possible I don't want to trade any more poke with him though he's gonna try and just keep cueing me here and trading on his a trading on his corruption pod to vanish I want to make him heat tower shots if he's gonna poke I should have hit this more yeah I'm just gonna back here get my bf sword she be good nice he's bet he is big let's go baby I might grab one of these one of these top is free when ever was do it before level 6 once he gets level 6 he can get away from us JK yeah XD yeah whatever he just get it all the way everytime that's the problem Master you might be able to uh might be able to hit him with like a Q right as he holds away but it's kind of hard yeah she's not gonna work it's alright no worries just had to do it a little earlier just going for the yellow maybe sitting there we can cancel it back always worth going for Oh we kill I think this means the jungler is gonna try to come top that's my guess is why else would he stick around with literally no items that makes almost no sense at all only reason would probably be jungle graph that gives vision oh man it was horrible I was gonna pat down whoopsies gonna keep my potions going I want to be high HP poor guy he thought it was coming to help him and he was but my jungle he read that play pretty well knew his nearby then again I'm pretty sure I would have killed him anyways like he went away too early I'm kind of a little bit out trying to get this wave shoved in as fast as possible alright get this last minion get out nice RUP a lot of CS – alright nice play wasn't bad I mean it was bad in the sense that he did too early but it wasn't a bad idea like I like the idea of the play it just it wasn't good it was very good wasn't terrible I mean died instantly like I get what he's gonna do maybe maybe and we would have been able to like amumu stopped once he saw my buddy but I still don't think like I would have just called like that anyways and I think he would die as the movie was like here so maybe amumu hits q I'm pretty sure I would have time just to dodge out you know our he's got no har if he keeps pushing I just drop mine she's gonna leave huh he finds in my press r oh that was gonna miss it for a second it's getting nervous I could always roam it here why don't I run mid with our nice Bali mid-play yeah where the fuck is he what if he's roaming on me they'll be so weird hmm oh he's there still yeah I'm kind of near you want to get frisky they just might go for the inferno that's a way better call I like that she's gonna go back to top them that's a way better call oh they might fight over here though I'd be careful about that where's yet for armor Oh baby please attack speed slow oh my goodness dan we get so much health back no missing these minions for no reason painful what I didn't do a lot here just keep rotating mid and it and all honestly if I pull their jungler job it's not that bit it won't be that bad either it's poor man it's gonna Nile a to buy those hits I still need more gold mid semi a right now I'd like to rotate and fighting it but again can't do it when the guys not there at the back to top we go do this guy's the B's thing a random 12 year olds destroying them with Master Yi what wait does it not count should I not do that hey I mean it's the master he doesn't need your help but everybody I'm gonna run by top I don't want a path through river because I'm not sure if this guy's just gonna wait here for me so I'm gonna walk the safe way around miss out a couple minutes maybe hey W here if I have to it's not a big deal stop the queue nice beautiful I just vacuumed item it's in 50 gold bah how about on my back just wait a second not a big deal at all I am scaling really hard now the one downside to this build is if all three of these people went full tank full armor but it's just not gonna happen this guy's going ap build this guy's going ap build so far this guy's going tank so they'll have one out of three that's pretty tanky I was roll back to top lane he's loving the way of slow pushing to him but it's an even wave on his side of the map if you know the even minion roll does that tell you it tells you that the way it pushes to me so now I realized that he started slapping the minions Oh baby aftershock ain't doing no dude oh my god he's so broken it's got a cute this guy's here oh boy that's gonna be bad a bar yeah Jenna get this way oh I lost vision you fuck come on man fucking goofball dude that was so free man all you have to do is stand in the bush she's no he's never killing you did pressure WK what do you mean stand in the bush ha he leaves the bush right as I'm ready to like I'm gonna make a big play right there I'm just gonna Auto q-w toss down a trap the guy who's w tis dead I can even walk back and pop my R and guarantee the kills are coming in oh my god that was so annoying and then I had to flash to secure the last kill Oh lame dude no scar bitch man what the fuck this guy's struggling I guess alright no worries they give a shot down that'd be bad if I did I think I might have yeah