Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story Gameplay Walkthrough – Episode 2 – Bowser’s Castle Attacked!

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Welcome to Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story 3DS Part 2! We begin our Mario & Luigi 3DS game with Bowser running into Fawful and Midbus!
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Laugh your way through a hilarious story told from three perspectives! Search the Mushroom Kingdom for a cure as Bowser, explore his innards as the Mario Bros., and discover the untold story of Bowser Jr.’s Journey. Overcome the fury of Fawful, action-packed battles, puzzling tasks, and giant bosses in a classic action RPG—stuffed with new content! Mario and Luigi are stuck inside Bowser, forced to accomplish unusual tasks to assist their arch nemesis with hero stuff across the land. The scenes and dialogue that ensue will have you cackling like Fawful, even in battle! Time your button presses and keep up with the action: turn the system sideways, blow into the mic, or tap the touch screen. In an all-new mode, Bowser Jr. will cross paths with our unlikely allies as he recruits Ranged, Flying, and Melee troopers to fight for his cause. Strategically form teams and pit them against enemies to reign supreme in frenetic combat.
hello seabird welcome back to Mario Luigi bowser's Inside Story in the last episode we began our Mario Luigi adventure and now we are continuing through Bowser's tell me because that's what happened you gotta check out the first episode it's almost too much to explain what happened because we're still sort of unraveling as we go along here so definitely go check it out of Yavin but right now let's go ahead and save up some call me an emo globin with save as' qualities I have savers qualities but also disappear soonish ones what does either go up and of course I do alright so let's go ahead and save here umm I don't know really if it's gonna say anything more nope my god Helen to Bowser's body what next we're still finding out together said this will be fun as we you know keep going forward how many uh Goom Buell's do we have to deal with this time probably just two of them I have to imagine so boom doing some early extra damage to them would be great and we will jump on him boom and boom and then I think the gun deal will try to attack before Luigi yeah well there we go whoa gave us a gift cool he only had four health Wow that was much well that might be enough for a level up for Luigi I'm not quite very close to it though I think I want to boost his speed a little bit so that he can attack before the Goomba was like I think that would be good okay so it isn't that bad to stomp on enemies first when it's almost like sort of 2d plane instead of the top-down 3d one that will probably see later in the game unless it's more like this throughout this game I'm not really sure there goes that cool mule this guy's gonna attack in a second I'm ready for him he picks up that leg and then we jump and we jump too soon gosh darn it I'm not ready for him okay ready for it boom got him use the exact gun a couple of extra coins there and that means that we get +6 experience for both of them and that is a level up for Luigi a good job level 2 he's still in the mushroom rank but yeah let's see if I can't boost the speed he's only had a measly 11 speed I just want him to be able to attack before other people I mean I know in general ah man I'm really bad at that I really really bad about I thought those gonna pop up it didn't I know that if I wait long enough I can get more from it I mean at least that like it'll cycle through again I think there's the one at mushroom and let's keep goin huh oh hey and another one of these guys globin a wandering emo globin is back I come bearing knowledge and globin so why does openness kevsham wants a globin to do while you move with the analog stick press Y to jump at the same each time and laugh at gravity this is the way of all globin do this and you will grow three mustache sizes Oh hairy ones what go be globin so press y and they can just both jump at the same time I don't know how that makes us grow moustache sizes but anyways you gotta sell some rookie boots oh that's the new gear okay so we get to quit that to somebody if we take a look over here in the gear menu so like we have the rookie boots allow the wearer to perform excellent jump attacks without pressing the button oh I think I might actually want to give that to Luigi if I can oh we can't can we give him the Bowser that'd be really funny if we give him Maur and we do shoes I don't think I would fit be able to go ahead and give him the rookie boots just like that just because I don't know I feel like I would I need a little bit more help with Luigi okay very interesting glad we're able to do that so let's keep moving forward and see what else is going on we plop down here and then we need to jump at the same time which honestly you could just do by pressing a and B at the same time as well but it might just be easier to do Y okay Mario Luigi we got a sort of like cycle between them I sort of like that Owen this is sort of an elevator a bro power elevator very cool okay so what do we got in this room looks like some kind of saving thing and only kill most of the actions on the bottom screen I sort of wish it was on the top Wow looks like Bowser inhaled all kinds of junk huh I told this some of it turns out to be self we can use all right maybe in this wooden crate if we could break it open hmm okay let's give it a shot first off let's save some call me Nima globin with save as qualities blah blah blah blah blah yes I do but yeah I don't know why it's all in the bottom screen this time I forget just be easier to follow if I was on the top but I guess the game disagrees is there a way to change on the options menu I don't know so