Seoul Dynasty vs Chengdu Hunters | Overwatch League S2 Highlights – Stage 1 Week 2 Day 1

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This Overwatch gameplay highlights the Seoul Dynasty versus the Chengdu Hunters from the first day of Week 2 Stage 1 in the Overwatch League Season 2.

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37 thoughts on “Seoul Dynasty vs Chengdu Hunters | Overwatch League S2 Highlights – Stage 1 Week 2 Day 1”

  1. I really liked that match and the team, but some of these names are just weird for me… Chengdu is basically playing with a Pokemon, a disney princess, the most American name you could come up with and someone who sounds like a super annoying german website

  2. I heard their other main tank Jiqiren(Rein/ Winston) got Visa problem and is not in USA right now. So Chengdu was kind of forced on to playing 3 dps with hammond/ hammond goats since Ameng was their Hammond/ Orisa Specialist. BTW Ameng on OWL wiki actually have his hero ranked as Hammond-> Orisa-> Rein-> Winston……

  3. Ameng's hammond is very good, but Seoul got their version of goats/ hammond with 3 dps figured out. Ignored the hammond kill backline first, or if hammond gets too annoying solo grav him(cause likely he is gonna be alone starting fights) and then kill their team. But i gotta say ameng's hammond is actually insane.

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