Overwatch Coaching – LOWEST RATED GAME EVER! [OverAnalyzed]

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Welcome to our Overwatch coaching series, OverAnalyzed! This is the lowest rated clip we’ve ever seen. Zenyatta tries to keep his team together while Doomfist farms them haha! SEND SUBMISSIONS TO [email protected]!

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20 thoughts on “Overwatch Coaching – LOWEST RATED GAME EVER! [OverAnalyzed]”

  1. I've always suspected bronze players are either literally children or people with physical disabilities, no disrespect. Like if you're playing with literally one hand, or you are just so young you don't have any general video game experience, it's fine. Just remember to always have fun, that's why these games exist in the first place 🙂
    Some kids are prodigys and DO kick ass by the time they are 13 or 14, but if you're about 11-12, you simply don't have experience with knowing when to reload or take cover or WHO to shoot, etc etc, things just don't click yet. Keep at it!

  2. This guy's biggest problems are 1 – low awareness/tunnel vision in engagements and 2 – unwillingness to flex. He knows that they need tanks, or healers, but he wants others to do it rather than do it himself. Overwatch is all about adapting to the situation and being aware of your surroundings.

    I would suggest playing Mercy or Lucio for a while and focusing your attention on what's going on around your team rather than just who you're trying to shoot. That will help build awareness. While playing Zen I've been bullied by a Doomfist like this before. Swapping to a Moira will significantly up your chances of surviving and killing him.

    As for the Zen play itself, it's too far forward and the orbs aren't being used enough. Zen has no escape other than Trance and a low healing rate. Therefore it's important to ALWAYS have the orbs on someone, especially if they are taking or likely to take damage soon. Playing further back will make it harder for people to jump you, and if you know the Doomfist is gunning for you THEN GET PARANOID.

  3. So I decided to check my fps since I never thought to do that before, and it turns out it was stuck at 30. My PC isn't a beast but it's certainly not shitty either, so I was surprised, until I realized I had it set to cap at 30 for some reason. When I changed it to display based it was like playing the game for the first time again, it was INSANE.

  4. lol you were right this was a treat especially at the end with the screen freaking out lol. I did learn something though because I'm Paddy in a sense. I get triggered by bad team mates and then just fall flat. Thanks for the advice I will definitely be working on that. P.S. I'm stuck mid to high bronze….

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