we can't like break this open so what does it want me to do here I don't know I guess I could just keep going though for now there's only one way to really go because of all the things blocking us off don't want to land into that well can i oh no go up here no what is this trash put a tag pieces you got a piece you got piece number one pieces will defined 9 what all right well that's seem to do something oh is that an attack piece so Bowser swallowed some of those as well hmm you don't know about them attack pieces are fragments that form bros attacks you can collect all 10 of the attack pieces and you'll be able to use that bros attack what's a pros attack well I'll tell you later if there's one attack piece here I'm willing to bet there are others nearby let's find them alright so it looks like we actually need to find all the pieces to our new attacks oh I can see them on the mini-map we just got some syrup jar times 3 that's pretty good I'll heal again there's one of them right there he's number 2 people defined 8 so we'll hop around a little bit and try to get all 10 of them don't think that'll be too hard to do with how they're all just laying around there's one right there 6 more with the find halfway there now because that's our fifth piece let's pop down this way there's only four in this room and then there's a 1 and like a room to the left all right very good gonna move over this way get this one so we can actually speed this up with the R button okay interesting I gotta keep moving and get this one got it okay so that doors gonna open very cool well watch it Luigi get back up here thank you and we should be good to go through okay now we're just in this room perfect thought was gonna be a bit more to it a tag piece number 10 all trash pit pieces found you get in this broad new bros attack you got all the attack pieces awesome now you can use a pros attack Rose attacks are powerful offensive battle moves if you get good at using them you'll dominate battles okay whoa look at this green shell you can now use green shells what's up want to watch a demo sure green shell Mario Luigi take turns kicking a green shell using a and B respectively the green shells speeds up as they kick in so pay attention to the timing of your button presses finish up by kicking the green shell after a pass to succeed a ton at all necessary steps to earn an excellent rating let's go ahead and practice it real fast just because I want to sort of forget this out whoa where are we this is weird oh okay wait wait what let's try that again so I have to hold the button no I don't have to hold the button one more time one more time got it okay I think I sort of get it so let's try that again I think I'll be able get this time ready got it got it ah a little too early though a little too early come on Mario you got this sorry timing in this game can be a little weird I press the wrong button uh and I'm also trying to get used to looking at the tiny tiny bottom screen because last time I played a mario luigi game I was able to do this on the top screen so this time I got it ready go go go now I totally press the button there's sort of a wind of time – all right I'll do it one more time and the rest of that others have to learn in the wild dang it alright I'm getting out of here I'm not very good at it but that's fine we'll learn as we keep trying so there we go there are battle actions and a little bit more about that get out of here and keep moving to the left with our newfound moves oh well who are these guys they're like boom Beulah school with little shell heads perfect timing alright you two give them a taste of the brow of that bros attack oh let's see what ends up happening I don't know this is good or not okay Mario Luigi now you can use a bros attack form by those attack pieces want me to explain how they use a bros attack please I know when we just learned this I don't know all right then first off choose the bros attack command block all right here with this attack you guys kick a shell back and forth Mario goose with a and Luigi keeps with me the trick is to do AP AP AP in a good rhythm and get this you can check out a demo or even practice if you open up the guide let's get to it all right well we should be fine so you hang us a little bit different for this one or do it okay whoa nice ceiling dribbled it over tomorrow yeah that was great toll twelve total damage Joey you use up the number next to the attack that's the BP cost if you don't have enough VP right then you can't use that Burroughs attack also one of you gets ko do you can't use bros attacks I either so be careful oh my knee one she was sent to the guide okay so we could try it again if we want to because we do still have more BP and I think we'll use it here so I think it actually choose the difficulty of the Burroughs attack which oh no I pressed a that time I don't know that's weird okay that was always a BP for sure oh I got him I did zero down and show I guess I'm not supposed to yeah you can't jump on these guys you got to do the shell attack got you so we'll try that again on this dude all right nope I'm really bad I just gotta get time to get used to the game okay okay thank you go and try this again go for it oh my gosh I don't know why I'm so bad at I hesitate and then I press it too soon okay dude I'm definitely not letting you get me oh it's he's just she's just gonna restore it for me okay I don't have too much to worry about there we go there we go there you go ah darn it bye-bye Mario I like I just waves him goodbye I can the lead to get to restoring his BP as well so let's try this again oh my gosh okay we got him anyways it doesn't matter we gotta forget eight experience for each which really isn't too much to adding to the next level but that's fine alright we did it and the door opens so not too much more we can do in this area gonna keep