Worst C9 In The History of Overwatch League – Overwatch Funny Moments 389

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Worst C9 In The History of Overwatch League – Overwatch Funny Moments 389

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Ending Song: HYDDE MOONZz – Anything You Want
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he was ok all right Oh young Jim oh my god that was actually a c9 that is a big old see oh my god all right well stuck to their guns they defended and they will win the map from it call here in the end I'm not washed-up yeah all right let's see how this is gonna pan out right so I go just doesn't want to play anymore he's just chomping down it's a great way for them to come up here with a minute plus on the time bank if the ground could be good if it could be placed well Oh Dante that's huge I thought the right looks from tip it why should they look out for us because we have a random play style will will maybe feet or will maybe really tracer really it so Mike but really get the soldiers she's running because she knows that's gonna be the Chad cuts around here to be coupies point of view where his teammates just suffering around him applying it stick it up by the pin they answer back but somebody's not the point in all of this chaos hello Paul good night but don't drink any water yeah I drink lots of water so weird you know what you need it you need it man you are other you're going to die where's your peas it looks like the cornbread yeah that's absolutely a healthy drink of water bro not anybody by the way look at this not anybody oh not anybody by the way don't fuck you guys it's their final mistake oh they don't know what are they thinking bro what are they thinking bro what are they thinking bro what are they okay hitting on me fucking look at him go dude let's fuck no it's a good one what's happen there even know I could I'm actually just I'm actually I actually have a galaxy brain dude bit more open space for him to work with [Applause] , then yes you say one done sorry sorry for earlier point be here on Hollywood where you do get stopped sometimes in Atlanta with the opportunity to just break right through it and skip this whole first fight phase and point B what is this what are they doing right now that is interesting that is a really it over the roof there Oh is in the ground they're gonna make it work crews take it out by the ensuing self-destructed breaking through that I know that everybody was hype in the audience I know that we were hyped backstage to watch you and a friend pull off an amazing Zuri Lussier play on Hollywood it was so cool to watch it again just walk us through like who came up with that game it's gonna be so cool behavior lucio so she won why don't you kill him I asked me to want to kill everyone look there you go you up be on I'm on the right hand the neighbor brought them up you can put and joggle apparently they really change their identity this season the 2019 season it's not just the a lot of new Koreans here and the gravy joining the squad shoe and also shoes are sometimes lost but that's alright it's a clean studio that's like 7 X 8 dollars right there that he's carrying in his hand lo lo JD this is the serious question needs to know milk then cereal or cereal then milk please keep in mind there is only one answer ah so Oh No you start with milk first then cereal then Bowl I I need to go my mom is calling me I need to go home you have I I can't do this thank you everyone for coming to this twitch all-access Q&A with Cory the absolute and our kid how could you but seriously Peggy you've been an absolute joy let's go for them we got whatever coming back and you step back Oh bleeding I'm so fucking good it's unbelievable we've all been there we all we all know what it's like to lose SR look I need a good look can I kiss her forehead real quick I'm gonna do it thank you prop a leg on the toilet so you tell me you're sitting down you're taking a shit right you're taking a shit and then instead of sticking your hand you're fucking doing this you're fucking you you're fucking cleaning you clean your booty hole with the fucking leg on the toilet seat what's wrong with you you're over here you over here fuckin sticking your hand up your ass trying to wipe that shit with off what dude what what if you what if your legs slips what if you have socks on and your fucking foot slips right into the toilet then you got shit feet super-good smiled what's wrong with you [Laughter] I'll do my bad

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