Pokemon: Lets Go, Eevee! – Enter The Rock Tunnel, Catching Spree In The Dark – Episode 9

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Join me on a quest to catch them all with my companion of cuteness Eevee at my side as the journey across Kanto comes at us in updated and re-imagined style as Pokemon Go meets Original Gen for Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

With Team Rocket having been dispatched once again we move onwards and light our way into the Rock Tunnel, with a ton of new pokemon to catch in the cave we fight our way through the trainers hidden within the darkness.

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welcome back guys to Pokemon let's go a the addition of course as we start our next session by heading into this weird cave what is the name of the cave with a rock tunnel to lavender town since last time though Arcanine has actually gained a couple of levels because guess who bought the game after playing it for the tiniest bit of time of course becquer could not resist so she is now bought Pokemon let's go Pikachu with the goal of getting a shiny Ekans oh how that goal did not work because of course you can't catch against a big two version so that didn't work out so I've actually been doing a lot of catching of Ekans is for her so since last time basically just been catching Ekans not leveling up my party members but had arcanine still in so he made it up to level 25 not that we're really using our kunai at this point in time none of the others have leveled up but I've just been catching Ekans as calor to try and get it shiny and then I just stood around for a while to wait and hope for a shiny to spawn and there was ice I wait for hours man hours hours no shiny because that's what Becca wants to do Becca like Becca's Beck has been all into like I'm going to get a special growl if I'm gonna get at this I'm gonna get of that so I basically did a combo on the Ekans I had my combo at like 45 and then just got bored so I was watching my favor way for it what's more like gotta be agreed again somewhere no reckons is indeed but we move on now though I know the power of catch combos due to it because while I was catching Ekans is man was there a Charmander every two seconds so basically catch combos up our rarities so we can find Pokemon we shouldn't normally be able to find in an environment by doing such a thing right who we actually checked out the Pokemon Center on the outside of Rock Tunnel I do not know so let's get going I'm an ace trainer she's a sh you know you'll find the a straightens like me are a lot tougher to beat in your no trainers be ready for a real challenge for you let's one of us spot you watch out they've got really nice coats that coat is quite fancy and the boots as well like I have on those skates I want one of those coats and a crave they're quite quite nifty so basically married life is a glimpse of me and Becca staying up to 1:00 a.m. last night both with Pokemon go she was catching growlithe sand I was catching Ekans –is that's the thing we haven't any trading then the polka dots has changed or anything on that the types Pokemon match up Diddley with each other thanks for those types your Pokemon may be strong against one opponent to win guys another but she's really enjoying the game so I saw good it's not like that I know useful I got 5,000 for it yeah so many what's this kid staring it hey there's some kind of ghost to speed appearing in Lavender Town a hole will happen to town how's the music gonna be that's interesting I was talking about it I hope there's a nice training herb yes so we've defeated these guys apart from you coach so fight me Brooks on this tough place why are you training before you go I'll turn you every step of the way if you want hey come on okay kill I'll give you a workout so the coach trainers are different from a strainers because they've got green coats coach trainer Tasha so now pulley world well in that evolved as its at the point in time where it's a fighting type it can really mess up a because V's normal or will leave you just destroy this poly world because it's Evie whoa I lived but it's paralyzed and here we go brick break that's what we were fearful of but Evie has the defense Evie has the power one thing I learned from doing my first catch combo or thing and seemed out of Cammy the drops it's insane isn't it to rather than the self or anything selves for ten but at this point we're stocked up as well I have two hundred normal balls one hundred great balls we're ready to go so Evie take that one out pjo crew to level 27 and we're about to see a primate come out so we want to use a flying Pokemon of course haha kind of my typing's pidgeotto finish this guy oh please don't steal Kenny from kids in this game indeed my very own the merchant fee thing times are over it was more like fairy in the sorcerer thief alright so let's use wing attack and probably one shot the primate no you go first wait Brick Break isn't fighting he went first oh no pictures gonna die white frame episode stroke potato wait what enemy so strong send a knock and I welp remember I know you're the physical attacker supreme oh wait it's fire good against dark or it's dark good against fighting I can't member let's go is same time attack bonus all right faster than you but it's not great damage what the hell is this guys attack power phew burning we've saved the day just about but Pidgeotto was an unfortunate victim to primate supreme where you go youngster Becca was telling me that in her very original