moving forward here and we can press this button which hopefully makes us land on this box maybe break in I don't know oh oh yes it does own those hammers and they're perfect you got hammers well perfect I bet you can break all kinds of things with those hammers and give it a try anywhere and remember you can always talk to me if you need help gotcha so we'll go ahead and give this a shot what fun do I need fir'd actually let's talk to you first you switch the action icon to your hammer with L or R then if you press a your swing the hammer okay gotcha I guess perfect in the lead you use the hammer suppose not anyways there you go you just know that'll be useful all over the place try it out oh and I want a head and out of the this action to your guide just open up the star might need to check it out anytime will do okay so we're doing very very good we can keep moving forward and in here we got lots of stuff going on so can we jump up you're out so there's like it yeah there's a button for jump even if I don't need it which is good this is all this is launches up launches let's just up right here okay cool there we go we could just go through this way and can't quite do too much here can i oh is that an egg let's try this out that was start somebody bumping around just hitting stuff with a hammer inside of you sounds painful I'll watch out oh nice what is this son oh the little Spidey's okay could I have attacked there I don't know so these guys definitely will only be able to take hammer attacks we don't want to jump on these dudes Mario if you stomp on this guy spikes it'll hurt I'm serious jumping on it would be very bad instead what you ought to do is use the hammer want to hear how to use it sure okay first you choose to hammer okie-doke and then choose a character build as much power as you can and then press the button to swing Oh yep so you want to wait for it to flash like that which is pretty cool good just like that if you hold it for too long though you'll fail some time so time it well okay I knew it was up to your guide very good so Luigi you can go ahead and use it as well there we go we just want to wait for that little flash and if we do that we should be able to land a good excellent hit didn't even attack there we go oh that's nine damage on this guy so far Mario then deal on defense you can't stomp with spikes to counter-attack you need to defend with the hammer which I explain please when you defend with the hammer you have to press and hold the button to prepare it it's not like a jump you can't just dodge instantaneously once the attack is about to strike release the button just at the right time to block him it's kind of a tough it's kind of tough since you have to prepare an advance so don't lose your focus okay hmm just barely got him there still not enough to take him out there we go we defended against their attacks which is pretty gosh-darn good still working on this guy boom that is much better got three damage at time oh no we normally get three challenge took 12 plus the two so it has a at most 14 health which is still quite a lot boom got him not bad okay so let's go ahead and get this one whoop perfect okay keep going Mario so far we haven't messed up a hammer one yet so let's keep going with that we'll get a present it is uh syrup jar very cool okay so with that done we'll get ton experience each which is getting Mario closer and closer to level three which is always good to see and see yeah maybe this one will open up now you bet it well very cool so let's hop up here with both pros and go down the pipe and what ends up happening okay so oh there's more of them so let me go ahead and use my hammer for the first strike there we go we've got the starting hammer so he's just gonna head Owen – speed for them as well so that should mean that we could probably get lots of weight I didn't mean to do that whoops I sort of went to all the pile up there I thought thought it was already gonna have the hammer pre-selected but I'm a dingus boom so we had a good lead oh these guys have they have a lot less howling boom got him so I've already done four damage to him if we switch over to the hammer now ready for it perfect very good damage er okay so got the syrup jar and we're good maybe I'll be a level up not quite we still have a bit more to go okay so here's another one Eric it's sort of late on the head but if it works it works I'm not complaining it's a lots more enemies to take down like a perk header name the star sprite you have a star fruit star sprites head we really do want to make sure that we have as much levels as possible whenever we can get them because you never know when we might run into some tough outta me so we can take on everybody now that'd probably be a pretty good advantage just go ahead and get you wind it up and bottom boom and there we go button taken down before they can even attack we get another syrup jar like dropping those okay oh there it is a level up for Mario level 3 still not mushroom rank but now let's go ahead and up his power last time we upped his health I think it'd be good to up the power I'm gonna try really hard to I got plus 3 plus 3 is good okay got it and let's keep moving Oh boom gotcha so here's another battle we're pretty used to these guys now what are their names by the way I haven't seen their names and it's been fun the spy knees I think they're definitely like a playoff is fine if they're spiked the lobs okay boom that should be enough seven damage now wow you hit hard for that little boost yeah you got it that's pretty good so I'll end on the Goom deal a little bit and there should be enough to take him now and I think yes it is very good easy battle right there having a combo between those spiked blobs and ghouls okay I'm so sorry for that right 3s I'm plugs to the recording stuff well you've been really miss much I just beat up