you got 150 bonus I have everything up he's gonna back away he's been playing pretty safe he's like it's not just gonna play out go into the junk we're being here I just want to keep rotating and China make plays on with my hole in all honestly and every single one of my games today I haven't been able to make a run plate work at all in mid lane oh my god nice good play good play it's painful honestly we can't do much about that if a moon was gonna sit in that Bush you know you're gonna get me good play good play we get a rift there so it's not terrible obviously I'd like to not die instantly when I get back to lane but hey what do you get dope way you get dope here we go perfect nice you know Rome do it up I need to like swap and get MIT down they should swap and tying it to house here it's pretty pointless just to sit in bobbin one benefit of sitting in balling right now as you get pressure and we can use that pressure to get a dragon and the next one's gonna be important what I want to do probably just shove this wave once go back to bottle in I wouldn't miss that oh heck that's bad need to be down here for the dragon unfortunately people are dying Oh Oh yikes nomads not do I'll be over here I don't want to kill this because they were given vision of where I am they might have it through lane Ward's River rewards rather well maybe not got one in then oh no time to go I can't do that by myself if he didn't die on that cue you might've able to make the play that people's super low their support was running on the side there's such a bad play nice is weak she is ultimate what are you afraid for go get the kill what why don't you just take a freak oh yeah what are you doing can you get this thing what's going on here these people are trolling what the fuck are you two doing just an infernal what is happening alright whatever let's try and get mid-tower I guess okay I don't know what these plays are they're so bad alright your God hello li mo Li want to stick near them I don't want to go get crab oh no not a bassist oh good name I'll be gonna walk that was hard to walk into boys like he was a half a second I had to get that second auto off let's not do dumb fights let's get like some five your thoughts going there instead of trying to like fighting a chokepoint whatever the fuck that is that's so bad like I just can't help them in any of these plays they just go in and die it's very difficult to do anything like I honestly can't help you two of them are already dead before the fight even starts Yee dies 1v1 like I'm left with four people how do I deal with that I'll give you the short I can't and I can't deal with that maybe our team to actually be grouped up I'm really tough I need to just get farm in the side land and all of these games I just stopped farming in the mid game because I try and creep up and do shit and then no one doesn't either we have to like teamfight no lie this there's been four games that I played this build I've done well in every single lane and then mid game happens and we lose and they like make absolutely no sense I'm stronger than a normal Jin would be because I'm a solo Lane Jin so we should have even an easier time running down you're just gonna die get one not bad can you get more stuff off of it and get a top tower believes I thought you might be okay you never see anything didn't I'm Debbie in a second I'm here I mean shut mitt get their comic on Richmond who vide a cho'gath lock up as a painting yes let me take this I'll be the top half day maybe she just leaves time to go alright not the worst fight I'll take it already here brother I'm going for rapid firecannon second the extended range is gonna be quite useful we're having trouble getting these autos off on people cuz their team is just like a bunch of meatballs that's why it's really important to be group up and like teamfight correctly cuz there the whole team has a ton of CC and CC you can lose to any time grab controls like it's not like it is the best thing in the game teams have a large amount of crowd control can come back you can always come back I let's hope we can actually get this one this time we gave up another one last time for no reason we need to like find picks we need to stall out these teamfights and spread out so they don't just get there aoa wombo combo on us every single fight I'm gonna walk over here trying some my ease down that guy wants to sit top no dude no one cares you don't care about power that's a bit annoying hmm we really don't care about the tower especially when this guy's teleporting you don't so please unfortunate very unfortunate [Applause] I'm gonna pull it away the fuck out you got to do this there you go I just so and they do look at this guy can't even help the team can't help we're good we're good good job good job we didn't have to fight them all I had to do is to make sure I zoned out their team Oh what the fuck that's good that's actually good that's fine okay yeah I feel you can't fight it I don't think we want to fight these people he is very