team of Pokemon that she had primate was in it turns out you taught me to think or to yeah it's in this for the lesson TM thirteen breaking my bricks TM fudging a teacher book my brick break this move could break for an opponent's light screen or reflect well I'm gonna have to go to the Pokemon Center now to revive Pidgeotto just like I had a Raticate into fairly late game seems Becca had a primate so that was interesting only back then in the original generation I was thinking about this as well like a little bit of a shower fort you could say a lot of people watching this right now weren't even a life when I was playing this game when it originally came out you know I mean that's crazy how long this game is to go and how long ago I played it oh yeah so weird finger thing about on a shower for so don't even have a shower oh it's feet back in it you want to use the secret technique like up yes I do but uh pain badda-boom you were two or three yeah like everyone was very young like moat a lot of people have matchups we haven't got one of their memory and a McGinn are catching ways Rock Tunnel well you're still a yellow and I've got a great ball though it's a level 19 one to be honest I'm gonna do it up with fros ever downwards for this time have I ever done this always throw one my talking about when did the game original game come out 997 that was 12 alright we got ourselves a match up added that to our ranks we are an old breed that's for sure indeed very powerful spotty small size it's mastery of many types of martial arts makes it very tough the beautiful thing about Pokemon back in that day as well was because there was basically no online presence for it there was I didn't want to go up so you didn't have people like saying like this Pokemon scrap all this pokemons great or you know yadda yadda right you didn't have any of that you just built your teams and have fun nowadays like if someone sees you every team they just have a go at you like it's just the way things are Oh gravel up here let's go suck I could trade it get a special one I forgot his name now Gollum that's one [Applause] I'm gonna gravelly yet see is that thing that a lot of people came to Pokemon kind of like in the later generations not original generation right we got the gravel up and I never really thought about it that way I think if you played original gem when it came out and there was another gems you're kind of old at this point yeah I think that's what we can all say is as Pokemon friends akibo to add a ride on ride horn horn there's tons of new Pokemon here this is a huge cubone maybe I should level up a marowak that was an excellent throw you know it got it jedd one for life you know you know we'll be the gen one elitists here hey you kids never played Pokemon when it wasn't all laid out for you Eevee's we're a myth stuff all hats weird when you think about it where's the skull of its deceased mother it's cries echoes inside the skull and come out as a sad melody the original Pokemon name for ki bone as well if I'm right same was literally orphan which is why did they even make a pokemon with such a sad backstory instead I'm hanging out with my Marini I'm trying to back attack pre-emptive these guys that's weird I'll get you this time gone first throw first catch four new Pokemon in four pros of the ball yeah that's how we get added to a pokedex I kind of wanna play over cubone actually wanna think about it why not put Q bet in my pony keep on sounds cool for a bit right I'll stay are we had for the Pokedex Pokemon with one-track mind once it falls asleep I don't know what the Wester says it charges once it charges it won't stop running into the force of sleepless it falls asleep oh wait stop charging either horse po-faced watch both ways always sub for always thank you i'll or thank you we are the oldies wait really what you dressed up us let's go to my bag maybe I'll put I don't think I need to be riding around on arcanine all the time so let's put this new Q Bonin come on little baby queue boom we're gonna level you up I can't remember what level you level but you know I have Q Ronan the pie for a bit bit of ground action yeah what's the nice guys appearing all the time I wanna get catch combo really I want to see what rare Pokemon fly inside let's ride cubone yet don't replace pig-dog Oh Oh No the factions in the party begin but it's Cube oh man travel alongside me now look at it it's okay well I wonder which is gonna be the best thing to catch combo 1 at this point there's loads of guys felt like I should keep catching these because they're an evolved version let's fight that trainer though I thought I'd get that time little cube I'm following behind great balls are good though aren't they so gravel is appear pretty often here but look of it there's a 267 experience points I'm interested in off that guy definitely nothing is key with the Navy ask true that's true well that was a key burn to catch them so you've already caught four let's smoothly spoke on to a different slots cuz let's put water all in the front and bout this train up let's get move it lets those Detroit horns everywhere I remember never you Roy horns this early other day I lose maybe chat and a Pokemon battle but it lose any hair contest oh that's it harsh mother he's dressed up as a slope well could be a bro slow bro I don't know here's a got the shell on so it must be a slowpoke for the fangs that face makes me look more like slow bros kind of grin oh one of us is what do you say this is a great tight matchup yes not not the best