the spike plop and the gloom deal and I ran into another spike blob it's pretty simple stuff at this point so I think we're all fine go ahead and boom hit him with that we hit four seven damage now it's crazy and go ahead and do this one oh yeah that's the first time I messed it up I sort of silly and he knows that he's all Luigi's loot weakness but he wasn't able to capitalize on it we gonna want a mushroom they're not bad could be a urn up those mushrooms whenever we have a chance to okay so with that done I'm gonna go ahead and get some experience and Luigi gets a level up look at him very cool so go ahead and get all those stats right there very nice and I don't know what I want to give him here like maybe we could up his defense like there's – maybe we should make him very lucky like he already has really high stache ow I think we'll go and try it oh there we go there's at +4 very nice ok so there's that done we can keep moving forward and a little question block right here it is psiphon gloves that's a new piece of gear so we'll go to the gear page and take a look psiphon gloves recover the wearer's BP a small melt when using a hammer attack so I think we will keep this on Mario because he has a higher amount of BP already in the wood you already got the other item so that'll be a pretty fair balance if you ask me it's gonna take more and more work to properly balance everything as we keep moving forward but that still is a good step in the right direction whoa it looks like we finally made it out of that messed up area hmm we may be able to access some of the other areas in Bowser's body weird the circles represent places we can probably reach just follow the paths to get to where you want to go move the analog stick of course or you can just touch the circle you want to access so we could go in a number of different places and wonder if there's a place where we could get already or what lies ahead hmm so I guess they want us to go here the toad square but what's the funny bone what's this going order for right now this place will you wait a moment yeah sure what that this can't be yeah must be what is it sorry for the wait I found something up ahead that bugs me bugs you the faster it's faster to show you than the bother explaining head in there sure it bugs you oh this is weird sound effects when we walk around on Bowser's Bowen sounds uncomfortable oh boy here get back up here I wanted that both jump up here oh there's nothing wrong up there ok I don't know oh here we go there's something this this is the thing this sticking out part it seems to be connected to Bowser's major nerve if we stimulate this thing is something will happen so I get a hurt or maybe I'll make them laugh all right let's give this a shot oh my oh that will come up whoa what did I eat I'm some serious pain going on down there the poor guys would have don't feel bad that got him up hey hear me huh what the hey there's somebody in there or say somebody there who is that where am I don't bother looking I'm actually down here inside your body you gotta be kidding it's in my body are you in there what are you what are you in my body or why are you in my lobby you don't remember a Peach's castle Peach's castle Mario pounded Mia peaches I got chucked into a forest I don't remember the rest oh you don't wait alright a weird mushroom from some weirdo in the forest he wouldn't know who fawful is would he weird forest mushrooms from some weirdo I don't get it I don't get what happened to me at all this is stupid and you partying in my body like you own it how dare you this is really lucky let's not tell him yet that he inhaled us maybe I should explain Who I am later it's a long story whoa hold it long I hate boring stories no patience for Bowser hey wait you you and my BOB I've heard your voice before oh really weird listen change the subject uh where are you right now oh yeah right where am I ooh where is it's nighttime now or maybe he's on the ground kind of a dim dank cave what in the world am i doing in a dim dank cave a cave this is just weird doesn't remember inhaling us at all doesn't know where he is right now what happened up there hey up there first shouldn't you find a way out of that cave I was gonna do that anyway genius let's look Bowser do his thing for a while okay does that mean weak to play yeah we get the blaze Bowser again look at this so he doesn't have his fire breath right now but he does have his punch his formidable Bowser punch this is very odd what is this way oh there's like a ship interesting okay Wade watch Oh going down to the bottom screen so I guess the top screen is for boughs of the bottom screen for Mario Luigi Mario Luigi listen up I forgot something important right now Bowser is moving with the analog stick right well if you press a or b mario and company will move again when mario and company want to move use a or b okay don't use a and b to punch and stuff if you want Bowser if you want to move Bowser then press X again whoever screen is lit up is currently who you are moving did you get that because it's super important press a me to move Mario and Luigi press X to move Bowser what's going on in there what do you babble it about let's go all Riley okay then she was Adsit the guide so for right now yeah on him but that's weird oh I guess it is my guess is just x and y to move Bowser or to do his punch and stuff got you so like I could go back to playing them in here cuz I wanted them to go to code square oh yeah here we go mr. Mario and mr. Dooly Jean I don't know if this is worth doing right now but you know what we're here you guys also got inhaled whew that's kind of a relief what are you good with you guys in here we might actually have a shot what all the others I think all the toads Bowser and hailed are gathered here folks are doing what they can you know scavenging stuff from inside Bowser