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Alright today we get some News about seemingly improved graphics for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield!?.
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David Mailloux
Ziko Pepic
how's it going Lakes gentlemen my name is Will Ferrell let's and welcome back to a brand even guys today we're gonna be talking about a subject that I think is worthwhile bringing up when it comes to Pokemon sword and shield as it's a subject I'm slightly covered previously but I want to cover it in a bit of a different way this time around ok I want to talk about in a different manner than I usually do so we're gonna do that today the Latian gentleman lower the music volume of course because last time around it was too loud so gonna make sure it's lower but yeah we're gonna talk about the subject of graphics within Pokemon also dude like I feel like I'm fatter than usual damn damn dude I'm even eating less but I'm still like I'm still chubbier than usual hmm interesting interesting interesting either way let's get into the actual content though shall we so ladies and gentlemen here's what we gonna start with those so we're gonna begin with like a bit of a comparison to like a upcoming game that's in similar style to poke my sword and shield but that's doing its graphics in a somewhat different way right this was tweeted by Blaziken more detected kruky quite a long time ago actually on March the 11th so this was a long time ago now guys it's been a chunk of time since then but I still want to to cover it right because it's just something that I personally think is an interesting subject matter because kind of shows you like what Pokemon could look like versus like what it does look like it's own shield and what like a you know a different game that's coming out that's using kind of the similar kind of cell to cell shaded style is going for versus what pokemons going for and I wanted to just kind of check it out do a bit of a comparison and talk about a little because it just brings up a really important factor so what he tweeted out saying here here was what cell shading do you like best and to me I sincerely I like the Moorish motor cell shading of yokai and these have more experience in cell shading the pink filter that has the game of Pokemon does not help still so a both look great in terms of artistic style the pot won't give the program gives him a beating well I mean depends on how you look at it right so if I were to be honest right I prefer the bottom one I prefer the style of a yokai watch but it doesn't mean that I dislike sword and shield style okay it's just that to begin with we're comparing two different rooms the room down below is way better okay it's way more detailed there's four more things in there and the cel-shaded style just fits way better everything like I don't put this like everything there feels like it's perfectly matched up right it just looks right whereas sword and shield it just looks kind of barren the texture on the wall is kind of boring the texture shading like that they've done on these things here looks like it looks kind of like the the bold coloring can do like the the effect you can do in Photoshop that just never really looks too great unless it's like for a button so it's like very expressive which doesn't it just looks a bit off with the you know kind of like kind of glazed areas up here it looks a little bit odd I can't put it that way um in overall this just doesn't look as liked it just doesn't feel to me like it looks as matching is that's nice as this does not hear like the yokai stuff just you know just kind of matches together well but this is just a room right so you might be making the arguments okay but this is just a room and I make the argument myself this is just the room because you know this is only the room we're looking at here this is only the bedroom of the character which means there's still an expansive huge world out there to look at so let's bring up a yokai watch image here which is slightly different so we can actually see yokai watch a four we've got to see some of the actual outside footage of the game because that should give us a little bit of a better idea of like what that looks like versus what we have in a sword and shield so here are two images we're gonna bring up on the screen just kind of show you what we're talking about quickly zoom out real quick you guys can actually see what we're doing here so here's an image is showing a bit of a gameplay battle stuff here now of course the field here is pretty straightforward it's meant to be a field you just kind of like a base texture doesn't really have anything to crazy whereas the backgrounds here the actual other stuff here and the trees are super detailed like they're really well detailed and even here you can see as well like the ground is just a base texture whereas like the houses have like you know individual textures for each one of these the the actual lighting in this game is way cleaner it looks way more realistic but still kind of has that anime feeling to it and of course they've done improvements since you know we last saw the kind of information about this game and of course it's coming onto the switch as well so it's a bit of a good KO get to game 2 here here and also the clouds look great in this like they look really anime esque the background mountains look great the trees the trees look amazing by the way the actual foliage and natural stuff like it all looks fantastic in there but I would Pokemon we had this recently right so if you guys may remember in the pokemon sword and shield trailer we were showing basically like you know the female trainer and that sort of stuff and we didn't really get much beyond that we just got like some footage but there was recently and I'd covered this in yesterday's video there was a competition for this t-shirt here to be or like t-shirt competition to have you know your own t-shirt you know featured or whatever and then also being featured in the pokemon sword and shield games and this t-shirt was the one that won and it's going to be the one