tanky I'm kind of over here I do have you up on careful he's honestly no reason for me to actually go back whoa one lips I mean it click ok support guy misses every hook alrighty walk over here shove off this wave creep up with the team it's gonna be good cop control mmm a cute early you know alright guys W off Pablo loves a little early a little early good shit that he'll um nope don't need – beautiful beautiful which is Raven they have ultimate from this guy gotta make sure we all spread out fuck that fuck that I thought we could do it a little easier than that oh my god the guy evaporated Jesus night-night sweet prince they're gonna try to pressure this for sure maybe not give me my cryptic right here let me look for pics on this guy it's got plays a weird man all right it's gonna keep priority in mid salons mid shoving you get extra vision really good this is the whole reason priorities important when you're going for saddling objectives this provides more vision down an important area and it can push that back like I complained about this shit all the time on my main account because teams like in Grand Master's still don't understand this concept the mid priority forces them to go here which relieves pressure on the bearing area which allows us to walk into the barren area and actually do stuff very important I kinda wanted it back we need like a little bit more gold and gold – ie let me be quick I like a billion gold here I'll get this in a pink Gordon they're looking they're looking they're looking they're trying to make play you have to leave and go back around we have to go through MIT again in Brooklyn mid mid bid bid bid bid bid bid bid bid is he'll be retake the control right now they're in a terrible spot this guy's actually gonna die oh Jesus see now we're getting to a better spot it's not they're feeling pressure they don't know what do they have to go mid to answer me or can they stay and I'm kind of feeling pressure to cuz I don't know either it's why we're supposed to be here but this guy's like in the middle of fucking nowhere right now he's making a horrible play not the guy who just halted in I'm talking about the dude up Todd that was a great play that was a great play but our Caixa was doing literally nothing right there great play by Silas stolen the ultimate well fucking man hurts dude what the hell goddamn want this oh my goodness all right going for that second ie juicy again reason why the next ie is important is it gives 80 damage 25% crit like we don't give a shit about the passive fast was not that much gold ever losing out on I should go with him I don't have a hope though so give you a little careful you're gonna pop that China Scout it tonight catch me super hard when I said the boss no I'm okay like it was nothing like it was nothing easy meanwhile this guy just afk and aside land this guy got fed and that did nothing in the mid-game holy moley chunk is some towel pressure here whoa working on a crit hello beautiful let's get out of here that goes for my next ie I didn't time that right I think we do both on beautiful so we got 75% crit the next ie is gonna give us another 80 damage what the fuck bread 615 write down next one's gonna give us another 80 and then we're also gonna get our last hundred percent Chris dude what the hell this chance of dumb oh my goodness I like it me gusta and again you don't have to go wrap the pot again and I just feel like the extra range against this type of a team comp is very very good we just have to uh so I'll let the group in the top lane right now we got one go bot that works as well we just all got to be in one all of us got to be in one lane Bop gimme gimme a double in this man's got to II's let's go again it's like an efficient bill the people in Korea are actually doing it yeah gotta be careful they still have a wombo combo teamfight so we really have to be cautious about not getting caught out here we see two people three people can take this time to walk topside but ye pushpot nice I was gonna drop a pink ward right here but he just swept instead missed I was dead yes is are they sure one-for-one you should be getting stuff on the other side I gotta stay back he this guy can just called me all we have to do is just let him out so you get stuff on the other side they can't one be me take it back I take it back we got to leave now cuz they're gonna all but this guy Don Miguel he's still looking for the old kind of weird it's kind of weird I think I should kill this guy maybe just kill him look at him look at him look at him look at him I think we could eat us killed him right there when I say we I mean I need a B or the mid laner this guy is a ton of armor it's not much magic resist yet though he know mr I want to look for a next Jesus a huge Bueller for the next dragon right here that's solid couple options couple options yeah I didn't think I'd make it won't be one Yi so I figured I'll be had to do a spy time since they had three covering us one was dead and then they were covering us three against three