opening shops problem is this isn't exactly a high-traffic shopping zone hmm everyone got pretty antsy sitting around doing nothing opening up these shops was a nice diversion you know so come on you guys give us a lift and buy something huh me I'm gonna go scout around and see if there if I can't find some more useful stuff all right very cool so we'll deal with Mario Luigi later I want to play as much Bowser as I can fry heat bang his head against the wall I guess ow bo just keep exploring and see what we can end up getting done we can punch some rocks around here so we don't really get them mad how do we do just like that okay cool so let's just try to figure some stuff out for now what's going on up here there's a button but I can't quite reach it oh but maybe we can hit these things ready punch oh did not time that well you can't charge it or anything there we go very cool and that seems to open the door maybe I should have read that it seemed like I had something by fawful on it oh wow if I didn't miss anything too important anyways let's keep going story all this stuff and oh it's like a net I'm like a ship look at this flimsy thing time for some Burnage oh I don't think you have it you can't do it he's all gassed out he doesn't stop you from trying wait what happened hey what no flames come out hey you're my balli wake up you hear me okay so we have to go and switch I guess or maybe not ona what's wrong I'll tell you what's wrong my flames aren't working probably messing it up in there I didn't touch anything don't blame me for this hey jerky I never had any trouble until you got in there I was burning a burning machine and now you broke me so fire me back up now just hang on a sec what would I have to gain by dissembling your flame system do I look like I need logic listen I need to breathe fire I'm sure you do and I'm also sure I didn't disable it so have a good time trying to fight it without your firing off yellow goodbye Wow alright hey hey this is complete garbage I've got to get my fire back someday I'll get that punk all right old for now I'm just gonna keep fighting can't get through this for now but I guess that's somewhere we can get back to once we get our fire but we can go this way what do we got going on well this little save lets punch it bulb actually had bigger saved than normal so let's go and save with this and Bowser also has a level up according to the bottom screen Bowser's finally awakened looks like he's inside some sort of cave gotcha okay so let's keep trying to find our way out of this cave for now whoa whoa this block moves when I stand on top of it okay let me take a look around without that down can't like punch this this looks a little odd but I can do it with something with that later is trying to find whatever collectibles there are to find which right now there isn't any good to keep in mind okay back into this platform or just moves while we stand on it what is this oh oh whoa okay that's what it is get that stuff out of here very cool okay now we're up here we got ourselves a big brick to break hot drumsticks times three interesting guessing might be his favorite food or something Randy's son I don't know oh there he is again what are you doing fluffle hey hold up quit hovering oh he doesn't remember fawful does he what is your surprised face was there for was there forgetting about me wait I know you like a weirdo tricked me into eating that mushroom you are the one who was correct wasn't it full of delicious it's such a special treat God a vacuum shroom – vented it to make you inhale everything you see Wow a knife awful embedding that you are remembering nothing you and hound like a hungry sir a big pig at the the free pancake buffet and then you had a napping and then I put you in the cave what what's your problem bow what's your beef with me be if I am lacking in beef waffle is beefless but I am having a goal mushroom kingdom will be mine haul of mushroom kingdom spread for fawful like power brunch first the appetizer of making toads around with blogs then the side order of using vacuum shroom – Bowser fawful is gorging on his plan of win and still he has hunger you're not no hunger for nuts just to conquer Mushroom Kingdom first of the emptying of the castle of peach and then and then and then and then and then and then the castle a Bowser for me I will be powering it up into the castle of fawful whoa hold up champ what about my castle No what is he doing to his castle oh no here's Bowser's Castle I mean wasn't it flying in the air and superstar saga oh my whoa got all these like fawful drones oh gosh what is going on here the beaten up they're like tearing it down zip they can build it back up again I have no clue or castle they didn't ask for this I mean maybe it there I don't know how they don't normally talk those beating it up please get over yourself my castles gonna be just fine pal we will be seeing anyway I thought you would be sleeping along like a lazy bear and I'm thinking you should be sleeping more come midbus is midlist what made him sleep I don't know what midbus is is that what he's riding hey hey come back I'm not done with you huh whoa oh this is midbus oh he's huge yo no longer needed here you taste defeat tasty fruit you're gonna taste my fist you little piglet taste your fist huh I think not I have no taste that doesn't even make sense sense is for the weak you'll listen peach gone Lord fawful new ruler now no need of you Lord farfel says sleep now your sleep ah what is wrong with you nothing to say makes sense and now you make me mad once I get mad I need to punch something career oh here we go this is a cool battle consisted mud midbus midbus okay I have battle I know I have battle midbus he is having a big punch all right so let's go ahead and do our big punch made this level one okay let's try it whoa-ho that is cool he doesn't whines it