ta feature now there's some drama about the t-shirt basically being stolen or the guy who made it rather is actually been selling it on a website and that's something that's not really allowed but he's still doing it but it's besides the point right it's not really the important thing in the factory we're talking about the graphics okay so when it comes to the graphics there's clearly been an improvement and this has been proved here by a boy a fade so fade actually did the research here by comparing the footage from the from the trailer versus what we have right now with the image that's been shown of the female trailer trainer and also there's was a little bit of a comparison down here also by ash and Serena who basically showed this image right here which is the new one and you also can see this one right here now you know they pointed out saying it is more like maybe like different because of the camera angle which is true and the fake gave his response a which I'm gonna read through just kind of see what he says which is for sure they have changed also the camera angle probably the entire starting sequence but not only that the lighting some parameters in the shade shader and also probably the lens seems like the camera is a little bit lower and or the character is in a different position which is possible as well I also remember that someone in the CG industry made a good analysis of the lighting and they found out that in the starting area and an abuse of glow effects maybe this time they fixed it a little bit but for now it's still too early to say that also it's worth pointing out the day change the camera angle in the male trainer scene – this is a battle scene along with shaders alights etc which is true and you see right here also they kind of removed a little bit of that pink filter that existed right you can see here the pink filter isn't there which is something that's really cool to me I mean it's really small for you guys to see here and we're gonna see a bit of a larger you know comparison here between these actually can open up these images probably right here actually they're gonna be pretty too you know pretty much too small well this is the original image right here okay and if we look at the the changed image right here you can see there's a clear difference in terms of like even like if we just watch this video here by fade who did like a bit of an update video if we watch it you'll see what I'm talking about so you see right here there's been a clear change look at that look at the detail right here look at the detail right there elation gentlemen the detail right there is very important look at that look at the kind of like lighting that's been improved also look at the foliage on the ground look at the grass right there you know look at the grass on this one like down here you can see the grass and then you look at the grass and the other one it's still the same but it's still been slightly changed like seriously you can you can clearly see this have been a like a major difference here also you can see on the side here there's like a I don't know like some sort of thing sticking out right there and it's like didn't change here also look at the building right look at the building over here on this side you can see how it looks like right then we zoom look here look at out much more like detailed at this look at that look at all it looks like here kind of like mashed into the wall whereas here it looks slightly different it's been changed like in texture looks slightly different the overall positioning slightly different the actual like trees here like that not trees but like the the I'm not sure what you would call it the border of the freakin door here it actually looks even far more detail than you in the new image it looks far more detailed it's far more and letting up it's like doesn't have that weird I don't know the grass looks difference the bricks on the wall they even mention here I also know the brick wall that is different yeah exactly it's different the brick walls different um the lighting is way better you can see that the lighting on the glass is way better as well it doesn't look as like and also you can see here like look at the purple kind of pink purple pink filter that's over it whereas this one is having a filter on and looks so much better okay I said this a while back and when I talked about the filter on the that's seemingly on the on the game I said that I hated the filter I think it looked just like it I didn't I mean I don't know if I hated it I disliked it I generally disliked it and the more I looked at it the more I can't disturb my eyes cuz just felt like so kind of weed and disgusting and it really ruined like the sky in the game like the sky just looked so much more awful and I really really liked oh in some aspects of the game and if we do a comparison here like clearly to change some things around I look at the flowers here right the positioning is on them there whereas here they're been slightly you know change around of course this will depend on like positioning of where the character is if the characters like more forward but like notice how this feels like this is where the character is gonna be viewed from like instead you know I mean like that it's just I don't know man it makes me happy that they've improved things like they've clearly improved it like look down here like the details whereas you know if you look at the bottom corner like look at the bricks right there whereas the bricks like look now far more letting up and far better made like look there's like a lack of detail in there whereas here look at the detail around the corners and everything like there's been a clear improvement and that makes me quite excited and happy because I was really worried they wouldn't get like you know there was not gonna be many changes to the graphics too much and like you know maybe they wouldn't really go as far as I'd want them to I know they were gonna make changes and I knew that was gonna happen it was a guarantee that was gonna happen we already talked about this before but I didn't expect him to change you know even