Getting Divine Punishment!! | Overwatch Daily Moments Ep.665 (Funny and Random Moments)

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Getting Divine Punishment!! | Overwatch Daily Moments Ep.665 (Funny and Random Moments)
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ES_Fly And The Family Wonder 2 – Anders Bothén
ES_Five 0 – Ruzer
ES_Fun Under The Sun 8 – Gavin Luke
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how viable is Ginji now it depends who's playing ng if it's me playing ng he's very viable but if it's you then you should stick with Brigid a few minutes later I focus right Thomas I decided I'm a rival right shut it I got those I will move CV how did that not hit me Kibo buddies are here if I come up I'm gonna do it no no no one I was a shudder give it soon you got it I'm fuckin good [Applause] oh my fucking god let's go one diva diva Oh Oh Baba swimming swimming is one is one I'm fucking reloading ball is actually 1 HP wad Oh hold still I'm literally gonna to do Oh I want you guys they call me big BIGBANG BIGBANG he's loading eco color get a minimal old it should actually that was intense which is tunnel should do cool soap like the war was aboard say it's a mechanic we progressed in Oh No watching Rachel he goes without a go when I talk there are five dignitaries in either grab watch this shit got it more than their reservations tonight okay that's for you big man Tyrone as that simple I know okay you guys like a milk are you fucking kidding me why are you eating them what you happy too whether it is witness I killed her I killed her she's gonna spawn it isn't like me on your left three two I live on Lucinda subscribe to never miss best overwatch moments new video every day teehee

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