up there we go punch him boy I don't really know what the timing is like is it supposed to be like a hammer the longer he is holding back his punch the bigger the hurting to your face if you are snacking on a punch held to the very last second there we go is going for the flash just like the a hammer very cool built a power punching is very full of naughty badness yes but building up too much power and failing that's it full of yum punch is built up to the last second a full of the risk all right let's try it again first what I didn't I guess a little bit too slow there that punch is like a danger sandwich not tasty Bowser you are the handful alright so let's try punching again this appears only move for now there it is very cool that was quite tough what are you doing is there anything I don't think I can do anything about that oh that weird mushroom is making me feel cruddy can't one like this poor Bowser's at it and what's a card is that a disadvantage you all week most week what it does not end here work on your skills this guy is very weird no one barks Bowser and gets away with it I'm just out of sorts that's all I got a pound some pipsqueaks and get my level back to a bowser worthy number hey you and the gun are you listening I guess maybe or not she was coming up I hear you sounds like fall fall is taking over I'm heading for my castle huh no that's no good go to pizzas castle we have to go to Peach's castle what am i a taxi want coffee too maybe a massage look my castles in danger we gotta head there right now that weirdo can't happen okay I understand do as you must all right so can we keep playing as Bowser here nothing we can do right now but Bowser's in bad shape it's possible some changes will take place in this body hmm so it doesn't seem like there's any specific time you're supposed to change from one character to another but you know what we got a cool event down with Bowser maybe be smart to move back to Mario and Luigi now so let's give that a shot um yeah we're just gonna keep exploring toad Square and see what we can do like maybe there's a dead end here and we'll have to continue as Bowser I'm not really sure so let's just try to find out for now is this oh this is bad stuff okay we just start up start up back here okay so let's go and talk to you hi hey mr. Mario nice seeing you I'm patting myself on the back right now because I figured you guys gotten held too that's why I gathered a bunch of supplies for you so smart sorry I have to charge for it but you know how its it is with the cost of labor and such okay so we got clothing accessories and we can sell stuff let's first check out the cloak check out the clothing um so we have picnic we're down here for Bros who like to play outside increases defense when effect one affected by a status effect okay and what else do you have you just have these two things okay because Mario and Luigi both have thin wear which I don't think really does too much except for add some defense so we can definitely buy this and put it over that well let's go ahead and equip it can lead you cuz sure why not and we do have enough to buy one for Mario is where well or we can save up for the leisure wear which is thick jeans that automatically restore the wears HPS small amount I thought that'd be pretty cool the thing is is that that might actually be better for Luigi cuz we want some extra speed on him and what lower is BP a little bit I mean compared to the why would it lower his BP a little bit I guess what he currently has ups is B fuel but well I mean well because the the picnic where it gives plots to people yeah okay so we'll just leave it that for now let's check out the accessories where we have HP socks increases doors HP a small amount or leap boots allows the wear to use normal jumps to try to evade attacks when carrying a ceilidh brow laughing it could be good hmm increase – where's HP a small amount hey guys like Luigi could also use this who might as well sure what this is does this go over the rookie boots I guess not interesting and then we could try to save up for the elite boot soon and then we could sell stuff as well like we have items we can sell I don't think I need or want to do this at the moment yeah I don't think that's something I want to do at the moment oil shale he can't sell Bowser shell that'd be weird okay so with that done what else is going on around here not only sure so we'll try to look around a little bit oh hello what's up hey mr. Mario nice seeing you I was pretty freaked at first landing in this creepy place but well I'll find a way out of here I'm just sure of that speaking of which I've got all these items I've gathered for you so how about you buy a few I'm guessing these are all shops like item shops right here we got refreshing herbs some of this stuff is still the same as like previous restricting HP turbo roses the nut and then the refreshing herb cure status effects and has a calming effect and it looks like that's about it there's nothing too crazy new there let's keep moving forward because I think there's a shop on the bottom right as well yes there is what's up ah mr. Mario welcome you and mr. Luigi both gotten held by Bowser too huh I'm relieved actually with you in here I don't feel so scared hey but listen have you seen these things called Evo globins living inside Bowser's body there are all kinds there are all kinds they're all they're all a little weird to be honest but get this this one behind these sweats and it doesn't even sweat sweat sweat juice sounds gross I know but drink and your energy swells up in foil restores your condition it's an acquired taste huh interesting ten coins for – frosty ones what do you say thirsty juice me so they totally restore us HBM vp4 restored interesting welcome to the healthy email golden sweat extracted juice counter and cleanse for to frosty ones we're gonna take