type matchup we've ever went for that is for sure only Eevee can take this guy down within the few turns you should actually cosplays Eevee during this should I get one of those Eevee onesies you won't be able to see the tail I'm pretty sure an Eevee onesie exists people have seen the picture of me and the Pikachu onesie right over the weird times doing martial arts regretting every second because of the sway why am i doing heavy exercise for 30 minutes hit a Pikachu onesie this is a terrible idea and underneath my onesie of course was kung fu ki ah well we'll take your money you've got a very interesting expression sir thank you for the pokeballs we're gonna move on maybe we should strip him and take his stuff thank you babe off we go little baby cubone I mean if we're gonna catch combo anyone at this point in time that's a go back here I don't onyx what the hell you were just popping her okay go back this is like six new Pokemon to our pokedex in like no time at all if we catch it oh I was on the edge I demand a recount how cool right so go Birds been out to our pokedex now why we bumping into all these evolved forms don't stay will be added to the Pokedex insects and stealthy manner without warning its sharp fangs used to bite and sub blood I have no idea how you could call this thing stealthy I'm pretty sure you'd seen it I know he's in the darkest of dark caves but this thing would make a noise with its wings flapping like that and just look in it it's not exactly the most subtle creature in the world I'm just being mean so now that Gollum that of traveler my onyx got a catch you know I don't want to use pokeball I want to use a raspberry how many are these though I haven't tried the other berries though oh I have to really give it some welly it looks like the fruit from there I'll have the other Burberry's plenty more likely to get in item calms wild Pokemon Sony that makes it easier to catch nice multi rules right now what can you like come down for my level so I can actually hit you in the face because you're we high yeah well you may be way high but we call an onyx it may have missed it earlier this is the point if we miss the Pokemon earlier it doesn't matter we'll catch them later but your levels up so onyx is here it's got cool noise burrows at high speed in search of food the tunnels it leaves the users homes by Diglett I thought they would dig their own homes lazy gets dig your own as another go brat I guess I don't remember there being this many evolved Pokemon before well as a difficult back to spawn agile pictures of Pokemon when I'm at home Oh anyway second they're all gonna have slowpokes why am I using squirrels steal water all at the front no you tricked me you can't dress was one thing and send out another I could have ride the onyx fi well I guess that water can works out no more turtle oh what she know what the great thing is about Becker playing as well I think she's beat the fur gym but she hasn't actually progressed as far as I have so the interesting thing that we have is might know how to put it um she has first stage evolutions of the star Pokemon already her catches catch combo to a ridiculously high level right well we're not gonna do too well there I thought like kangaskhan was a ground or rock type but obviously not is it just normal no more like fighting or something why can't same Cuba against it that would be a terrible idea it's using bite a sin Evie she's got ridiculous Pokemon already by at least one thing we know is that if we use our certain attack now a bouncy bubble we should be able to just restore our HP while doing the supreme damage to our phone especially when we get critical hits you know I must say I don't actually know the typing McCann has come but we'll find out in the future we'll just send Evy off to buy all the little baby one turns around to its mother like Oh mommy oh I feel bad enough oh no when you put things in 3d you can see things on that whew I'm tired you see the little baby Kangaskhan move around to its mom like oh are we the bad guys well there's a fighting guy and why is with all these Pokemon just like popping up the revolver learning if it's gonna be a fighting guy Picciotto is ready can you meet my power alright we were challenged by black belt Dudley send out onyx and I send out Pidgeotto why can't you have the types that you supposedly are why do you keep messing with me how dare you diversify your Pokemon how are they learning I got screeched the mind games are really working I try to preempt them and nothing goes right let's get my vine without hope we avoided the slam Onix will not stand up against the Bulbasaur might I wishes call them there based form I never remember to call them for some reason like you spend I feel like you spend so much time trying to get the original film New York yes Bulbasaur do you remember that then I you still comes around but it's a transition phase she remember ball we saw in Venus or with our Ivysaur at least that's how it works in my brain like remembers kurtal and I remember Blastoise but water I am the Charmander and I remember Charizard travelling it's kind of works like that weirdly that's the goal but originally it's great to have got them well fine weapon we did and we took the guy out someone using a rock pokémon an underground tunnel I don't know why would you do such a thing I would take the dire hit there is this the correct way this is the wrong way that's another onyx man that's all the onyx is that was me thinking they were rare good as rubbish after a little bit