and then he was one of one diverse one but he ended up dying unfortunate should I get control of this area I'll be there hmm I honestly have no idea where he went I shouldn't swap to a sweeper can I sweep during that if I can that's really good let's just get this really quick whoops my dad my old sucked sorry boys that was mad my dad that's the crazy are you let me back okay I can get 95% credit here's a resale real quick make sure paws just make sure we wait that's all oh don't face check that shit you were literally the dumbest thing ever don't do that have a pic comp they hit you with this guy or this guy or this guy and you're dead what do you mean I want to get me pry later again watch what the minions do watch what it does it reveals them oh I don't want to stand there at all need like my alt to leave the foot spot here to skip control to Midland Oh why you so fast why are you so fucking fast bop we do this mmm hey they lied get the kite away from the other guy there we go the jungle is up in five we should be able to get it I just saved a pork chop for it patrolling in let me get this bad boy hold up what oh my god ha you thought you're gonna reset no give me another ie beautiful naked 3 alright well there's literally no point getting another ie my next item would be hmm what would my next item be I don't want any more critics I'm hundred percent mmm like it actually a bt or like probably this I'm sure like that might actually be really good here just load up even more raw damage 1500 every Auto crits I mean you get that moving speed on every Auto add um can you say really stupid yeah I'd be more careful friend oh this guy has a lot a lot of faith in his ability he just walks into bushes that he really really can't go into Dominic's oh good point good point yeah good point I agree hmmm I wonder if I should be old thing in that scenario I'm not really sure okay I should have run out more and then as they're leaving I that whole you know I think that might be better not sure though I don't play this champion very fun though I had a blast I play the Sham play four games today I did good never game some of the games you just had impossible team comps and the reason we probably haven't possible team comes since I'm picking gin and toplay and like I understand that so you should probably pick around like your team like you kind of want to have some sort of engaged tool on your team and this gave me a brush and Silas so we have engaged tools in that sense and you kind of want someone beefy to go in first so an engager or like a beefy person it's really what you want a new team so like Alistar Brom thrash maybe pike if he's paired up with like another diver out of the jungle you know Rex I said Wan e Jarvan you know name your tank engaged jungler things like that maybe Gallio if he's being played stuff like that so yeah it's got a really good that ultimate that he had mouthed steel into the old shit was clean that shit was clean I don't know what that does but cool in promo for b4 pogchamp let's go baby triple IE coming in hot hundred-percent create right here not bad at all number oh one damage in the game I mean I don't even know I have to tell you you know what it is already you know I'm always number one good but look at that beautiful beautiful here's the Rings you want to see him yeah hope you guys enjoyed that one if you're watching over on YouTube right now make sure to LIKE the video subscribe for more content like this if you're watching over on Twitch make sure to follow the livestream and click to see if you got a free to which prime some available by clicking the subscribe button up the top or if you got an Amazon Prime you can connect your Amazon Prime to twitch account get Twitter prime for free allowing yourself once a month to the streamer of your choice anyways should you well played up you guys do it that one may show tune in next time booze

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  1. 16:34 Not for anyone, I'm just saving this for the next time my friends ask why I don't team fight with them… Legit, EVERY time. hahaha Don't get me wrong, team fights can be helpful, but not… "dumb" fights.

  2. in my opinion you don't want to use ur ult while ur team is fighing 4v5. autos are far better. I think ult's better use is to bait them into you or make them disengage or execute someone on the run

  3. Assuming you can get in there w/o dying, you have much higher dps just autoing and using spells, rather than using ult. So keeping ult for the end of the fight is often better, unless you need to scout drag or baron.

  4. My issue with league is people aren't understanding that it's not just about the kills. Mid game my team just chases kills. While the other team keeps minions pushing. So we have to split up to cover lanes, then other team groups and we lose. Happens every game. I try to tell them to keep waves pushing, keep any team from grouping, get objectives, not chase lux across the map for a kill.

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