a pass because we await but both you have your maximum BP but you come back once you lose some HP your BP okay well dim okay so that's some pretty nice places to restore everything I already talked to you but I can get up here and there should be a wager can you get back up here to buddy thank you okay whatever oh he talked to you ah mr. Mario uh well see the thing is Cobra was gonna brief you on his current investigation of thousands body but he went off on some errand and he never came back oh man I'm really worried what could have happened huh so we can't quite do that right now so if we want to do anything we probably want to head back Alan so that we can find sorry Luigi can you just come back down over here oh that pastas both both out that's sort of weird you know we're gonna go this way and try to go to the thing to the right what is this amount oh hey this is interesting that's like little balloons why is this in this body I don't know globin you are tuned or you you are new to me have you come to test your limits in the challenge node what Pylos IOT a to naivete this place is unique as globin travel down and seek details from those who dwell below strike their undersides to learn about the fun that awaits sure we'll take this out just to see what it is the least is that right let me take them out huh hello yeah like this okay welcome to wait what did I say beyond this gate the gauntlet battle mighty monsters to train hone both body and mind okay is there something I should do yikes whoa globin you two not yet you battle here no way too weak weak as globin you might fight strong foes and beef up your battle experience or you will never set the a globin within the gauntlet come back later get experience okay what about this one welcome to challenge something I didn't mean to do that beyond this gate cholesterol Road it's the cluster all the rather unhealthy layer of cholesterol okay you do not yet facing this challenge requires experience you lack you lack you must use pros attacks to polish your battle skills or you fall on the coastal road and not even globin saves you we're turning major polish your skills gotcha so there's not only too much we can do here at the moment I'm still good to know about it what if we go through this pipe once to bring us probably just back up to the top here yep so I mean I guess it's really all we can do as Mario Luigi right now which is fine with me that's exactly what I wanted to find out so we're gonna go ahead and just switch over to Bowser and keep moving forward for now this is very cool-looking area and everything so I'm fine with it yeah I'm glad that we're able explore oh hey giant Goomba with lollipop what okay hey dude what's up what's punching this is Chi Boombah Boombah I love that point ready there we go the case that must hurt so what are you gonna do gonna charge at me oh wait he took a second to take a breath I wasn't ready for that okay ready Oh a little too soon but pretty good still and there we go a when it gets a – boom bug gets his 15 experience hopefully we can get some level up soon as Bowser that would be good um and what about this little dude can we fight him no well I mean it gave us some experience the LEAs it's pretty cool and I don't know if those let me pee in there still under the one of these things like these little X's we haven't keep an eye out for those guys don't know if I can get anything for them just yet but your bomba you're going down oh my get the first strike in there it would just took a couple tries Bowser is obviously like a lot more slow okay so let's see if we can't take you on one punch now that we've done some extra damage got it oh how was that know who's gonna take a breath no he's not gonna take a breath this time that I supposed to know oh gosh ready punch very good my cast a couple coins and more importantly 15 experience for Bowser this is so cool and I'm a lot of fun with Bowser okay punches dude gives me a couple of extra coins and we get some hot jump six times – I think I'm gonna need those soon and there's more these little X's I guess I have to do this with maybe more Luigi can come around here at some point and Bowser can get up this way there's sort of more than one way to go then can't quite get up there though gotcha okay so this will have to wait for now maybe I really can get here at some point with more in the way – like if we get out of Bowser I thought there's been the whole game in Bowser I don't know okay jump on button fight I missed Joe da hai let's get to it I'm not gonna miss this time hopefully boom excellent damage right there let's see what this guy's gonna do got him okay smack him away and power punch boom and that's gonna take him down not a problem that's another 15 experience almost to that level up that'll be good boost Bowser's stats a little bit that sounds nice to me get rid of this thing got five more coins for that and what is this five more coins and jump but it's hard to land there it's very like a short reach I guess compared to his size at the least we start with four damage which is always good and boom so he's gonna attack here what I totally know come on it's tough because you don't know if he's ever gonna stop this will definitely get him oh yeah dropped a little present too that is a hot drumstick very cool okay so what do we get for that a level up that's what we get very very cool he's like slicing and dicing we get the bronze boss rank interesting level up so he's getting tons of stats here of course should we actually put some stuff in his weakness since seeing how like that's sort of the thing you want to work towards a strengths strengths of Mario and Luigi because they make you know they can complement each other so like you know where Mario lacks Luigi can compensate and vice versa with Bowser he's only one character so should I make him a bit more well-balanced