higher my super flaccid onyx through these for higher but I took a really fast come here onyx we're gonna have two of you know I'll get froze like that next time go on ha motherf it happen I got it yeah dare you do me like this onyx right lettuce while we go through this cave and be incredibly unfortunate so I'm putting it let's give water or back ready for the fight cuz now will be an electric pokemon that comes out just really trill how are you dealing with all this by the way Evie Evie is fidgeting around he's like how bad are you come on get the program here all right three great balls we're gonna go get back along the way to check out the other pathway though it just seems like everything is an evolved Pokemon or a Rhyhorn or something special all right black belt Eric you're gonna send out fighting-type now my Porsche there look at me weird my TV is a yes it is TV Wow Carly chopped in a fair bit we should be able to walk on this guy damn go on Wartortle yeah and water loves that get those stats shopping in grade level 25 as well keep on reading level 20 and Polly wills about to come out so we should switch now we could use Ivysaur yeah that's use I've you saw we could use Pidgeotto – I'm pretty sure we'll go for the war typing here and with it good okay what are you doing with puns unexpected come on they use your fighting moves on me I've got you for typings that'll be me they taste it's noise do not like bubblebeam back in the original Pokemon used to have one of the most satisfying noises for an attack move in the game anyone remember the original bubblebeam noise if you do not know it you should search it it goes beware web and you see like bubbles go one two three phases across the screen those were the days man original bubble beam I'd have liked it to have kept that noise I'll take around the Rhyhorn is too big why this is right haunts plan my great bulls I love this new Pokemon it gets a brilliant thing for everyone just be able to mock your throwing prowess at the same time got a caiman fro straight that was excellent got it now we'll take the ride home was technically catching is how we're supposed to get experience in this game eighty-four experience points is that all hydropump also have that noise can't remember that one I thought only bubblebeam did oh this is a dead end is it oh no there's a ladder my Pokemon take this will leave you crying my throwing techniques leave everyone else crying wait hiker Allen I wonder if the chance of getting a female star v's the same as catching them in the world interesting story becquer also got a female Pikachu from the first try as well so I don't know if that's kind of rare to get a female Pikachu off the bat so her star is pure Pikachu where this time the rock hiker used a rock-type pokémon yes so we both got female stars I guess what's the odds of that my onyx is next we can keep battling we're good in fact we should be double weakness rock round pikachu's 50/50 is it so I'm more lucky Wartortle spitting water in your faces a gravel ax technically all Pokemon you can catch here so we could have just caught them all getting water at all very effective I like you you play too tight nice weird eyes on your hat my new bar you still gross level 28 as we hike Raylan I give you got more technique than me yeah I press 1 money threatening time match my excuse me gold that's a plenty man you guys spawn like mad actually I see really the gold vets keep spawning shouldn't I be trying to like maybe all good she might be maybe trying to get a catch combo on the girl bats maybe trying to build up my rare chances might be a bad idea plus there were four so they've got to give more experience out from this first bit my Eevee level up to level 30 learning any new moves nope to be honest we just need to learn our moves in the vini all right cool right horn again your bets gonna get hit me anyway I don't want to go this way so yeah as judicious gives us up to Caleb Faulkner thank you right guys for the gifting him subs all the subbing during the period of time where I was trying to get live today I didn't go that well for us that's for sure let's find a level up that cubone a little bit more alright there's another girl bet bet of never will not support him from my face now to go they come Geodude alright that's the dead em we didn't go survive wait inside do you know I should just buy I should buy an absolute ton of lures I just have Pokemon galore spawning I think that's what I'll do next time here shop we just have we just have endless amount of Pokemon spawning as we go around unless of Gollum's a desert yeah I said his name now sit am i a wrong person I seem to care about all the pokemons of all forms but not really the forms before ow did not hit myself in here honest how do I don't catching this thing and how do we for an angle shop happy ma it won't be long till I just literally faceplant with this thing hi go back number two we'll get it we'll get it let's just get stuff in a bun thank you very much all right let's keep on going if we're gonna try and build a combo why not see what possible rare Pokemon they might be inside here someone needs to put a warning on the game is dangerous so he dangerous if the operator of the joy con is bad unfortunately that describes me too well come on scare in my bowl wait a second if my ball is hitting its mouth why doesn't it go in the mouth and then we just suck it in internally that would be a hard before I'll go run away well no combos let's do that we're going out this cave is too tight for me to