like starting areas like this you know changing that around so much it's really intriguing because that makes me excited to see like what else they've changed you know for example I really didn't like the mountains in like the snowy area and how the details there were pretty in significantly you know like the mountainous look didn't look good enough I hope they've improved that now and made that even better I hope they made rocks look better and that sort of stuff there's so many things they could improve here that I really who do hope they do and of course the characters as well if they can just like you know improve like some smaller areas about the characters would be cool as well because when you look again back to what we had with yokai watch here you'll notice the character just matches in better with the world whereas I feel like you know the Pokemon character here it's just like it feels like sometimes it feels a little bit out of sync with the rest of the world to me and maybe that's just like what it feels like you know seeing like such a small amount of footage from it and just not being able to kind of immerse myself in the world yet like here we have a like a proper image you know and it's just it feels like the character just kind of like it's it's almost like you've taken a PNG of this character and put it into a background where it doesn't like is not meant to be right that's kind of what it feels like it feels like it's been superimposed upon the world here sometimes where like you know you see here all the details in the world are kind of like kind of shitty sometimes around here and the characters are looks like very you know kind of like bordered out and kind of like has this cel-shaded feeling to it where the world like just doesn't match together together within whereas with a new one it matches in a little bit better because the world is more detailed and more cel-shaded and just looks you know across the board just better and that gets me excited you can even see here like they did a bit of a comparison like you know between the characters and whatnot and I'm you can see the grass has been more improved the actual like you know these things that I mean I'll show the vases or whatever for the flowers look better better textures like improved like lighting it just makes me excited okay because they've clearly done some changes and they clearly improve improve something and that makes me excited for what's to come ladies and gentlemen so I'd love to know your opinions on it though guys what do you think about the subject of the graphics are you excited about the changes are you not excited about them what are your thoughts about your opinions let me know in the comment section down below and thank you so much for watching I really appreciate you guys for watching these videos it does help out the channel if you do enjoy of course and you want to see more make sure to subscribe and yeah I actually want to give a future to fade for actually taking this up because I wanted to talk about the graphics about this for a long time I was I had this like tweet here on my to-do list for ages but I never go down to it because I just felt like it just wasn't enough there yet for us to really talk about but now that this popped up I was like this is the perfect timing to like kind of bring up the graphics again and talk about them because we actually finally have a little bit of an update on what the graphics might look like now they've been slightly more improved and it's gonna be more and more improvements because remember the games don't come out until probably in November like late November like you know mid December so there's a lot of possibilities they're gonna improve things even more and more and more and there are probably are already like even more improved things and we haven't seen yet but of course you know the things things are subject to change or subject subject to stay the same so you never know how it's really going to turn out until we actually get the final product so I guess we're gonna have to wait until then and I'll do another video at that point once we get more information and cover that sort of stuff so stay tuned for more Pokemon news Pokemon discussions about sword and shield generation 8 as well as other Pokemon content outside of news and stuff because of course make other stuff as well which I do appreciate you guys to check out the other stuff as well either way having such great day and bye bye ladies and gentlemen

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0 thoughts on “NEWS for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield GRAPHICS IMPROVEMENT COMPARSION & MUCH MORE!?”

  1. People got to remember the trailer we got awhile ago was maybe earlier graphic design. Games get better Everytime they show it because they always working on it. So we will see it Everytime they show it.

  2. are you guys aware that what ruffled is doing is basically formal analytics of art? its a very new field id say where ruffled offers a scientific explanation and its background to art styles in games and concept art

  3. The rooms are very different for a reason. In yokai watch the room you actually go back to for a reason whereas in Pokémon you never go back to your home/room after you leave so why give it more detail than it needs. i feel like comparison is not needed bc Yokai(Level 5) has its style and Pokemon(GF) has its own style to too so but wont look the same plus Yokai Watch 4 is a game that is near the end of its development cycle so its more polish versus a game with about 5 months of development time left.

  4. The graphics were going to improve because the beginning trailer was basically a beta version on the game. I think when we see gameplay at E3 that will be what we get, but they could still improve even after that.

  5. I think the cause of Pokemon Character not matching with the World is because the Character is way too bright, as in too much light is reflected way too much from him in areas that clearly do not have that much light, and him just being too "white"

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