I think for right now we'll just up his power but you guys can always give me some feedback I'm a pretty big new when it comes to RPGs so we can plus three that's not too bad um so yeah feel free to give me some advice you guys were really awesome with some of the advice he gave when I was playing through superstar saga way back when so yeah all yours about it so let's keep moving forward and we'll go down this way and punch this thing once we get over to it Oh in the fire more coins definitely early at the coins is good because I think we can actually spend them as ma Luigi it's just one coin counter so that's pretty good so what is this about is it gesture boomba I think so ooh ten damage now that hurts Archie boomba you're going down 26 damaged wow we yeah we don't the worry about powerful little while I would hope I mean maybe things ramped up pretty quickly in this game I'm not sure so with that done we still can't move to the left cuz these big trees are in the way I was have to move to the right for now I mean there was another path I could've came down from I don't know if we can see that a great the beast slouches by what we said that it is you who is he what what is urse ah search not for I am not there how would I how would one describe me I am the voice within I am a consciousness I am above and all around then I am all that is you a consciousness bound to you as you are to me shall we travel together don't think has a choice stop talking ah so very unenlightened anger will get you nowhere it matters not where you go for I will speak my piece shut up I bear you no ill will our minds have bonded this is a rare thing so rare that's it I will teach you teach me what huh hurry up smash that boulder to see use your inner strength huh interesting sure we got it what is this and so it springs to life this is this is called a track road a conduit for energy waves at bond earth to space excuse me hey buddy you make no sense enough with a crazy talk but not about the details it just touched that check road sure be still in body and mind be one with a mobile mobility oh oh she's like a teleport thing yes it is this place is nice now we travel with our minds I mean you are a mind if you're our consciousness our eye also we're back to where we were before right yes what indeed interesting hey I was just here wondrous thrilling yes powers of Earth and space our journey took us to a place unearthed in your mind do you understand no for you are unenlightened quite messing with me take me back now anger benefits you not touch the check road again alright so we touch it again we get teleported back to where we are or wherever we want to go that was cavy kid cave choose your former spot travel there with X you exist in there now choose your former spot chocolate okay this is cabbie cape exit now we travel with our minds okay very cool how amusing yes you are surprised not too shabby brain guy take me to the Bowser castle and make it snappy this is beyond even me one can only travel to check roads one is found if an area's chaque road is hidden you go there not it's too way of the mind when you find a Czech Road your mind bonds to it then you can travel too many words you are unenlightened when you find the chakra find Czech roads on your travels touch them you cannot find track roads by merely walking around they hide and they'll hide their waves if their energy their very essence break things to find them not that I care but who are you really Who am I I exist somewhere in this kingdom and that's is all and now I go look at that big I don't know I might guess professor what you got right alright so now we're back here ok and I hop down this little pit I suppose not so I could go to the right I mean if I take a look at the map there was another way but maybe it loops around that'd be nice looks like it does actually so I can't get up there oh yeah so I'll probably have been a bit of a dead end probably something will return to so I'm not too worried about it for now but good to know good to know ok so what's going on with all this we've got a little thing to read oh no way I switched to Mario Luigi hold on you wouldn't read this bubble lake and black beach or in a plac beach okay interesting can't do much with this button but there is also another gravestone that's also like a sign tunnel under construction so can I go this way now oh I can look at this we're at plaque Beach welcome to plaque Beach hot drum six times – interesting so it looks like we're at a new location here I think we'll save the game and we'll continue on later but Bowser's finally awakened yep let's save it up because now Bowser's level 2 we want to keep that information saved fossils behind the crime this time Bowser heads for his own castle yeah that's when we're trying to head to for the moment but we'll continue that adventure along with anything Mario Luigi might be up – in the next episode of Mario and Luigi bowser's Inside Story if you watch us put a video makes you common zebra Beach so know you've watched the ending you were a zebra tastic viewer check out more episodes like this one on the screen right now or by subscribing join the zebra herd by the way thank you guys so much for watching also you next time bye bye

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  1. Hello #ZebraHerd! I want to say thank you for all of the awesome advice for this game so far in the comments. While I'm reading it all, the first few episodes were recorded in advanced. SO I may not be able to apply everything you guys mention right away. Stay tuned!
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  2. Bowser gets the Top Screen, Bros get Bottom Screen.
    That's just how this game goes. And that's why you need a better screen layout.
    Honestly, Side By Side might be a better choice.
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