want to actually right Eddy Pokemon in it that's for sure your golems Wiggles new bats we've got a little kid it sort of goes a long way kid who you calling kid kid your kid kid so I'm the skipper gave fair on the mission be a son thank you very much cab baloney he's on the head glitch he's got a growl it Hado me let's do the water I water your dog you need a bath it's still life even with a critical hit ow well first of all we've given it the proper full-on wash now we'll just give it the light wash just go lift off any of the other kind of dirt you know we're good like that I'm watching service at your service only washes fire types good way of getting experience it feels like a con like I could use great con good good con this is how I raise my Pokemon to be the very best like no one ever was but I should probably use a potion quickly cuz it's gonna be another hiker battle Wartortle is what about what technically is our lowest next to Charmeleon so I think champions just a little bit ahead of the curve there maybe I'm lost in here well maybe you are maybe I'm not I don't know I also watched a few grand and rock types yeah I could do them too best way to get experience make it seem like you're doing a good deed back so then today you're just knocking out their Pokemon your Pokemon fell asleep during the washing I'm very sorry I think I'd take it to a Pokemon Center to just level it you know get it back going again memo's work yeah watching a Pokemon of this type has this kinda side effect you know Wartortle good level 26 getting a little bit extra HP that for fighting the rock types is it 26 which are medium and wants to learn the move dragon rage hmm Chenoa I will forget old move dragon rage does he set 40 damage doesn't it which is interesting at least early on rice and flashes coming out it is a ground type I should be able to fight it I fir I slash like remembering the times of the Pokemon moon it might be a dragon move but it can't be super effective or anything like that 40 damage is 40 damage all right but poor shell you're making it up let me wash you Yanam right three done to my car Oliver's defeated he's up what am i doing which way is out all right we got free pokeballs I just realized something that I should teach them and not because in chat there's like you should teach this literally I just thought oh I've just got a ground-type pokémon in Cuba why not teach dig this is a fairly high power move takes two turns dodge is an attack I feel like you could use it quite well alright let's switch out leer to ground moves and we can escape the cave if we need to know so else we got funderbolt we should know where we can learn fun away which no one can learn seismic toss which water dog can learn we shall do 26 damage at that level now I guess I should skulls user shoots boiling hot water it's Italian this may also leave the target with a burn but this isn't the washing anymore I can't I can't get by saying like this is washing the Pokemon anyway this is this is this is something more menacing let's put it that way you keep withdraw for some weird reason I guess we can call that hot wash but I'm not too sure about that myself payday is pretty good because you can get a little bit money but might all be good for that maybe everyone's showing everyone one more hi care anymore would you fight cuban is kneading the sand with his feet it's just like sand okay okay putting click a subpoena give us upload picture as well thank you very much Hyder got escape rope just in case we need to disappear but like I should keep catching Ruiz every so often I see you I need the experience Jana teams did used to be confirmed after you two are right PLC but it is a modern-day Pokemon thing that teams never get used anymore so you just use it on everyone we shadow no I I definitely prefer it in the old way then you could identify people who have like three tons of the game to teach like every Pokemon in the game earthquake there were people like that when I thought the poker on me as I went to one of those Pokemon tournament sue weave original Jenna Bookman and there was this one really old guy that just had every Pokemon with earthquake on him like how many teams of earthquake did you get how did you get all the EMS I don't know if you could buy it back in like the shop back leg as never onyx oh up I'm a cheatin guy of all the earthquakes as long as I you need to show me some respects only had one earthquake and it was on Blastoise it made for a nice funny moment when everyone threw out like a type that electric-type their blaster which just goes F quake all right we can scold it right in the crotch what we burnt it – but then does match up have a crush these are the questions one of the answers wouldn't we all rather not think about it yeah that's a Google out up it's always good if you wash a bitch you've always got wash your bits and the very horn and I think when you talk PPA when you talk Pokemon an HM you couldn't get rid of it so like it was permanently on the Pokemon if you did that if I remember crying in the original Jem there were a lot of things like that TMS could be forgotten by HMS couldn't I don't think I give we went again but then you wouldn't want to forget them necessarily could have used the TM and then like you moved over the move and then that teams got there were only few TMS I remember you being able to get repeatedly the moves earlier yeah it was a lot of a system saw that one there I leave him the poker will literally hear him and then bounce back and he wasn't doing at