Overwatch: All NEW Anniversary Legendary SKINS, Emotes & Voice Lines!

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The anniversary event is now here bringing the WORKSHOP Live as well as a bunch of new cosmetic items. Everyone gets a dance now, with the Hamster dances obviously being the best, and D.Va somehow double dips with an epic and a legendary skin in this event, unfair! If you enjoyed this video showcasing all the new anniversary legendary skins emotes voicelines and dances, please be sure to leave it a like and don’t forget to subscribe!


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what's one of your buddy its frito here for your overwatch the anniversary is live that means there is a host of new cosmetics that we're going to take a look at clicking on to the what's new tab here take a stroll through what they've got for us interesting so there's another diva skin and this one is actually pretty legit so if there's gonna be two diva skins which I don't think that's something they've ever done they're both pretty good-looking to be honest this one is more of a souped up golden version of it but the other purple one this looks pretty clean too if they would have just came out with this I don't think people would be upset necessarily other than of course saying you're gonna break the internet but what else do we got here finally doom fist gets his own carbon fiber fist through the other characters have this one this one looks pretty nice and far as well to go along with Genji and others who have that carbon fiber aesthetic sombras decent I don't know if Browns the best color for her Widowmaker electric what more can you expect from an epic skinny yes going on to the Brigitta one though this one's great I don't know how to speak any other language besides English so I never know what anything means I assume this means police with a riot shield I mean this is a must have if you play brick you just gotta say it looks way too good transformative which is always fun of course the diva Academy skin skip right over that honeydew may is a adorable spring summertime get up she looks like a fast-food waitress with a little visor like that I worked in fast food as a teenager so very familiar with the goofy little hats bubble do is what you squirt out here probably I must have form a two I'd say this one's really really good whipping out the legs and long socks Oh me Farah okay this one's nasty orbital so this one it takes her to the moon she looks like an astronaut and I got to say is pretty cool I think it'll look cooler once it's on her head though and I I'm a fan I like this one Roadhog toxic he's got a shutoff valve on his belly button and this reminds me of like Bane from Batman if you know that lore at all where he's just sort of pumped up with toxic chemicals to keep him alive you see he's actually a zombie hog or you know skeleton underneath it all the scrap gun looking mean the road hog hook is infused with poison as well or whatever that toxic chemical is that's nice gargoyle skin from Winston of course we saw this one already but now we get to see the gun model which looks amazing I mean Winston's gun always looks really cool and for whatever reason to just you know it feels better than it actually is right it doesn't do much damage but it always looks and feels very satisfying to use despite it being weak or on the weaker end we finally get to see the dance emotes here of course ash from the South is going to line dance I suppose that makes sense thought she was a little bit too proud to dance but she does get down Baptiste he's a smooth criminal so you know he's gonna have some moves the classic point I think this is a little lamer than what people would have expected I thought he was gonna be much more smooth on his feet than this he's got decent dance moves but it's just like corny enough you know it's it's sort of disco themed it looks like a little bit it reminds me at the hamster dance okay yeah it doesn't make any sense how would a hamster dance I suppose like this and whenever you style on your opponent's getting a big team wipe with your minds you can gloat about it with the hamster dance probably the best one go garden to the victory poses now over the shoulder finally Genji gets one I mean this just looks great right and I finally got the Genji golden sword to accompany it Arisa setting up the beak on beacon emitting from her weapon there and Reapers ready for action I mean you're not taking this over the shrug one I mean come on now we're gonna go on to the voice lines and play through these I'm pretty sure let's say this is only the what's new ones so there's no repeats here so we'll play through all these you wanna try me I recommend bed rest but nobody has time for that I'd say it's not my problem but it usually is now that is funny now that is funny at the adorable laugh there on the end I had to add that in is the only destiny like both kinds of music Country and Western someone call the wambulance clearly evolution does not distribute its gifts equally if nursed please return to I've died a hero and lived long enough to become the villain so dramatic you should try my meatballs my secret sit-ups and push-ups and plenty of juice well guys this will be everything for the cosmedix showcase here I hope you guys have enjoyed the video if you did please be sure to hit 'like don't forget to subscribe and follow us on twitter i've been free know for your overwatch see you guys next time

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0 thoughts on “Overwatch: All NEW Anniversary Legendary SKINS, Emotes & Voice Lines!”

  1. That Baptise dance is everything I could have hoped for. Amazing.

    D.Va got TWO amazing skins!? Happy early birthday to me!

    The Brig skin too good. Probably the best one she's gotten this far.

    Over all I'm a happy dude. Now to go grind for loot boxes. Yay…

  2. I love the new voice lines! If I don’t get Mercy’s, I’m buying it (first time to actually buy a voice line). By the way, Ashe’s voice line “life is a highway” is a reference to a country song.

  3. Oh this update is gonna be lit:
    Every Torb:
    "You should try my meatballs"
    "You should try my meatballs"
    "You should try my meatballs"
    "You should try my meatballs"

    chat disabled for 4 seconds

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