all I will admit to being a little confused by level how many excellence give me your experience I need it freedom voice six I'll say that only up to level 30 use for the other guys catch combo of two on gravel ax oh yeah we go for a catch come over there my up around here is yet another trainer please don't have a water-type you know that'll be clever to bring here give a pokedex I want one too we can steal it Ivysaur that's worse Wartortle we need to back out of this fine I'm afraid not for you look at these guys their type differences I don't remember so many trainers having our we avoid racially oh I love racially just a cool attack I remember so many trainers having a starter Pokemon obviously these must be the additional trainers takedown recall damaged always think that firing ember is like a laser beam like you find from a robot in an anime when it's got like a head gem and if fire is like that kind of slightly circular thing with that then I love their concentrated laser beam my bright here yeah mines me of those lasers but just do weird things to my head shoot I'm so jealous yeah I've got a different starters I showed off all the other starters right let's get the full heal I'm a farmer laser now Sonic's is a plenty in here an ace trainer wanna keep it my catch combo just relying on them to give me a little bit better experience in the others that's catch come with free for 272 experience points it was level 23 hey hey hey hey hey that's what we want okay water wants to use bite there's no already no bite however I did teach you that yeah coming is slightly better than tackle these we can use against psychic types so if another bro the slow or poke the slow comes out along we can use it on that I [Applause] think gravel is the right Pokemon to choose to catch on site what do you reckon it's working base buy more potion supplies I bought balls for the tunnel but they must be going down now come on ace wherever you go you know how you can avoid getting lost in the mountains you can bend twigs as trail markers until the animals eat them or step on them point in the wrong way this Pokemon right kopecks brilliant always great to start off the fight we have a tight recommendation scold it why do they have all these new generation moves in my old generation game how dare they and these new typings I was an old man like me Oh even wants to learn helping hand it assistant hello boosting the power of the alloys tax I will give up on learning the move but we can always move real earner it may be later a Kadabra is coming out interesting keep bailing now we've got the power to bytes just in time psybeam man that's powerful you're not so great against physical in general that's super effective you're gonna go first next time I reckon I should be able to beat you nightshade she's gonna buy him a couple of time still good not only was it is that buffing moved PJ was for jeweled bowels wooden them the stronger I thought indeed I am five ultra balls hey hey hey now we're talking we have somebody uses something powerful comes on you and get lost in battle no it's just amazing I know I use in my portable Pokemon Center at this point in time would be nice come more super potions and potions but water is having a good battle through it ski bones just very low level another this is the male version fancy coat you want a mat like this in a strainer like me exists are there lowland forms in this game yes you can get them it's not spoiling it was an advertisement the part of the game a kind of going along river I don't think that in the game but I think you can transfer the alone and forms from Pokemon go I think that's how that works so that's why I was advertised to like outside the game scold it right dub trio next May meet mr. ace you know you're an ace attorney Oh Florian I'll keep battling like a small part of me was like maybe cue foam King going dig and destroy but no water will has a different kind of strength as well being able to resist the fire attack on top of everything well scholar you'd have damaged this Flareon is powerful you sure you don't want to evolve Eevee let's do this alright lie on this down MGP road alone funny see if I could've obv which supposedly I cam know my pride as an ace trainer give me more troubles all we did then I I liked it see Jaime says if your self the Pokemon go caliber that I should evolve it to a Vaporeon but personally I'd like to evolve it to a Jolteon why do the top men got it all that was the lowest it could be all right so is continuing to catch grabbers in the row which has given us extra experience berries and more one night free experience points – that's what we're after some experience well I don't mind it's a gravel ER my Russian is notable make sure it was definitely caught hey literally spawn under my feet was there Vodafone in 47 ah yeah more levels please Waterloo the front of the pyre years officer been getting more experience the experienc share from the battle doesn't give a full amount for every Pokemon or anything like that Thank You Chi another hot down that's five fight now we're gonna get shiny grab Allah a bag of starter 7a sale as pokel with just above us as well but I think that's along the correct path you saw Ethan that far away how good is your eyesight in the dark cave do you know about Pokemon cosplay yes I saw quite a lot of it actually speaking of which where's my baby come on but what but where he's back it comes plop out Steve say that Machop fighting strong against dark isn't it that's the one I remember these things quick wash it I'm nerdy together my children one low kick critical of course the spin a little bit where you get flip flip what's our next enemy Pokemon and never match up this time I will switch let's switch to peach yellow and finish this in one wing attack of goodness great because why not you know not long till we get you evolved all the way Pidgey Pidgeotto see again I'm saying it's heard form that's just the way we do one week the strike super effective good job chummy in grade level 28 last once we start again around that level 30 32 I'm gonna be so happy already free pokeballs we need a strangers back anymore ultra balls well super sure isn't bad considering a certain someone's taking a fair bit of damage at this point in time hey there's no go ah go Oh Nia great got a first-time catch you only experience so a level 20 Rambler how much does that experience is that gonna be it's a gravel inoculum no it's a golem honest I liked okay that best changed my story throughout this hour episode let's just change my story I like to refer them as their first stage as what they could be and could become as an inspirational way of them pushing forward to their next stage maybe one day I'll be able to PR maybe one day excuse me no not the one I'm looking for all right what you staying at this rock I see a plenty of vocals ever alo come talk to me okay sure big onyx ah don't get so close we couldn't start look behind you there's a massive thing that can accidentally run over you and crush you call my Eevee jovian then yeah in other words you don't accept them as they are there now I just push them forward that's my arena is that ground poison or just poison at this point I'm guessing it's just poison we can find out by scouting it just poison I knew you liked I'm gonna work for a well for you well again job done hazel let's go my painting a lair is defeated it was too dark to see yeah look behind you is a gigantic onyx about a run you down yeah all's and memory can only accommodate seven names at once this is the truth this onyx is guarding the poker ball I want to get to now you know you want to fight me in the same time or something see cubone would be quite good for this fight in that sense considering water it was already in their double kick I think that would have been bad if I had to ban out to be honest a water it will send a lot of fighting taking a lot of hits the finish of that that's PJ gives a subtitle thank you very much I can't believe always Sofia you play hard no onyx is harder onyx is very hard can you get out the way please not you Geodude like literally can Yugi spawn please pretty place I think he's trying to move but he's actually pinned into that position where is that Onix supposed to spawn there and just block the way is it gonna oh my god that's just that uh no is this morning again I wonder if they put an onyx – just block the way just catch it I'll fail again and I'm gonna combo with gravel 'as a super always appearing Pokemon grav Allah never bag of star this is us except there's just geodude's the stuff around Oh growler cowboy way lady there's a gravel are there I kept this valve been looking for wild Pokemon so we've identified one Pokemon a catch in order to get much of experience so so we're gonna stick with that how they done up have you seen any lachrymose lately let's wash them yell cuz that's right cats love water don't they we faked out Oh whoo don't leave me flinch watch him all right water it all seems to need to get out of the battle now an even good level 32 right a Vulpix exactly what we need you to be fighting go cubone I believe in you all right we do have bone club but we could also use dig as like a try to definite get it I'll take the Ember to the face but cue bones going under well the cue blown up here huh you're forget I cannot avoid super-effective get it cubo get oaky bone there donna's to feed it no matter Pokemon yes you are right let's catch this gravel Aquila I am much angry do not dodge me get excellent it wait I've been in this cave for like ages now 518 experience points we'll take that bitch oh good 1141 I'm also learn the move agility which is a speed boost I just like to go super effective in smash seven catch combo on gravel errs but just catching gravel alone has actually raked in a ton of experience so I'll take that alright let's change up front so on the party I don't know if I should put cubone to the front let's give cubone ago I feel like it's significantly weaker any followers with this combo is about to lose it because you can guarantee there isn't going to be gravel as outside of the cave so that's a thing right route 10 what will you be fighting Rock Tunnel yep that's just what we came from lots of Pokemon a rail now let's take on you mister hikes a lot we hiked the Naturals at climbing mountains now I just call myself Ike I don't actually do any walking you

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  1. I would love to have the Ace Trainer coat, it looks really good.
    In 1996, when the game came out in Japan, I was turning 3 that year. The first Pokémon game I've played was Pokémon Gold which was also the first game that was my game.
    I do remember the Bubble Beam noice, I borrowed Pokémon Blue from a friend when I was a kid but I have to say that it kind of hurt my ears.
    I prefer the new way of TMs, I never used the TMs because they were so limited and overwriting a TM felt like a waste, now I feel that there's actually a point in using TMs.

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